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Week 1 Recap: Colts – Texans tie?!

September 12, 2022

On this episode, WISH-TV's Charlie Clifford and All Indiana Bets' Petar Hood recap the bizarre Colts - Texans Week 1 *tie* in Houston. From an atrocious start for Indianapolis, to the fourth quarterback comeback that left Colts fans momentarily with a small taste of Peyton Manning's 2003 Monday Night Miracle in Tampa, the game ultimately was on the right foot of Rodrigo Blankenship from 42-yards out. You know what happened from there, and now the discussion around Indy turns to what needs to be fixed ahead of a crucial trip to Jacksonville in Week 2. On offense, Charlie and Petar breakdown Matt Ryan's sharp debut throwing the football, the up and down day at wide receiver, and lingering concerns on the offensive line. On defense, Coordinator Gus Bradley's debut left Charlie and Petar with split opinions on the overall grade for this unit. And special teams, well, it was mess. Thank you for stopping by and join again on Wednesday with a full Jaguars - Colts Week 2 preview!