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5 Best Research Paper Writing Services to Try In 2022

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When you are stuck in the middle of research paper writing for your college course or need immediate assistance with proofreading, it is only natural to seek guidance from experts. Still, what about those times when the college professors are unavailable or you do not feel confident enough to ask questions? It is exactly why modern learners consider turning to a research paper writing service for all possible purposes. Starting with the topic and thesis selection to professional formatting and editing, research paper writers will be able to provide you with the highest standards. Since the beginning of pandemic times, many people have fled to online writing services, yet there are apparent dangers as not all of the companies available are legit and safe. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the most reliable options among academic research paper writing services that are worth exploring in 2022! 

5 Best Research Paper Writing Services That Offer Legit Help in 2022 

– The Research Service Background. If we take a quick glance at the company’s history, we can learn that they have been around from 2013-2014. They are one of the most reputable companies because they offer direct communication with an expert. You can basically click on every writer related to your subject and read more information about them. If you need a term paper writing service or seek a thesis statement editor, this service should be your primary choice. 

– Is it Reliable? Their reliability is supported by numerous positive online reviews, our personal experience, and the presence of things like free revisions, refunds, talking to a writer directly, and the general reputation. They are also safe for research writing as this company is very strict about plagiarism and can provide you with a report. 

– Placing an Order. The system is quite logical and you only have to follow the instructions. It will take you about 5-7 minutes. Keep your grading rubric together and all the materials for the task. Testing things with an actual order ended up good with a great paper that has been delivered on time. The professional research paper writers keep their grammar and style standards high, so this company should be one of the first to consider for serious tasks. 

– Prices. The prices start at only $13.99 per page, which is quite affordable for most college learners who want to receive high quality paper. The price will increase if you want to choose the company’s Top 20 or Top 50 writers. 

– Customer Reviews Online. The reviews are currently at 4.7 / 5 stars. The customers are mostly happy with the service. The only negative reviews do not provide enough information about the nature of the problems, yet the company always responds and does not hide. 

– General Impression. This company has amazing customer support and they keep a blog that provides all the important information for college learners. The company is active on social media, so they keep its profile according to the highest standards and remain one of the most popular choices. Starting from term paper writing services and good essay proofreading to resume writing and editing, they should not be ignored! 

– Should You Try Them? Absolutely! They are one of the best choices for research paper writing because they offer the most important aspect – direct communication with an expert. Always timely delivery and a good online presence make them reliable. If you are planning to use academic help online for the first time, this service should be your choice. 

The Research Service Background. This company often appears on our professional radar because they are very good with research literature reviews and all types of work where scanning through academic magazines and databases is required. They have been in business since 2018 and the general reputation of this research paper writing team is quite good! 

Is it Reliable? They are very strict about remaining safe and reliable for you. They try to achieve it with the help of the payments system where you do not have to pay anything until you receive the final paper, have a look through it, and see if it fits you. If you are not happy about something, you can request a free revision or a refund. If you need the best research paper writing service in terms of transparency, give this company a second look! 

Placing an Order. Starting your cooperation with StudyClerk is relatively easy as you only have to set your deadline and share your subject before you add the grading rubric. The evaluation paper for this service represented a History task dealing with the Civil War battles. The writer has handled the challenge well and delivered a good paper on time. 

Prices. The prices here start at $13.99. They are able to handle your urgent orders, yet remember that if you need something corrected for your dissertation writing or basic proofreading, it should work well. Now, if you need to start a paper from scratch in four hours only, it might not be possible! 

Customer Reviews Online. The reviews of research paper writing service have resulted in mostly good feedback. They are praised for their accuracy and the presence of excellent sources. Our test paper also contained a very good bibliography and all the in-text citations were short enough to avoid plagiarism risks. 

General Impression. Here is the best part! This company is truly friendly when you get in touch with their support team. They will happily guide you through every concern that you may have and know how to help you get in touch with a relevant expert. If things go wrong, they won’t become rude, as many customers confirm. 

Should You Try Them? As a professional research paper writing service, they offer legit academic help and will provide you with all the possible ways to keep your funds safe. Make sure to share your grading rubric and talk to customer support to ensure that what you need is matched with the best writer. If you need good editing, this type of help is available as well. 

