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Canines, Control Freaks & “Claiming Behavior”

May 23, 2023

Control freaks ain’t no fun to be around, are they? But did you know that taking complete control of key elements in your household environment is the key to enjoying a peaceful, harmonious relationship with your dog? We’re chatting about the importance of “claiming behavior” right now on The Canine Lowe-Down. 

Critical Stages in the Life of Your Puppy

May 16, 2023

Puppies are so stinkin’ cute, aren’t they? Their innocent little faces routinely give us “the warm fuzzies,” and that’s just feels amazingly good!  While puppies are undeniably cute to look at, raising one can be a downright challenge, as many of you know—or are currently finding out! Just when you think you have unwanted behaviors under control, a new behavior emerges which throws you for a loop. AARGH!! Yes, raising a canine youngin’ can often be a frustrating experience. But if you arm yourself with a few basic principles, the experience can be a little less frustrating—and a LOT more productive! Let’s talk about it right now on The Canine Lowe-Down.

When You Should Stop Petting Your Dog

May 09, 2023

Petting a dog. It’s what we do when it comes to canines, and is an ideal way to interact with a dog...right?  Would it surprise you to learn that there are some instances in which you should NOT pet a dog—even your own?! If you’re skeptical about that, I completely understand. I’ll explain everything on today’s episode of The Canine Lowe-Down.

The worst dog bite I ever got…and why

May 02, 2023

(WARNING: Today’s podcast content is, at times, graphic. Listener discretion is advised.)


When you’re a dog trainer, getting bit is a perpetual risk. And while there are certain precautions that can be taken to minimize said risk, canines are often unpredictable, and will go “off-script” at the most inconvenient moments imaginable. 


In today’s episode of The Canine Lowe-Down I’m going to tell you about one such “inconvenient moment” which occurred many years ago while I was working with a highly aggressive dog. The resulting injury I received is, to date, the most severe bite I have ever experienced in my 16 years of dog training. 


The story is, in the vernacular, a bit gnarly. But if you’re up to hear it, I’m down to tell it. 


So here we go...

Why Your Dog Probably Thinks You’re Their Puppy

April 25, 2023

Aren’t puppies the cutest? The tender parental feelings evoked by the wide-open eyes and fuzzy little paws are undeniable. Head-over-heels-in-love dog owners refer to their furry charges as “babies,” “kids,” and many other terms of endearment. But these feelings of soul-melting love can backfire when it comes to your approach to your canine. Confused by the high-pitched fawnings and entreaties of their human family members, dogs usually find themselves feeling responsible for the “human puppies” in the home. Disorder—and even disaster—can be the result. Don’t believe me? Let’s chat about it on today’s episode of The Canine Lowe-Down.


April 18, 2023

Many a (human) hackle has been raised over the matter of one’s emotional support animal being denied access to public places of business such as grocery stores, clothing retailers, entertainment venues and more. The slight feels personal, and tempers have flared over the issue, prompting many emotionally-pulsating social media posts. 


The matter can be quite confusing, and, for many troubled hearts, the burning question remains: “why can’t my emotional support dog go anywhere I go?” After all, isn’t an emotional support dog a service animal? Surely providing comfort to an anxious human is a service if ever there was one? 


Well, in today’s episode of the podcast I hope to clear up some of the confusion, with help from the clear-cut guidelines of the ADA—The Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA is a federal civil rights act that guarantees disabled folks and their service animals access to publicly accessible businesses. The million dollar question is, does the federal government recognize your disability, and/or your dog’s status as a service animal? It’s a testy topic, and we’re diving into it today on The Canine Lowe-Down.


April 11, 2023

When the French bulldog nabbed “Best in Show” honors at the National Dog Show last year, bells pealed and people cheered. In that celebratory moment, folks all across America thought, “maybe I ought to get me one of those!”

Perhaps. And perhaps you are one of the many individuals considering bringing on a “frenchie,” as the French bulldog is affectionately known. “And why not?” you may ask. “After all, there’s no denying they are charming as the day is long!” But not so fast there, my friends. There are a few less glamorous facts you need to consider before ushering a member of this little bully breed into your family.

