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Best Colon Cleansers Reviewed: Top Colon Cleansing Supplements (Update)

Colon cleanser supplements help to flush your large intestine.

Colon cleansing has been a widespread health practice for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks wrote about colon cleansing, also known as colonic irrigation.

Colon cleansing experienced a surge of popularity in the United States in the early 1900s when it was believed to help cleanse the body of toxins.

Today, colon cleansing is experiencing a second resurgence. Backed by new scientific evidence, studies show colon cleansing supplements can help detoxify the body, remove waste, support digestive health, and target other benefits.

The Top Colon Cleanser Supplements for 2023

Many colon cleanser supplements claim to cleanse your colon. However, only the best colon cleansers work as advertised.

We tested today’s leading colon cleanser manufacturers. We also contacted manufacturers, checked peer-reviewed medical journals, and conducted hundreds of hours of research and deliberation among our team.

After compiling all of our data, here are the world’s best colon cleanser supplements:

  • Peak BioBoost
  • ColonBroom
  • Abdomax
  • Oweli Colon-CL
  • TrueCarbonCleanse
  • Primal Harvest Primal Total Cleanse
  • VitaPost Colon Detox Plus
  • Herbal Power Flush
  • Herbal Parasite Guardian
  • SynoGut
  • Perfect Origins Perfect Flush

Peak BioBoost

Peak BioBoost is one of the internet’s trendiest colon cleanser supplements. Featuring tasteless fiber to push waste out of your body, Peak BioBoost aims to provide the best possible boost to your gut microbiome, helping to keep it in optimal condition.

In addition to tasteless fiber, Peak BioBoost contains a blend of four prebiotic fibers to nourish your existing gut bacteria. This combination of ingredients can help you maintain bowel regularity, cleanse your body, and remove waste from your digestive tract.

Instead of taking just a fiber supplement or probiotic for gut health, you can take a combination formula that does it all. Peak BioBoost targets digestion in multiple ways to support cleansing, detoxification, and colon health, among other effects.


ColonBroom is a sugar-free fiber supplement that gives you better, firmer, more satisfying poops. It’s like taking a broom to your colon: ColonBroom sweeps waste away, helping to reduce bloating, support appetite control, and support a healthy weight, among other benefits.

Some people take ColonBroom to help them feel satiated. ColonBroom can make you feel full for longer, for example, because the fiber soaks up water in your stomach, expanding and taking up more physical space.

If you want a formula that does it all – from detoxifying your gut to managing your appetite – then ColonBroom could be the right choice for you.


Advertised as part of an “8-second Nordic cleanse,” Abdomax claims to eliminate gut issues by targeting the root cause of poor digestion and impaired gut health.

By taking Abdomax daily, you can clear your bowels regularly by boosting pepsinogen levels. Pepsinogen is a little-known gut molecule. People with good digestion have 400% more active pepsinogen levels than people with poor digestion. By stimulating pepsinogen, Abdomax can transform colon health and boost digestion.

Each serving of Abdomax contains a blend of science-backed ingredients like psyllium husk (which raises pepsinogen levels), bentonite clay (which converts digestive enzymes to pepsinogen), and black walnut (which boosts pepsinogen overall). This collection of science-backed ingredients can cleanse your colon, remove waste from your gut, and increase energy significantly.

Oweli Colon-CL

Oweli Colon-CL is a colon cleansing formula with premium ingredients to support gut wellness, immune response, and overall wellness.

By taking two veggie capsules of Oweli Colon-CL daily, you can purportedly promote regular bowel movements, boost weight management, support smooth digestion, and help to detoxify your body, among other benefits.

Oweli is also among the more reputable names in the colon-cleansing space. The company tests its formulas in a lab to verify their purity and potency. And, Oweli makes a range of highly-rated nutritional supplements and formulas.

We also like the competitive price tag: with prices starting as low as $24.99 per bottle, Oweli Colon-CL is one of the best-value colon cleansers on our list.

True Cellular Formulas TrueCarbonCleanse

TrueCarbonCleanse is a gut detoxifier from True Cellular Formulas using six active ingredients to pull toxic metals and waste from your body.

Featuring a blend of magnesium oxide, apple fiber, activated carbon, baobab fiber, fulvic acid, and zeolite clinoptilolite, TrueCarbonCleanse aims to be the ultimate gut cleansing agent. Each serving contains a blend of high-powered ingredients to clear waste from your large intestine and remove it from your colon.