The Research Service Background. It’s hard to deny that this entry on our list of legit research paper writing services could easily win first place for what they offer free of charge. If you are wondering why things are this way, they represent an academic community with numerous research paper guides, writing tips, and all the possible ways how a good paper must be written. The company has won many awards from the world’s top colleges and educators who create online courses. 

Is it Reliable? They have the best research paper writers because they are using their academic background and focus on research writing. It might be the safest choice for this type of assignment in the United States. They have been around for over 12 years and always stay up-to-date with the objectives and the latest writing standards. 

Placing an Order. This is where things get rather interesting and unusual because you are not dealing with a classic essay service! You will have to talk to a trained expert who will collect your information before matching you with a specialist who will know how to handle your assignment’s objectives. Our order has been done correctly and only needed minor corrections that have been addressed promptly. 

Prices. The prices start at $14.99 per page of research writing. Our paper of 2 pages has resulted in $32 because our deadline has been somewhat shorter than what has been offered by default. As always, if you have an urgent deadline, be ready to pay even more, which is only understandable! 

Customer Reviews Online. Looking for the best research paper writing services in USA, you won’t be able to find a dozen of reviews on popular platforms. Where this company truly shines is the academic community and online courses where the majority of their positive feedback generates. Still, college students must give them a good try as they are truly professional and offer a lot of free reading that will help take things to another level. 

General Impression. While they are not overly popular among research paper writing companies, they are one of the few services that focus on research work precisely and know of all the latest changes, formatting rules, and all these things that always affect the final grade. Our team of experts praises their efforts highly and recommends them. 

Should You Try Them? They have a trained customer service team that focuses on getting the facts right as you share your task and the grading rubric. If you want to work with a company that focuses on research paper writing, this should be one of your primary choices. 

The Research Service Background. We could not find much about the company’s background but they already have a large number of online reviews, partially due to their affordability and the readiness to assist even high school learners with their first research projects. There is a good feeling about this young company because they keep things simple and accessible even for the newbies. 

Is it Reliable? They are a legit company that offers research paper writer services at an affordable price. It is good that they still keep their quality high and tend to deliver each paper on time. If you are uncertain about their online presence, be assured that they have gained a good reputation, and do not delete those negative reviews that they get at times. As every company, they do try to get better and it really shows! 

Placing an Order. Our experience has been positive and it’s good to know that the writers of this company are true and caring professionals. As we worked on a simple research paper for a high school student dealing with teenage violence, the writer adjusted things to keep the content accessible and in the style of a teenager. 

Prices. At only $9.99 per page, they easily appear among the top-rated research paper services that college students gladly approach. An interesting fact is that this company still provides good quality and constantly expands the range of subjects and essay types they can handle. 

Customer Reviews Online. We have checked both Sitejabber and Trustpilot pages which have several reviews. Speaking of Sitejabber, it has 5 stars and Trustpilot has 4 stars. Those negative reviews complain about formatting issues or lack of good sources, yet our experience has been only positive and there were no issues with plagiarism or late delivery as is also confirmed by other customers. 

General Impression. The company has great customer support and they take all the possible means to show their online presence. It’s possible to give them a call as you place an order or get in touch via their online chat. They are always helpful and supportive! As we worked on our order for a high school student, the writer has been friendly and caring. It shows their professional attitude and readiness to educate. 

Should You Try Them? They are an example of a professional paper writing service that can be chosen without risks, especially if you want to try something in the more accessible range. They have many positive reviews and offer all the possible help with research writing. Since they are a legit company that provides free revisions and has a nice website, they will fit well for those trying online services for the first time. 

The Research Service Background. This online research paper service first graced the horizons of research paper writing services in 2017 and has been quite popular not only in the United States but among British and Australian college students. They have related departments in each country, which makes it a great choice for international or exchange students coming from the UK education system. They can be trusted for the most complex research papers as they can combine their experience to deliver the best results. 

