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Life as a former perfectionist

April 27, 2022
Stacie Larrison of Columbia, Indiana lives with several chronic health conditions. She also a mom of two. The combination required a lot of challenges and compromise, but Stacie has navigated...

Pro tips from a certified nanny

April 20, 2022
After years of being trusted as an in-home nanny, Carrie Bland made the transition to motherhood. She shares her knowledge on the career of a professional nanny and also water...

To thine own selfie be true

March 07, 2022
Two years ago, a single mom in Iowa saw her photography business come to a complete halt due to the pandemic. Instead of waiting out the storm, Ashley Wilkerson decided...

Mom becomes the stork’s assistant

December 12, 2021
Many women dream of becoming a mother from a very early age, but not quite as many have a goal to be a surrogate like Michaela Conner did. Now she's...

The ultimate mom prob: making adult friends

November 07, 2021
If you are a part of any mom groups on Facebook, you've seen them... The constant posts about not having friends. And you know what? I can relate! Making friends...


October 17, 2021
They aren't always pretty, but they are genius... mom hacks! Here are the tips and tricks I have learned and come up with while raising my four little nuggets!

Emma’s story: A mother’s message after infant loss

October 03, 2021
In 2019, then WISH-TV news anchor Brooke Martin welcomed a sweet baby girl into her family. She did it with full knowledge that Emma Noelle had no chance of survival....

Blooming in the Fall: ‘Moms in the Media’ panel discussion

September 26, 2021
Indianapolis Moms hosted it's 5th annual Bloom event this weekend. Hear the 'Moms in the Media' panel discussion with RTV6 reporter Troy Washington, Fox 59 anchor Lindy Thackston, and me...

How a shattered birth plan lit my passion for birth work

September 19, 2021
When a failed induction lead to the c-section birth of my first child, I thought my dream birth experience was just that... only a dream. But it wasn't... With research,...

Coping with COVID-19

September 12, 2021
We are a year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic and as we continue to navigate it, concern about cases in kids is rising. We speak to Stephanie Edwards,...

“I ain’t never seen a grown man…”

September 06, 2021
Milestones, timelines, growth curves... they put so much pressure on the minds of us moms! How one small comment from a southern lady years ago has helped keep me grounded...

FTM at 42

August 29, 2021
WISH-TV Meteorologist Tara Hastings shares her experience of becoming a mother at 42 years old. From pregnancy and labor & delivery to introducing Haley to her father battling Alzheimer's disease,...

Making memories with your family (special guest!)

August 22, 2021
Deliberately making plans for special experiences with your kids is so important. Whether it's a picnic or a big vacation, my husband and I feel it is so important to...

Choosing your parenting path

August 15, 2021
Decisions, decisions. Isn't that the core of parenting? Making huge, life-impacting decisions for your kids each and every day. How do you navigate them all? It's easy to make a...

Big life update: Why I’m retiring at 35

August 07, 2021
It's official! I'm retiring at just 35 years old. Retiring from the news business, but not the work force. I'm chasing some new exciting dreams and I can't wait to...

Postpartum in a pandemic

July 25, 2021
This week my colleague and friend Hanna Mordoh took a close look at how the pandemic is impacting the pregnancy and postpartum experience. From prenatal appointments, baby showers, and even...

Back to Sch– Don’t even say it!

July 18, 2021
I am not ready for summer to be over, but back-to-school season is already upon us. Kait Baumgartner of Indianapolis Moms joins me to help you prepare for the school...

Adryanah saves the day

July 04, 2021
An 8-year-old Indy girl is being credited with saving her mother's life. Adryanah Robert witnessed her mother Brigit suffer a heart attack and sprang into action. The mother-daughter duo sit...

Oohs, aahs, and no ows

June 27, 2021
The 4th of July is next week and that means fireworks, barbeques and pool parties. We chat with father of five Tim Griffin, also known as Firefighter Tim, about how...

Alone in the woods

June 20, 2021
A special talk on Father's Day and dropping off my oldest child at overnight camp.

Known & named: 30 babies in 11 years

June 13, 2021
When a mother of four heard God's call to claim a baby's body, she had no idea the plan He had for her. Linda Znachko, founder of He Knows Your...

Dive into swim safety

June 06, 2021
Pools are open and that means a lot of fun for kids and, if you're anything like me, worry for mom. Pools, lakes, etc. can be scary when it comes...

Podcast: Teen takeover

May 30, 2021
My nieces join me for a special Mapping Out Motherhood chat on parenthood and the challenges of being a teenager today.

Podcast: The one-two punch

May 23, 2021
We all navigate obstacles as mothers, but sometimes those hurdles are bigger than we ever expected. I chat with a true super mom about how she has weathered some of...

Podcast: The summer dilemma

May 16, 2021
The kids may be excited to be out of school, but what are you going to do with them? Katy Mann, a self-made kids entertainment expert and mom of four,...

Weighing the impact: Sports and the brain

May 08, 2021
As a parent, keeping our children safe is always a priority, so how do we choose what sports will do just that? Hear from Purdue professor Eric Nauman on his...

Will Mother’s Day be mine?

April 30, 2021
Receiving a cancer diagnosis is hard, but also learning treatment could effect fertility later in life is like a one-two punch. Hear the story of a Riley Hospital for Children...

Offering, accepting, and asking for support

April 25, 2021
We moms don't like to ask for help and sometimes we even put up walls when it comes to offering support. Katie Awwad shares her journey with accepting and offering...

Podcast: Incontinence is nothing to sneeze at

April 18, 2021
Do you worry every time you feel a sneeze coming on? Incontinence is something many women deal with after giving birth, going through menopause, or for various other reasons, but...

Be affirmed: Breastfeeding, empowerment, and support

April 11, 2021
The women behind Indy Lactation Care share their thoughts on the choice to breastfeed, how to nourish breastfeeding mamas, and what they've learned in their decades of supporting women.

Would you say it to your best friend?

April 04, 2021
How to embrace your postpartum, post-30, imperfectly perfect body. I chat with boudoir photographer Cindy Johnson about her personal journey to self-confidence and how she helps others feel beautiful in...

World Doula Week with Lynsey Renée Mason

March 28, 2021
As we wrap up World Doula Week, I sit down with my doula and birth photographer Lynsey Renée Mason to talk about her passion for not only capturing beautiful birth...

Low & Slow: Communication with kids

March 20, 2021
Communication with children can be a really difficult task, especially during tense situations. I chat with teacher and mom-of-four Tracie Douglas about how she keeps her cool and avoids yelling...

Hi, Mom!

March 14, 2021
As we begin our journey together, I sit down with my mom for a trip down memory lane. We talk birth stories, swaying, co-parenting, and more.

Mapping Out Motherhood Trailer

July 21, 2020
From health and nutrition to balancing family and career, the “Mapping out Motherhood” podcast with WISH-TV’s Nina Crisuolo is a conversation about motherhood. With discussions on expectations and reality along...