True Cellular Formulas specifically advertises TrueCarbonCleanse as a superior alternative to other colon cleansers on this list because it’s free of side effects and other harmful effects. It may be better than liver flushing supplements like milk thistle, for example, because it won’t cause indigestion, bloating, gas, headaches, nausea, or other unintended effects.

TrueCarbonCleanse is also one of the few on our list using activated carbon to cleanse the body. Activated carbon can track toxins and chemicals from the liver – including free toxin particles and free-roaming pathogens – to remove waste from your body. If you want help with bloating, gas, and overall digestion, then TrueCarbonCleanse could be the right choice. The formula is also vegan, non-GMO, soy-free, and dairy-free.

Primal Harvest Primal Total Cleanse

Primal Total Cleanse is a nutritional supplement to support healthy digestion and elimination. Taking the supplement daily can support colon, liver, and kidney health, helping your body’s largest organs detoxify.

Key ingredients in Primal Total Cleanse include Lactobacillus acidophilus and other probiotics to support gut health. The formula also contains antioxidants, plant extracts, herbs, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and more. With 15+ natural ingredients per serving, Primal Total Cleanse aims to use multiple science-backed compounds to help you achieve various goals.

Primal Harvest is also one of the more reputable manufacturers on our list. The company makes its supplements at FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities in the United States. And, at under $30 per bottle, Primal Total Cleanse can help cleanse and detox the body without breaking the bank. It’s among the best-value colon cleanser supplements overall.

VitaPost Colon Detox Plus

VitaPost Colon Detox Plus is advertised as part of a 15-day digestive cleanse. Taking two capsules of the supplement daily for 15 days can purportedly support healthy digestion and your natural body functions and give your body the high-quality ingredients needed to support good digestive health.

Key ingredients in VitaPost Colon Detox Plus include rhubarb, psyllium, alfalfa leaf, buckthorn, aloe vera, and cascara sagrada, backed by scientific evidence showing they work. Colon Detox Plus also has thousands of reviews, making it one of the best-rated and most popular supplements on our list overall.

For all of these reasons and more, VitaBalance Colon Detox Plus / VitaPost Colon Detox Plus could be the ultimate colon cleanser supplement for your unique needs. And, at under $25 per bottle, it provides surprisingly good value compared to other colon cleansers on our list.

BiOptimizers Herbal Power Flush

Herbal Power Flush from BiOptimizers is designed to end constipation, promote regularity, and ease discomfort using natural ingredients.

Instead of using laxatives and other high-powered ingredients to flush toxins from your body, you can use vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plants as part of an herbal flush. Herbal Power Flush is a gluten-free, soy-free, vegan formula featuring psyllium and other science-backed ingredients for digestive health.

Sometimes, cleansing your colon is easier than you think. You can purge your colon with a strong dose of psyllium, helping to push waste out physically. Founded in 2014, BiOptimizers is one of the longest-running supplement companies on our list, with nearly a decade of experience offering herbal remedies and other nutritional formulas.

BiOptimizers Herbal Parasite Guardian

Herbal Parasite Guardian is the second BiOptimizer formula on our list. Designed as a parasite digestive aid, Herbal Parasite Guardian is specifically designed to help cleanse your colon by targeting parasites in your gut.

Harmful parasites in your gut could affect colon health. These parasites could impede nutrient absorption, lower energy, and make it harder for your body to function optimally.

Herbal Parasite Guardian is designed to eliminate and expel parasites, fungal infections, and viruses from the body using 13 natural plant and herb extracts and five digestive enzymes. Key ingredients include a black walnut extract (ideal for ringworm, tapeworm, and other intestinal parasites), walnut leaf powder, clove stem, and garlic root powder.

Vitalina SynoGut

SynoGut is a gut health supplement linked to healthy digestion, improved bowel movement, better blood sugar control, and more. The formula contains natural ingredients like apple pectin, aloe vera, prune fruit, oat bran, bentonite clay, and black walnut hull.

If you want all of the benefits of laxatives without relying on pharmaceuticals, then SynoGut may be the right choice. SynoGut contains prune fruit, aloe vera, and other natural laxatives. Some of these ingredients have been used as natural digestive aids for centuries. They continue to be popular in colon cleanser formulas like SynoGut for their ability to balance digestive health and support your body’s biological cleansing processes.

SynoGut combines natural laxatives with solid sources of fiber, helping to push waste out of your body in two ways. Combining natural laxatives with strong fiber can help expel waste from your large intestine, cleansing your colon and helping you support various health and wellness goals. SynoGut even contains probiotics to support gut health.