Frenchies! They’re our topic today on The Canine Lowe-Down.

“COVID Pups”—A Prescription for Success!

April 04, 2023

When COVID hit, we locked down… and we got PUPPIES!!! 🐾 The little furry family members grew up loving life with their immediate family. But the developmental costs of limited social exposure, and a predictable life within the four walls of the home, created a slew of adult dogs whose reaction to novel situations was often nervousness, distrust and suspicion. 

It’s time we taught these grown-up puppies how interesting and vast this world can be—and how to embrace novel situations with joyful curiosity! A prescription for COVID pups is our topic today on The Canine Lowe-Down. 🐕

Why Your Dog Won’t Come When Called

March 28, 2023

Question for you... Does your dog come when you call? Chances are, for many of you, your dog’s recall performance is 50/50 at best! 😑 Well, it’s time to change that! I’ll explain how on this episode of The Canine Lowe-Down. 🐾

Excessive Barking—Causes & Cures!

March 21, 2023

We all love our dogs. No doubt about it. But nothing disrupts the peace and quiet of our homes like our beloved furry family member erupting in explosive barking when the Amazon delivery driver drops a package on the doorstep—or when the neighbor strolls by the window with her dog in tow. So how do you get your dog to stop exploding at the windows and doors of your house? You want your dog to alert you to danger—that’s for sure. But how do we teach our dogs what’s okay to bark at, and what to leave alone? How do we establish a “no barking zone?” We’re chatting about it today on the Canine Lowe-Down.


March 14, 2023

Dogs love food. That fact is nearly indisputable. This has led many well-meaning dog owners to believe that an endless supply of treats is the best way (or sometimes the ONLY way) to get their dog to obey them! Then there’s a matter of giving a dog “people food.” But hold there any such thing as "people food" to a dog? We’re talking rules for food (and treats) on this episode of The Canine Lowe-Down! 

The TRUTH About “Leash Aggression”

March 07, 2023

Leash aggression. It’s a commonly discussed problem among dog owners—and a commonly misunderstood one. There are some well-meaning but misguided narratives out there, including the belief that fear drives leash aggression, or that correcting a leash-aggressive dog will make them worse. Not true, and not true. 

Let’s talk leash aggression today on the Canine Lowe-Down

Jealous Much?

February 28, 2023

My dog is so jealous!” I hear it all the time. For some folks, their beloved furry family member barks, growls and/or becomes disruptive when, say, mom is being hugged by dad—or even by one of the kids. And many two-dog households cannot pet one of their pups without the other “bulldozing in” to interfere. So what’s this behavior all about? Is it truly jealousy? Is there a way to solve it? Answers are coming up on today’s episode of the Canine Lowe-Down.

How I (Accidentally) Became A Dog Trainer

February 21, 2023

The story begins in 2006 when I took up volunteering at a large dog adoption facility in South Carolina. The rest, as they say, is history...

Manners from “The Jump”

February 14, 2023

Dogs engage in lots of behaviors that people can find annoying. One behavior that often ranks as most obnoxious of all is “jumping up”— something many canines do when “greeting” a human. If the dog is a 6-pound Maltese, the annoyance is usually mild and fleeting. But if a 175-pound Newfoundland is fond of throwing his gargantuan front end up on guests in greeting, have another level of obnoxiousness altogether! (And potential injury too.)

So why do dogs jump up anyway? Why can’t folks seem to successfully address this behavior? Can this habit really be stopped? Let’s talk about it today on the Canine Lowe-Down.

Why You Should Choose a Dog With Your Head—Not Your Heart

February 07, 2023

Is it bad to love dogs? OF COURSE NOT!! (If I didn’t love dogs I would never have chosen this profession!) That being said, acquiring a dog in order to meet your emotional needs will nearly always put the dog in the unwanted, detrimental position of authoritative parenting and possession. A tense, anxious and/or neurotic dog is usually the result.

