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#BeAHero #wesayknottoday #givingtuesday2021 Our heroes come in all shapes and s…

#BeAHero #wesayknottoday #givingtuesday2021 Our heroes come in all shapes and sizes. 🦸 They are the children who are rescued from trafficking and have the courage to seek restoration. 👮‍♀️They are the local law enforcement teams who bring predators to justice.
🦮They are electronic detection K9s, like Hunter, who assist in search warrants and rescues.
😍And they are people just like YOU who support this mission. A commitment to supporting children may look different for each person, but the one thing we all have in common is the ability to take ACTION. What does being a hero mean to you? We’d love to hear as we get ready to highlight and honor our community heroes this month! #BeAHero #wesayknottoday #givingtuesday