Perfect Origins Perfect Flush

Perfect Flush lives up to its name by flushing toxins and other harmful compounds from your body via a total cleansing formula. Designed to eliminate waste and toxins while supporting your digestive system, Perfect Flush is backed by a 180-day money-back guarantee – one of the best satisfaction guarantees on our list of top colon cleansers.

Perfect Flush is specifically formulated to provide four dynamic effects. It detoxifies your body by eliminating waste, supports digestive health, promotes a mild laxative impact, and promotes healthy weight management.

Whether looking to suppress your appetite, flush toxins from your gut, cleanse your digestive tract or support other benefits, Perfect Flush targets digestion in a holistic way, using multiple active ingredients to achieve multiple targeted effects. That can help you achieve more significant results. Plus, Perfect Flush is available as low as $34 per bottle.

How We Ranked The Top Colon Cleanser Supplements

All colon cleanser supplements claim to cleanse your colon. However, there are significant differences in how well they cleanse your colon.

To separate the world’s best colon cleansers from the merely average ones, we used the following ranking factors:

Science-Backed Ingredients & Dosages

Many natural ingredients have been shown to help cleanse the colon by physically pushing waste out of the body. Some elements have been proven in clinical trials with research published in peer-reviewed medical journals. We preferred supplements using proven ingredients like psyllium husk, senna, probiotics, and prebiotics to cleanse the colon and remove waste from the large intestine.

Personal Experience with Each Supplement

We tested each colon cleanser supplement above to assess its effects. Then, we tracked each impact and compared them among our team. The best colon cleaners consistently rose to the top, delivering proven benefits and living up to their advertised effects. Other colon cleansers, however, had virtually no impact on our bodies, and we pushed those supplements to the bottom and off our list.

Advertised Benefits

Per FDA regulations, supplements cannot be advertised as a way to treat, cure, or prevent disease. Some colon cleanser supplement companies push this boundary to the limit. They may claim to reduce the risk of colon cleansers or help you lose 10 lbs in a week, for example. Neither of these advertised benefits is realistic or honest. We avoided colon cleanser supplements making dishonest claims about their advertised advantages.

Customer Reviews & Other Experiences

Although we tested the best colon cleanser supplements above, we also considered customer reviews and other experiences in our rankings. Everybody has different large intestines, and the supplement that works for you may be different than the supplement that works for someone else. The best colon cleansers are backed by thousands of customer reviews and have an average rating of over 4.5 stars out of 5.

Free of Toxins & Artificial Ingredients

Buy a colon cleanser to remove toxins from your body. Not a colon cleanser that adds toxins and artificial ingredients to your body. Some colon cleanser supplements contain artificial colors, flavors, and other potentially harmful ingredients. These ingredients could stick to your gut, make it harder to pass waste, and overload your body.

Formulated by Doctors, PhDs, or Formal Gut Health Specialists

Would you instead take a supplement created by a medical doctor (MD) or a marketing intern? You’d pick the doctor-formulated supplement. Doctors, PhDs, and other formal gut health specialists formulate the best colon cleansers. We liked when supplement companies disclosed their medical advisory board up front. We were wary of supplements that disclosed limited information about their formulation team or formal medical certifications.

Moneyback Guarantee

Some top-rated colon cleaners have a 180-day money-back guarantee, giving you six months to try the formula to see if it works. Other colon cleansers have a limited refund policy. The best manufacturers back their products with comprehensive guarantees.

Price & Overall Value

Some people want to spend $100 on a one-month supply of a colon cleanser, while others want to spend less than $10. Whatever your budget may be, there are colon cleanser options for you. For example, you can buy an essential fiber supplement for under $10. Or, you can buy a comprehensive, all-in-one digestion-boosting formula for over $100. We weren’t biased against specific budgets in our rankings. However, we liked supplements offering good value at all budget ranges.

Benefits of Colon Cleanser Supplements

Many people take colon cleanser supplements to clean out their gut, detoxifying their large intestines and removing waste from the body. Others take colon cleanser supplements for secondary benefits – like weight loss or appetite control.

Beloe is some advertised benefits of the colon cleanser supplements above:

  • Detoxify your gut
  • Support healthy digestion and cleansing
  • Reduce bloating
  • Manage appetite
  • Support weight loss
  • Support mood, energy, and overall health

Toxic buildup in your colon can impact health in multiple ways. For example, it can reduce your energy because your body spends so much energy trying to pass the waste. It can also inhibit nutrient absorption, making it harder to absorb active ingredients from your foods or supplements.

