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Raccoon Society

June 20, 2023
River discusses the intricacies of raccoon society and how to handle any encounters with them.

What to do if you find baby bunnies.

June 14, 2023
It's that time of year again. Many people will be coming across bunny nests soon and want to know if they need help. Follow the tips in the episode to know how...

Redeeming cockroaches

June 06, 2023
River discusses the finer points of the misunderstood cockroach.

Termite battle plans

June 01, 2023
River goes over the clever strategies deployed by termites and how they use their numbers to their advantage in many situations.

Swamp Rabbits

May 23, 2023
River gives the low down on the semi-web footed bunny that resides in and around the waterways of the southeastern united states, as well as parts of Indiana.

American mink

May 16, 2023
River discusses the unique abilities of the stealthy American mink. A creature capable of hunting on land, in water, and sometimes in air, and is probably a lot closer to you than...

A wild Bobwhite appeared

May 09, 2023
River digs into some traits and unique attributes of Indiana's native ground dwelling bird.

Indiana Myotis

May 02, 2023
River discusses the endangered midwestern bat species with a very unique echolocation ability and how you can help it survive in this changing world.

Polar Bears

April 26, 2023
River discusses what polar bears are, where they came from, and what the future may look like for these arctic apex predators.

Living with DID

April 19, 2023
River explains what it's been like living with Dissociative Identity Disorder, what it is, and offers help to those that are not yet diagnosed.

New snailfish unlocked

April 11, 2023
River introduces the newest fish to be discovered by scientist in Japan. We also take a slightly deeper look into the earth's oceans.

Chasing the Evolution of Roadrunners: How an Iconic Bird Survived and Thrived in the American Southwest

April 04, 2023
In this episode, we explore the fascinating evolutionary history of the roadrunner, an iconic bird of the American Southwest. We delve into its physical and behavioral characteristics, unique adaptations, and...

Is navigation prebuilt in animals and humans?

March 28, 2023
River falls down another rabbit hole with the mineral magnetite and how it is used by birds, fish and mammals along with the earth's magnetic field to know where they...

What’s the deal with clownfish?

March 21, 2023
River takes a quick look at some of the unique evolutionary advantages of the clownfish. Mainly, its ability to switch gender later in life.

Shedding bias: A story of tolerance on the Emerald Isle

March 14, 2023
River got tired of lame saint Patrick's day stories so they wrote their own with the help of WILDbot.

Wildlife of Chernobyl and octopus anatomy

March 07, 2023
River decides to build an assistant to help with things around the podcast and together they discuss the effects of radiation on wildlife and all the weird things about octopuses...

Indiana Skunk Rescue

February 28, 2023
River and Jase take a trip out to Indiana Skunk rescue and swap stories and information with Julie French

Emerald Ash Borer

February 21, 2023
Is one beetle responsible for wiping out billions of trees? River discusses the Emerald ash borer, what it is, and why it's so destructive.

Dallas zoo wrap up and a new ability in cats

February 14, 2023
We put the finishing touches on the weird case of the dallas zoo and talk about cats ability to predict movement through sound.

What’s going on at the Dallas zoo

February 07, 2023
River goes over what we know about the enclosure tampering and animal theft at the Dallas zoo and a possible motive.

Rabbit Care Basics

January 24, 2023
River goes over some of the things that make rabbits an exotic pet breed, along with basic care tips and fun bunny facts

How the real Winnie the Pooh almost served in WWI

January 17, 2023
River tells the story of how Winnie, the inspiration for a certain Pooh bear, went from being an orphan at a train station to a Canadian military base, the London...

Save the Eagles Day

January 10, 2023
With over 60 species of eagles, this bird of prey is one of the most diverse there is. Learn what power they all share in this episode!

National Monkey Day

December 13, 2022
River spends a little time monkeying around to celebrate National Monkey Day!

Camberley Kate

December 06, 2022
River dives into what is known about Kate Ward, aka Camberley Kate, the lady that devoted her life to giving dogs a place to call home. She "just loved dogs...

National mutt day

December 01, 2022
River takes a break from Giving Tuesday to talk about some of the most famous mutts, in celebration of national mutt day. Now go out and find a local nonprofit...

Winter chicken care

November 22, 2022
River goes over the steps to ensure you and your backyard chickens are winter weather ready!

Sergeant Reckless

November 15, 2022
River shares the incredible story of how a packhorse earned the title of US Marine during the Korean War. 

Wild life of woolly worms

November 08, 2022
River & Jase talk about the mysterious process of metamorphosis in woolly bear caterpillars and other animals. Also the topic of pet taxidermy. 


November 01, 2022
Did you know some animals come out of hibernation to sleep? River breaks down what is known about animals that hibernate and shares some choice facts about animals that take...

The what and why of werewolves

October 25, 2022
Jase and River discuss the origins of werewolves and some of the traits similar to their wolf counterparts.

Black Cat Legends and Tales

October 18, 2022
River digs into how black cats came to be known with Halloween, why a 13th century pope’s outcry against cats may have fueled the black death, and a modern take...

Vinegar dogs & Columbus rates Manatees

October 11, 2022
Jace explains to River about the adorable bush dog. Then the pair try to break down the idea of Columbus mistaking manatees and “mermaids”.

The great squirrel stampede of 1822

October 04, 2022
This week, River tells the tale of one of their favorite historic wildlife events. Travel back in time and hear the accounts of Indiana residents that witnessed the destruction of...

Wild and Raw

September 27, 2022
We are joined this week by Paul Dijak-Robinson, co-owner of My Pet Carnivore, to discuss raw feeding and species specific diets for pets and wildlife.

Answers on animal nutrition

September 20, 2022
River uses their background on human and animal nutrition to help out some people with questions on pet feeding and nutrition. 

Rabid polar bears and tooth walkers

September 13, 2022
This week we discuss marine mammals such as walruses, seals, and polar bears with former senior trainer at the ind zoo, Alisa Keys.

How to handle a single cougar in your area

September 06, 2022
We talk to Katja Craft about a cougar sighting in Carmel, IN and other stories of wildlife rehab.

Stem cell therapy for animals

August 30, 2022
In this episode, we are joined with Destiny Taylor from Destination Regen to discuss the benefits and logistics of using human stem cells to treat conditions in different animals. Destination Regen’s...

Intro to rescue and red foxes

August 23, 2022
In this episode we discuss what it’s like running a wildlife sanctuary and some of our favorite facts and stories involving red foxes. 

Welcome to Wizard of Paws Podcast

August 21, 2022
This weekly edutainment podcast is hosted by the owners of Wizard of Paws Wildlife Education Inc. Each week we will discuss the most interesting topics going on in the world...