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MY truth. MY story. My pain, now my purpose. This is raw, friends. It’s real, …

MY truth. MY story. My pain, now my purpose. This is raw, friends. It’s real, but it’s honest. And it’s important. It was April 2013. I just had Avery in what my doctor called “the most traumatic birth she had seen in 20 years.” I didn’t know it, but inside, I was developing a form of PTSD I didn’t recognize. I touched on it briefly this morning on Indy Style, and the conversation made me brave enough to talk about it here. I was scared. I felt alone. I felt embarrassed. I had no idea what was happening with my body OR my mind. Somehow, I got through it. And knowing I wasn’t crazy OR alone made all the difference. See that second and third picture? It was 2018. I was smiling, yes… but the birth of my second baby came with difficulties yet again. My little Ledger had to be born a month early. Doctors were worried he might be stillborn. I was crushed. And scared to death. And then, post-delivery, I developed HELLP Syndrome and nearly died. Yet through the miracle work of our God, Ledger made it, and so did I. What you don’t know is this. For months prior, I battled mental anguish from experiences elsewhere. A former boss told me it wasn’t a big deal to deliver 4 weeks early because I was “so big anyway” that Ledger would be fine. My son was born with respiratory issues and battles them to this day. A former TV producer and co-worker of mine thought it would be funny to intentionally schedule me a wine segment during the time they “suspected” I was pregnant. After I made my announcement, my producer laughed and told me, “Oh, I already knew. Remember that wine segment you did? (I had to try 7 different wines), I MADE you do that. We set that up on purpose to “see how much wine you would drink.”‘ I walked out of the studio in tears. I was crushed. How cruel. How irresponsibly cruel. Two people who were supposed to support me, to be my teammates were anything but. And here I was, left to go on as if it never happened. No acknowledgement. No apology. Nothing. Just me, my growing baby and a broken heart. I felt hurt. Tired. Ignored. And terribly let down. Today, though, I am rising. And I have been for quite some time. And today, I ask you to rise with me. I look back at these pictures, and I remember that woman. I remember the pain. But I am also reminded of her strength. And the character of her heart. If you can relate to my story, please, never forget where you came from– how you crawled out of that hole so dark and made it. YOU made it. YOU survived. And now, together, we thrive! I praise all of you. Each and every one of you. Through our dark stories. Our dark hours. Our moments of insurmountable strength. By sharing our truth, we find freedom. And I share mine to help set my soul and others around me… truly and utterly FREE. And with an incredibly supportive team now by my side, I’m embracing the moments that allow me to feel and be exactly that. Through our pain, there IS purpose. I hope you’ll join me in finding yours– unafraid and unapologetic. Together, friends, we will. 💕 #speakup #silentnomore #breakthestigma #ptsd #growth #itsokaynottobeokay #truth