The best colon cleanser supplements detoxify your gut using natural ingredients without side effects, helping you cleanse your body.

What is a Colon Cleanser Supplement?

Colon cleanser supplements remove waste from the colon, a part of your large intestine.

The colon lies between the small intestine and the anus. If your colon is healthy, it should be around two inches in diameter and five or six feet long. The colon occupies most of the lower body cavity.

As you eat food, it transits through the colon before leaving your body.

As food transits through the colon, the colon reclaims water from digested food, absorbs nutrients, and creates an environment for healthy bacteria to flourish.

Over time, however, your colon could become overloaded with toxins, inflamed, or lined with stubborn waste that’s difficult to remove. To help, many people perform a colon cleanse or take supplements.

How Colon Cleanser Supplements Work

Colon cleanser supplements use natural ingredients to support your body’s natural digestive and cleansing processes.

Most colon cleanser supplements work in four ways:

  • They use natural laxatives to stimulate your digestive processes (i.e., make you poop more easily)
  • They use fiber to push waste from your body physically
  • They support your body’s natural cleansing organs, including your liver and kidneys, helping you remove and cleanse toxins from your body.
  • They balance gut health using probiotics and prebiotics, helping you support a healthy gut microbiome.

Many colon cleanser supplements also contain probiotics (to supply your gut with beneficial bacteria) or prebiotics (to fuel your gut bacteria). A healthy gut microbiome is crucial for good digestion and a clean colon.

Most colon cleanser supplements come in a capsule or powder. You take one serving daily to support colon cleansing.

Signs You Need a Colon Cleanser Supplement

Some people undergo a regular colon cleanse to refresh their bodies. Others use colon cleanses when they notice low energy, acne, mental fog, or other symptoms.

Signs you may need a colon cleanser include:

  • Low energy
  • Mental fog
  • Bad breath or body odor
  • Body aches and pains
  • Skim blemishes or acne
  • Low appetite, poor sleep, mood imbalances, headaches, and other symptoms

As toxins accumulate in your colon, you may notice various symptoms throughout your body – from mental fog and low energy to bad breath and constipation. A colon cleanser may be able to help.

Side Effects of Colon Cleanser Supplements

Colon cleanser supplements are not expected to cause significant side effects when used in their routine, recommended dosages.

However, colon cleansers are designed for a specific job: cleansing your colon. They contain natural laxatives and other ingredients to speed up the digestive process. Technically, these are primary or active effects – not side effects. However, you may be surprised by how effectively a good supplement cleans your colon.

It’s also important to drink water while taking your colon cleanser supplement. Many colon cleansers contain high doses of fiber that soak up water in your gut. Others have herbal laxatives to clear waste from your body. Both of these things can dehydrate you. If you take a high dose of fiber with no added water, you could experience constipation, digestive issues, and dehydration.

Scientific Evidence for Colon Cleansers: Top 10 Colon Cleansing Supplement Ingredients

The best colon cleanser supplements contain a blend of science-backed ingredients. They remove waste, support healthy digestion, and cleanse the colon.

These science-backed ingredients are backed by clinical trials, including double-blind, placebo-controlled studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals. We’ll review some of the science behind common colon cleanser ingredients below:

Bentonite Clay

Many top-rated colon cleanser supplements contain bentonite clay to remove waste from your colon and large intestine. In a 2017 review on bentonite clay, researchers analyzed 2,500+ scientific articles on it and its effects. After reviewing this evidence, researchers found that bentonite clay appears to have a deep root in maintaining body health, including supporting antibacterial effects, supporting nutrient absorption in the gut, and cleansing of the body, hair, skin, and more impacts. For these reasons, bentonite clay may be one of the best colon cleanser supplement ingredients to watch for.

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk, a natural source of fiber, is the most common ingredient in colon cleansers. It’s a common, effective, and proven source of fiber, and many people take psyllium husk daily to support good digestion. In a 2017 study, researchers found psyllium husk supplements offered clinically proven health benefits. That study found that only 5% of adults consume their recommended dietary fiber, making fiber supplements increasingly important.

Oat Bran

Oat bran is another popular source of fiber and other nutrients. In many colon cleansers, oat bran is backed by evidence showing it can work as a supplement and food. In a 2016 study published in Nutrients, for example, researchers found oat bran mixed with water before a meal improved the glycemic response in a group of healthy humans. That means a lower blood sugar spike after eating. In a similar study, researchers found oat bran improved blood lipids and cholesterol in a group of young and healthy volunteers.