Love for dogs should motivate us to become thinking, canine-style parents for them so they can relax and enjoy a life of calm, happy curiosity. Effusive displays of human emotions can make a dog feel responsible to parent us—and this stresses them out. They don’t want this parental responsibility, but they will take it up if they feel it’s necessary. The best thing we can do when deciding to get a dog is to prepare to lead them in a canine way—with our head, not with our heart.

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Peeing Inside!

January 31, 2023

At the junction where human and canine cultures meet, misunderstandings and frustrations abound. My clients often contact me in desperation, bewildered, puzzled, even grieved, by an unwanted behavior in their dog that they just can’t seem to solve.

As a dog trainer, if I had to identify a single unwanted canine behavior that MOST exasperates human owners, it would be this one...peeing in the house. Frustrated owners considering resigning themselves to a life of stained carpet, short tempers, hypervigilance, and strategically-placed, rapidly-accessible floor cleaning spray (with accompanying rag).

So what’s going on? Your dog KNOWS how to pee (and poop) outside. Why do they opt to deposit their waste inside when there’s so many places to do so outside? Knowing WHY your dog pees (or even poops) inside your home is the key to adopting an effective strategy to address it.

It’s a podcast all about pee, today on the Canine Lowe-Down.

Why Rover is So Reactive

January 24, 2023

Few things bring folks greater embarrassment and anxiety than having their dog react violently to another person or another dog they encounter. My clients are often stumped as to how their sweet, loving family member can suddenly turn into a snapping, snarling werewolf when encountering a strange dog or person.

There are reasons for everything—including your dog’s bewildering reactivity. We’re going to talk about that today on the Canine Lowe-down.

The Hazards of Humanizing Dogs

January 17, 2023

“My dogs are my children.” I hear this a lot. Dogs become “fur babies,” and our bumperstickers proclaim, “My Kids Have Four Paws.” “So what’s wrong with that?” you may ask. “What could possibly be wrong with babying our fur-covered family members?” Believe me, I know how attached we can get to our dogs. But the reality of a domesticated apex predator lounging in our living room seems to be lost omid the delighted squeals and squeaks we administer to them on a daily basis. Is love really all they need? Is sentiment and affection sufficient to give a dog the life they really want? Does a canine even interpret love the way we do? What is it that a dog really needs in order to have a calm, peaceful life? We’ll talk about all that and more on this episode of the Canine Lowe-Down. 


January 10, 2023

You may be a bit puzzled by the title of this episode of the podcast. Isn’t feeling sympathy for a canine in distress a natural response for most human beings? Indeed it is...and therein, ironically, lies the problem. You’ll notice that the title of this podcast episode isn’t “Feel Sorry for a Dog.” It’s “HOW to Feel Sorry for a Dog.” While there’s certainly nothing wrong with feeling sorry for a dog in need, if the goal is helping the canine through their suffering, outward expressions of sympathy can actually be quite detrimental. Our human sympathy must drive us to behave in ways that truly help the dog achieve relaxation, stability and peace. We’ll talk about that today on the Canine Lowe-Down.

Guest Greeting 101

January 03, 2023

There are, perhaps, few things more embarrassing than having to apologize when your over-excited canine jumps all over a guest! Many of my clients have contacted me with very concern, believing that their dogs manic jumping is a result of their happiness to see a new person. One of the first things I have to explain to them, however, is that what they are seeing is NOT happiness! You may be as surprised as they are to hear this. I’ll explain what’s actually going on, and give a clear strategy for polite guest greeting on this episode of the Canine Lowe Down.


December 13, 2022

Over the years I have been contacted by concerned expecting couples who aren’t quite sure how to integrate their dog with the tiny human family member who is about to arrive. Their anxiety is often palpable. They want desperately for dog and baby to relate as harmoniously and peacefully as possible, but they’re not sure how to make that happen!

Much well-meaning advice has been dispensed on this topic, but I have found most of the coaching to be ineffective—and sometimes downright counterproductive. For over a decade now I have facilitated the successful integration of newborns and dogs, and I’ll share my methods on this episode of The Canine Lowe-Down.


December 06, 2022

It’s a fact… each holiday season dogs are given as gifts for Christmas. But the recipient’s initial cry of surprised delight often becomes a groan of dismay months later when the new furry family member is tearing up socks, pooping in the house, and barking incessantly at anything that passes by the windows. 

