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Why Art Matters

June 23, 2021

  In episode three of The Liv Balanced Podcast, we chat adornment - ear adornment- with artists Brooke Bampton of Twig and Antler Art, and Alison Stastny of Spitfire July. We discuss each artist's personal journey to making wearable art, including what inspires the art you wear. Spend the hour laughing along as we discuss what it means to pursue your passion; why it's absolutely necessary to make art YOU love; and that it's okay to work multiple jobs to feed the "beast."   To shop Brooke's art:  https://twigandantlerart.com/  To shop Alison's art:  https://spitfirejuly.com/  For more about Liv and Liv Balanced:  https://www.livbalanced.net/