Black Walnut

Black walnut, also labeled as black walnut hull extract, contains an active ingredient called juglone linked to antifungal effects. Some studies suggest juglone can prevent the growth and spread of candida, for example. In a 2019 study, researchers also found black walnut inhibited pro-inflammatory cytokine production caused by a pathogen. Typically, invading pathogens raise inflammation, which can affect overall health. By taking black walnut, you could manage inflammation and support healthy inflammation overall.


According to a 2019 study published in Nutrients, dietary flaxseed can improve human health. In that study, researchers found flaxseed was a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid, and fiber, among other beneficial nutrients. Because of this blend of compounds, dietary flaxseed can help with cardiovascular disease, cancer, gastrointestinal health, brain development, hormone balance, and more, among other effects.

Plums & Prunes

Plums and prunes are often labeled interchangeably on colon cleanser labels. They’re both known as strong natural laxatives. There’s a reason many recommend drinking prune juice to release waste. In a 2016 study, researchers found prunes were well-tolerated by most humans and provided a rich source of anthocyanins, which are natural antioxidants linked to health and wellness.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, like a prune, is a popular natural laxative that may loosen waste in your digestive tract, helping you maintain regularity and cleanse your colon. Multiple studies have connected aloe vera with various effects. One study, for example, found aloe vera was proven to work both topically (applied directly to the skin) and orally (taken by mouth), supporting cleansing properties when used either way. Because of these effects, many people take aloe vera daily for cleansing, detox, and overall rejuvenation.

Apple Pectin

Apple pectins, like psyllium husk and glucomannan, are found in many colon cleansers. It’s a popular, standard, and proven source of fiber to pass waste out of your body and help maintain digestive regularity. In a 2016 study, researchers found apple pectin reduced weight gain following a high-fat diet, significantly lowering fat accumulation even when eating unhealthy foods. Researchers also found apple pectin helped modulate gut microbiota, support healthy inflammation, and suppress weight gain overall. If you’re taking a colon cleanser for weight loss or general rejuvenation, apple pectin could be the right choice.

Glucomannan Root

Glucomannan is a natural source of fiber derived from a root. Backed by multiple studies, glucomannan can provide many of the same benefits of fiber as listed above. In a 1984 study published in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers tested the effects of purified glucomannan fiber as a food supplement in 20 obese subjects. Participants took two 500mg capsules of glucomannan one hour before eating. After eight weeks, researchers found that the average participant had lost 5.5 lbs and significantly lowered cholesterol (dropping serum cholesterol by 21.7 and low-density lipoprotein / LDL cholesterol by 15.0 mg/dl). Glucomannan appeared to substantially affect the group’s weight loss, appetite suppression, and cholesterol.

Clinical Trials on Colon Cleansing Supplements

Researchers have also conducted clinical trials specifically on colon cleansing. Some trials have connected colon cleansing to significant effects, while others have found colon cleansing less valuable.

As the Mayo Clinic explains, colon cleansing is commonly used before medical procedures like colonoscopies. Cleansing the colon, also known as colonic or colonic irrigation, helps to remove built-up waste from the colon, making it easier to perform a successful colonoscopy.

Beyond colonoscopies, many people undergo colon cleansing for cleansing or detoxification. Supporters of colon cleansing believe it leases toxins from your body, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, boosts energy, and enhances immunity, among other benefits.

In a 2009 study, researchers attempted to review evidence on colon cleansing in human subjects. However, researchers found no major, high-quality trials involving humans and colon cleansing, making it hard to recommend colon cleansing to detoxify or improve health. Because of the lack of evidence, researchers found colon cleansing to promote general health “is not supported in the published literature.”

Similarly, as the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center explains, there’s no evidence colon cleansing reduces your risk of cancer or disease. Instead, the best science-backed ways to improve colon health include eating a plant-based diet, limiting red meat, avoiding processed meats, getting screened for colorectal cancer, and maintaining a healthy weight.

There’s ample evidence fiber – found in many colon cleansers above – can help with overall health. 95% of American adults don’t get their recommended daily fiber intake. In a 2010 study, researchers found dietary fiber improved metabolic health and reduced the risk of obesity, type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer, for example. People who consumed their recommended daily dosage of fiber were more likely to be healthier than those who did not. Similarly, a 2020 study found dietary fiber could boost gut microflora levels, supporting your gut microbiome in various ways to increase overall digestion.