So how do you choose the right dog for your family? And what do you do once you take the dog home for the first time? Perhaps most importantly of all, what is the best way to help this furry being integrate peacefully into your home?

We’ll talk about all that and more on this special episode of the Canine Lowe-Down. 

Turn Your Fearful Dog Into A Confident Dog!

November 29, 2022

I have trained dogs for over 16 years. Thousands of dogs. Countless situations. You might be surprised to learn that my training boils down to this—how to teach people to disregard their own instincts in order to understand their dog’s. Strange but true— and especially true when it comes to fearful dogs! Human intuition says, “comfort them, talk sweetly to them, help them find a safe place.” The trouble is dogs aren’t people, and these techniques usually confuse them further and cause them increased anxiety. 

Your fearful dog can become a confident dog if you know how to address the fear in the proper way. We’re chatting about that today on the Canine Lowe-Down. 

What A Dog Wants

November 22, 2022

In the year 2000, Mel Gibson started as Nick Marshall in the movie, “What Women Want.” The film depicts the stark (and often humorous) discrepancies between what men THINK women want...and what they ACTUALLY want! 

In this episode of The Canine Lowe-Down, we’re going to talk about “what a dog wants.” Not what we humans THINK our dogs want…but what they ACTUALLY want. 🐾

Take a listen and see if you agree...

Please Stop Fighting! (Causes and Cures for Pack Rivalry)

November 15, 2022

Over the years I’ve been contacted by clients who are extremely frustrated that their dogs just can’t seem to get along. Nearly every situation—from toys and treats to favorite beds—seems to be an occasion for the dogs to bicker and form rivalries.

There’s a simple solution to this thorny problem. So simple, in fact, that it may surprise you. We’ll talk about it on this episode of The Canine Lowe-Down.

Here’s the Pitch…(YIKES!)

November 08, 2022

It’s a fact—most folks love their dogs so much they indulge in “baby talk” when addressing their furry family members in sentimental ways. “So what’s wrong with that?” you may ask. “If we talk to our human babies that way why can’t we talk to our fur babies that way?”

There is an important reason to avoid baby talk with your dog—especially if that baby talk is high-pitched! Sound ridiculous? Sounds bizarre? I promise I’ll explain everything to you on this episode of The Canine Lowe Down!

To Crate or Not to Crate?

November 01, 2022

To crate, or not to crate--that is the question! Advice abounds on the internet and social media. Some owners say that their dog absolutely LOVES its crate. Others say their dog panics once inside the crate's confines. The necessity of crate training is affirmed by many experts, but is this always the best practice for your beloved canine?

HELP, I JUST GOT A PUPPY! (with celebrity guest, Kelly Stables)

October 25, 2022
Puppies! How we love them! Few things in life elicit such effusive emotions of love and tenderness as a warm, cuddly bundle of fur, squinting and squeaking endearingly. But the emotions can quickly cool when this romantic little bundle is brought home and promptly begins shredding socks, depositing frequent puddles of pee, and lacerating tender human skin with tiny, needle-sharp teeth! Raising a puppy is often more than most folks bargained for! My special guest today is American actress, comedian, singer (and first-time puppy parent), Kelly Stables. She is known for her work in television comedies such as Two and a Half Men and Superstore. She has guest-starred on a number of shows including NCIS, Get Shorty, and Bones. Kelly is the voice of Joni the Showstoppin’ Pony on Doc McStuffins, Saffron the horse on Sofia the First, and Athena in Tom and Jerry. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Kelly graduated magna cum laude from the University of Missouri with a BA in Theater and Communications. She is now married with two sons and enjoys catching the occasional Cardinals baseball game with the fam. Kelly is a first-time puppy mom and has been experiencing the parenting pains of raising a young canine. That’s where I come in! It’s an honor to have her as my guest on this episode of The Canine Lowe-Down!