Is it Reliable? They offer free revisions, refunds, safe payment methods, and a wide range of subjects. They are very strict about plagiarism issues, so they will check each paper upon completion and can provide you with a similarities report paper. It’s also possible to request an outline, so you have many options to remain safe. 

Placing an Order. We have tested the experts of this company by placing two different orders (one in Law and the other one for Nursing). Both papers have been delivered on time and contained good grammar penned by native English speakers. The originality has been high as well. The nursing paper had no glossary, yet it has been added per our request with a free revision. 

Prices. The prices start at $12.99 per page. The company can handle urgent orders if you have 3-4 hours left to submit your research paper, yet it usually works for editing or fixing the concerns that you may have. Writing a paper from scratch in several hours would be next to impossible! The editing as a single service will cost you $5.55 per page. This is where they truly shine as they will fix not only your grammar but structure and readability as well. 

Customer Reviews Online. Looking for a legitimate research paper writing company online in 2022, many college students mention SameDayPapers as one of the most credible services as their refunds actually work if they fail to deliver the research paper. They have over 200 online testimonials that range from short phrases to lengthy ones. All in all, they have earned 4.38 stars out of 5 based on these reviews.

General Impression. If there is one word that can be used to describe this company, it is “professional”. Their customer support is available 24/7 and they are solid when it comes to explanations and online assistance. The paper quality is very high and they provide you with excellent editing that also comes along when you place an order. 

Should You Try Them? They should be approached for research paper writing work, especially if you are dealing with the UK or Australian subjects. They are very good with social sciences and always provide timely delivery. They may not represent a cheap research paper service if your deadline is urgent, yet what they provide is worth it! 


– Do I Risk Being Punished When I Buy Research Paper Online? 

If you are using a legit research paper writing service and do not advertise what you have done all through the campus, there is no way to find out that you have bought a paper online. Your college professor may ask you questions about it, so it’s better to read and learn what has been done by a trained expert before you submit it and share your write my research paper request online. 

– Are These Paper Writing Services Legit? 

All five companies that we have presented for you belong to the legit services that are safe to consider for most types of academic work, including research statements, basic literature reviews, and proofreading of dissertations among other tasks. 

How Can I Locate a Genuine Research Paper Writing Service Review? 

It will always depend on what you would like to receive from the research paper writing services and your quality standards. It means that every user will have their specific opinion regarding the experience, so your results may vary and be quite different. Still, you should check the posts on Quora, Sitejabber, or Trustpilot for verified reviews. 

– Should I Risk Checking Research Paper Writing Services? 

People usually approach research paper writing help because they do not want to risk their academic future and seek help online. So if you think that it’s like burning the candle at both ends, think again because getting assistance from a trained expert can actually save your college grades! Choosing a legit research paper writing help, you will eliminate the risks! 

What is the Safest Research Paper Writing Service? 

Based on our experience and online reviews, one of the safest options would be either EduBirdie or AResearchGuide service that focuses on research paper writing precisely. Still, all of the entries that we have presented for you will be safe as they have refunds and free revisions to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. 

How Can I Find The Best Paper Writer Online? 

Approach the companies where you can actually talk to the writer, so it goes beyond your write my research papers message with the customer support who will forward the message. By choosing EduBirdie, you can choose the best writer by asking questions and reading the user testimonials. 

Why Research Paper Writing Requires Additional Help? 

Unlike most college essays or reflection journals that you may encounter as a college student, research requires additional time and effort because the trick is to provide a clever synthesis of available information on the subject. It makes finding a reputable research paper writer quite a challenging task. The problem is that you have to explain what must be done and what scientific goals you would like to achieve. Since it’s often insufficient to share your grading rubric and hope for the best, many services on our list provide you with direct contact with a chosen specialist. It helps eliminate communication issues and discuss the objectives immediately. 

Now, one of the most challenging parts that every college student must face when seeking best research paper writers is getting all the sources and quotes paraphrased correctly, so there is no plagiarism or too high a similarity. While your sources may be of high quality, it is still necessary to adjust them and provide analysis that will support your claims. Approaching a legit research paper service for all of these purposes often becomes the only solution that truly works. Check our list of suggestions and always discuss your plans with customer support before placing an order. Doing so will help you to remain safe! 

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