Overall, there’s limited evidence flushing your colon with water will improve health. However, the colon cleansers on our list work in other ways: they contain high doses of fiber and natural laxatives to stimulate digestion and cleanse waste from your colon. By taking a colon cleansing supplement, you could maintain digestive regularity, boost gut health, and pass waste out of your body – all of which are associated with overall health and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colon Cleanser Supplements

Our experts get plenty of questions about colon cleanser supplements and how they work. We’ll answer our most common questions below.

Q: What is colon cleansing?

A: Colon cleansing is when you use natural therapies, supplements, or procedures to cleanse the colon, which is part of your large intestine.

Q: What are colon cleansing supplements?

A: Colon cleansing supplements use natural ingredients to clean waste and toxins from the colon.

Q: How do colon cleansing supplements work?

A: Colon cleansing supplements contain fiber, natural laxatives, probiotics, prebiotics, and other ingredients to support digestive health in various ways.

Q: How does colon cleansing help?

A: Colon cleansing supporters believe toxins can help with high blood pressure, cholesterol, toxins, immunity, and more.

Q: Do I need a colon cleanser supplement?

A: 95% of American adults don’t get their recommended daily fiber intake, and a colon cleanser supplement can help provide you with fiber. Some colon cleansers contain probiotic bacteria or prebiotics, which can help balance gut health.

Q: Is colon cleansing safe?

A: Colon cleansing is generally safe in average recommended dosages when taking colon cleansing supplements. However, if practicing colonic irrigation at a clinic (involving a water tube inserted into your anus), you could experience a tear in the rectum, infection, or dehydration, among other effects.

Q: Why should I do a colon cleanse?

A: Some people regularly cleanse their colon to refresh and rejuvenate their bodies. Others do a colon cleanse to boost energy, support immunity, or start a weight loss routine.

Q: What’s the fastest way to flush your colon?

A: You can rapidly flush your colon by drinking more water, adding fiber, and eating a healthy diet. Some also consume natural laxatives to speed up their digestive processes.

Q: How do I detox my gut?

A: You can detox your gut by taking natural laxatives, boosting fiber intake, and taking a colon cleansing supplement.

Q: What’s the best natural colon cleanse?

A: The best natural colon cleanse involves taking healthy, whole foods and drinking lots of water. Some also add a colon cleanse supplement to enhance the effects.

Q: Should I detox with a colon cleanse?

A: Many people perform a colon cleanse to detoxify the body. A colon cleanser can remove waste and help maintain reasonable digestive regularity.

Q: Is it OK to take a colon cleanser?

A: Colon cleansing supplements are safe for most healthy adults to take in regular doses. However, you should talk to your doctor before a colon cleanse if you have a medical condition or are taking any medication.

Q: What is the colon?

A: The colon is the longest part of the large intestine. Digested food must pass through your colon before leaving your body.

Q: What does the colon do?

A: The colon moves digested food from the small intestine and out of the body. Along the way, the colon reabsorbs moisture from food for body hydration. Bacteria in your colon break down the remaining waste. Then, the colon moves the rubbish into the rectum, where it can pass out of your body through the anus.

Q: How do you clean the colon?

A: The best way to clean the colon is to drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, and stay hydrated. Some also take a colon cleansing supplement to cleanse the colon, while others add more fruits or vegetables to their diet.

Q: How do I take a colon cleanser?

A: Most colon cleanser supplements come as a capsule or powder. You take one or two pills or one scoop of powder daily to cleanse the colon.

Q: What are the benefits of a colon cleanse?

A: Colon cleansing supporters claim it can remove waste from the body, help with weight loss, boost energy, decrease brain fog, and refresh your body.

Q: What’s the world’s best colon cleanser?

A: The best colon cleansers, according to our research, include Peak BioBoost, ColonBroom, VitaPost Colon Detox Plus, and Herbal Power Flush.

Q: What are the signs I need a colon cleanser?

A: Signs you may need a colon cleanser include digestive issues (like constipation, diarrhea, or bloating), brain fog, fatigue, depression, mood swings, unusual lousy breath or body odors, and other symptoms.

The Top Colon Cleanser Supplements for 2023 Final Word

The world’s best colon cleaner supplements use natural ingredients to help cleanse the colon.

Taking a colon cleanser supplement daily could cleanse waste from your digestive tract, maintain digestive regularity, refresh your gut biome, and rejuvenate your body from the inside out.

To discover the world’s best colon cleanser supplements and detoxification aids, check our list above.


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