Dixie the Praying Dog

October 18, 2022

The loss of a canine family member can be devastating and frequently leaves a hole in our hearts and homes. Many struggle to open their hearts again to a new furry family member, pained at the notion that their dear departed dog can be replaced when they know they can’t. My guest today is Brian Calvert, owner and trainer of Dixie the Praying dog. Many know Brian and Dixie from their starring role in Amazon Prime’s “The Pack”. But comparatively few have heard the heart-rending  story of the house fire that claimed the lives of Brian’s three dogs, Ruger, Bristol, and Merle. How Brian healed and opened his heart to a new furry family member, Dixie, is our topic today on The Canine Lowe-Down.

Fence Line Fiascos!

October 11, 2022

We all know the heart pounding anxiety we experience when an angry dog charges the fence barking thunderously. And regardless of which side of the fence you find yourself on, whether you’re the hapless jogger or you’re the apologetic owner, the fact remains the a manic dog snapping at a fence line is enough to put everyone on edge. Today on the podcast we’ll talk about why dogs can get so nasty at the fence line, even dogs who are in most other scenarios, placid, friendly, and calm. And I’ll also give you some tips for teaching your dog to ramp it down at the fence. 

STOP CHASING THAT!! (with special guest, Kristi Lee)

October 04, 2022

So what is it with dogs chasing everything down? It's a desirable trait when it comes to a game of fetch with our beloved canines. But when our furry family members turn to the pursuit of passing bicycles or hapless joggers, our embarrassment knows no bounds. So what causes an otherwise friendly and peaceable dog to instantly and intensely pursue anything that darts by? The answer is...(drumroll please)...PREY DRIVE!

My guest today is Kristi Lee, Indiana Broadcasting Pioneer Hall of famer, and longtime news director/cohost of The Bob and Tom Show. Kristi's charming golden doodle, Frankie, is a model citizen in many respects, but had a perpetual urge to lunge towards bikers and joggers on a nearby trail. Kristi got a hold of me for help, and we chat about that (and a lot more) on this episode of The Canine Lowe-Down!

H.E.L.P. Your Fearful Dog!

September 27, 2022

There are few sights more pitiful than a dog cowering in fear. Our sympathies are stirred, a lump grows in our throat, and, with a voice quivering with love, we tell the animal that everything will be okay. Alas, the furry one seems unaffected by our tenderness, and our compassion appears meaningless in the face of panic.

I see this scenario play out constantly. Why can't love win in these situations? Why don't our visible displays of love and compassion have a calming effect on a fearful dog? What are we missing?

Today on the Canine Lowe-Down we'll discuss, step-by-step, the tried and true process I've used for over a decade to help fearful dogs rediscover a life of trust and peace.

It’s a Rottie Thing

September 20, 2022

The Rottweiler has a rich, storied history dating back to the days of the Roman Empire. The "Rottie," as it is often affectionately known, is an energetic, powerful, watchful breed. Rottweilers can be loving, sweet, exemplary pets if raised properly--with lots of early socialization and no-nonsense rules. 

Unsung Canine Heroes (with special guest, Patty Spitler)

September 13, 2022
What does it mean for a dog to save your life? We routinely hear heartwarming, soul stirring tales of brave dogs risking fur and fang to pull a child from a burning building, or help a drowning swimmer to shore. But in a world where heroic canines execute movie-worthy, life-saving exploits, some furry helpers go unnoticed as they quietly preserve their human family members from silent killers like depression, anxiety, and despair. Today on the podcast I am joined by my friend (and media mentor), Patty Spitler. Patty has Ménière’s disease, and when she was first diagnosed, her late, beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Louie, helped her cope with crippling depression. “He truly saved my life,” she often says. It is my great honor and privilege to have Patty with me today on the Canine Lowe-Down.

Meet and Greets—Canine Edition!

September 06, 2022

Most of us have had the unpleasant experience of walking happily into a friend's home, only to be mauled with excitement by their out-of-control dog! And if the beast is of above-average girth, the experience can be a painful one! It's often hard to know what to do in a situation like that. We don't want to offend our friend by scolding their dog. But we do feel entitled to some respect in our personal space. I mean...c'mon!

Believe it or not, most folks unwittingly prompt a dog to jump up and “go crazy” upon first meeting them. But there are a number of ways to keep a dog controlled and manageable when first saying “hi.” We're gonna chat about it today on the Canine Lowe-Down!

Great Crate Manners Matter!

August 30, 2022

The ritual is one that repeats in itself in many homes...Your well-loved, but destructive canine family member is, of necessity, confined to his crate while you do a few errands. Upon returning a few hours later, your furry friend is fully charged and ready to blaze out of his crate like an errant missile. It's a ritual you've learned to reach down, unlatch the crate...and brace yourself for the mania.

But did you know, confining and releasing your dog from the crate can be a calm, peaceful process? Really, it can! That's our topic of discussion today on the Canine Lowe-Down!

• Get Out! (with your dog 😊) with guest: Drew Blair

August 23, 2022

We all love to relax. A predominantly sedentary life, however, can lead to physical and psychological complications--depression, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and chronic pain just to name a few. We were made to move! And our dogs can help motivate us to do just that. I can't think of anyone more qualified to chat with me about this than my good friend, WISH-TV Daybreak anchor, Drew Blair. She's a triathlete and a german shepherd mom. She's my honored guest today on the Canine Lowe-Down!

Good Dog, Bad Dog?

August 16, 2022
“My dog WANTS to be good!” “My dog KNOWS when they’re bad!” If I had a quarter for every time I heard phrases like these, I would be a very VERY wealthy dog trainer! We love our dogs. Because we do, we have this nagging tendency to make them into our own human likeness— including our very strong sense of right and wrong! Hey, if we know something is right or wrong, surely our dogs do too, right? What if I told you that dogs don’t have a moral compass? What if I told you that a spit spewing junkyard dog who bites anyone who dares approach isn’t, technically, a bad dog? And what if I told you that the soft-faced, happy-go-lucky golden retriever puppy who has nothing but kisses for everyone she meets isn’t, in reality, a “good” dog?


August 09, 2022

There’s few things as comforting as the serene companionship of a senior dog. Content to curl up by the fire on a cold winter day, or snooze lazily near an air conditioning vent in the heat of summer, senior dogs remind us to take it easy and let life hurry by outside the windows...if it must.  But despite their low-maintenance façade, senior dogs have very specific needs—needs that go well beyond the physical. As a dog trainer who sees lots and lots of senior dogs each year, I have been able to observe these needs first hand…and some of these needs often go unnoticed.

The Pitbull—Pet or Pariah?

August 02, 2022

The pitbull…a formidable mass of muscle and agility. The pitbull is a breed that is perhaps most universally feared by human beings. And though its reputation as a bloodthirsty killer is undeniable, does this powerful breed truly deserve the fear and loathing it so often receives? Today on the podcast I’ll share the history of the breed, talk about its tendencies and temperament, and discuss who may or may not be a match for this powerful, affectionate animal.

The Little girl and Gwennie

July 26, 2022

What would you do if your beloved 5 year old granddaughter was being targeted by a huge family dog? A dog that meant well but was playing too rough. How would you set about to teach the dog to be calm around the little one? But, most importantly, how would you help your granddaughter lose her fear and become friends with the very animal that had terrified her? Such were the questions plaguing the mind of my guest, Doty Gatner, a concerned grandma who reached out to me in desperation when her daughter’s massive Great Dane, Gwennie, began targeting Doty’s five year old granddaughter, Ashlyn. This is Doty and Ashlyn’s story. A story with a very happy ending!

Welcome to The Canine Lowe-Down

July 25, 2022

Living with a canine can be a challenging experience. And all the more when you don’t speak the same language. Nathan Lowe, the Indy Dog Whisperer has helped hundreds of dog owners experience greater harmony and peace with their beloved dogs with his tried-and-true system that has achieved seemingly miraculous results time and time again. Join him on The Canine Lowe-Down as he helps you get wise to the whys behind your dog’s behavior. From peeing Pit Bulls to Yapping Yorkies, there’s help and hope for every dog (and humans too). Join Nathan each week on The Canine Lowe-Down from the All Indiana Podcast Network.