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Best Free Psychic Reading Services 2024 – Top 7 Sites for Free Minute Deals

DISCLAIMER: This is paid content. All opinions and views are of the advertiser and do not reflect the same of WISH-TV. The content presented on this page has been created and provided entirely by the advertiser.

There’s no denying that psychic readings may influence your perspective on life.

But did you know you can get insightful psychic predictions for free without dealing with hidden fees or deceptive advertising?

That’s why we penned this guide.

We want you to have the best chance of a successful free psychic reading online with trustworthy, qualified experts.

The sites we’ve reviewed may help you get insight into your romantic, professional, and future prospects, among other things.

7 Top-Rated Free Psychic Sites of 2023 – Best Deals Available

  1. Kasamba – Best love readings (3 minutes + 50% OFF)
  2. Psychic Source – Best mediums online (3 minutes)
  3. AskNow –  Most accurate readings (5 minutes)
  4. Keen – Best app for readings on the go (3 minutes)
  5. Oranum – Best live psychics (10,000 coins)
  6. Psychic Oz – First minute is always free
  7. Mysticsense – Best LGBTQ+ readings (5 minutes)

When searching for a free psychic reading service, you must ensure the site offers accurate readings from genuine psychics. After scouring the internet and investigating various sites, we’ve found the best platforms providing real free psychic readings with unmatched accuracy Kasamba tops our list.

1. KasambaBest Free Psychic Reading Services Overall

Reputation counts a lot, and for over 20 years, Kasamba has been one of the best free psychic reading services online. 

Universally acknowledged for their compassionate love readings, they’re widely seen as the best site for anything involving a paid or free love psychic reading. 

But it’s not just about free psychic love readings on Kasamba. They offer a wide range of psychic readings, from classics like Astrology, past life, and Tarot readings to more esoteric fare like Aura and Palm readings. 

They also have experts available for any other subject you want to discuss, including career, financial, or family matters, and even spiritual readings. 

In short, if you have a question about anything with deep meaning, Kasamba should be your top choice for free online psychic reading.

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Match Wizard

Finding the right psychic online can often be difficult, but with Kasamba’s fast and efficient Match Wizard, it’s pretty easy. 

The quick 3 step process includes some basic multiple-choice questions about what you want, and in seconds, you’ll have a complete list of gifted psychics to match your needs.

Best Match Guarantee

What makes one psychic reader better than another? Kasamba believes it’s feeling the special connection that occurs when you’ve found the best psychic for you. 

That’s why their Best Match Guarantee gives you 3 free psychic chat minutes with as many psychic readers as you need until you find the right one.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

If you’re unhappy with your reading, for any reason at all, Kasamba will refund up to $50 in time toward a reading with another psychic. That’s the most of any online psychic reading platform. 

3 Free Minutes and 50% OFF 

Even after you’ve used their Best Match Guarantee, Kasamba still gives you 3 free minutes off your first scheduled reading, plus 50% off the entire session. 

If that’s not proof that they’re offering some of the best free psychic readings, we don’t know what is.

>> Get FREE minutes + 50% OFF on Kasamba >>

Library-like Articles Section

Here’s just some of the great info available in Kasamba’s primo articles section.

  • Love & Relationships – Everything you need to know about how to start, maintain, and improve a healthy, loving partnership. 
  • Tarot Guide – A complete primer on the cards, including their history, meanings, and different types of spreads for any question you may have.
  • All About Psychics – There are full descriptions of the various types of psychic readings and tips on formulating the best questions to ask in a free psychic love reading. If you’re looking to have your first online reading, it’s all here.

2. Psychic SourceBest Psychic Mediums for Free Spiritual Readings

Psychic Source has offered a wide range of services online for over 30 years

In the overall history of psychic readings, that’s a drop in the bucket, but in the history of online psychic reading websites, Psychic Source is like the great pyramid at Giza. 

One of the cornerstones of that pyramid is their amazingly talented and sensitive psychic mediums. 

For those who don’t know, psychic mediums can communicate with dead and disembodied spirits. 

If you’ve lost a loved one and wonder what it might be like for them wherever they are, perhaps a psychic medium reading at Psychic Source can ease your mind. 

If online psychic mediums aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Psychic Source also has a full menu of other psychic readings to offer. 

So no matter what’s upsetting your life, whether from this world or another, Psychic Source can provide you with a legit psychic reading to figure it all out. 

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Choosing the Right Psychic Quiz

This quiz consists of a simple infographic presenting a series of multiple-choice questions. It helps you choose which type of reading would work best in your situation. 

We tried it for our questions about love and were directed toward choosing free psychic reading online with a Tarot reader.

Venus and Mars Compatibility Calculator

Whether you’re looking for new love or trying to decide if you and your current partner are compatible, the Venus & Mars calculator can help. 

Just enter the individuals’ birthdates and see how good an Astrological fit the two of you are.

$1 Per Minute Discount Deals

Psychic Source offers 3 different $1 per minute discount deals depending on how much you want to invest. 

If this is your first time trying online psychic readers, go with the $10 package. If you’re more adventurous and just know that a psychic reading is for you, then maybe the 20 or 30-minute packages would be better. 

Either way, all our psychic predictions about this seem to point toward savings.

Free Articles and More 

In contrast to the usual print Articles offered on the other online psychic reading platforms, Psychic Source goes further into multi-media. 

If sitting and reading isn’t your thing, they have many entertaining videos, podcasts, infographics, and more on various psychic and spiritual subjects.

>> Get FREE minutes + $1/min cheap deals >>

3 Minutes FREE 

Every new customer at Psychic Source automatically gets the first 3 minutes of their initial reading free. That means if the vibe isn’t there with your psychic, you can pull the plug before the clock runs out, and there’ll be no charge.

3. AskNowAccurate Psychics for a Free Email Reading

AskNow is an online psychic reading service with an 18-year history, primarily known for great Tarot readings and the most thoroughly screened online psychics

Their reputation for having the most highly screened psychics is why we’ve picked them as the site giving the most accurate free psychic readings. 

When it comes to Tarot card readings, their reputation is equally impressive. But that’s not all they have to offer in terms of accurate psychic readings online. 

AskNow also has a variety of other psychic reading services available, including Astrology readings, numerology, past life readings, dream analysis, and more.

>> 5 *FREE minutes OR ask a FREE question >>

Psychic Readings for Every Budget 

Not everyone who needs an online psychic reading session can afford one. 

AskNow understands this, which is why they have divided their advisors into three convenient price categories; 

  • Top Rated Advisors – starting at $5.99 per minute
  • Elite advisors – starting at $9.99
  • Master Advisors– starting at $12 per minute

That means no matter your budget, there’s an affordable psychic waiting for you at AskNow.

Best $1 Per Minute Deal 

The $1 per minute packages offered on other psychic reading sites usually last 30 minutes. 

AskNow has shattered that ceiling with their unrivaled 40-minute $1 per minute deal. Not only does this represent significant savings over their usual prices, but, in our opinion, it’s also the cheap psychics online deal.

5 Free Master Minutes

Whenever you sign up for any $1 per minute package on AskNow, you’ll also receive a bonus of 5 Master minutes with one of their gifted psychic experts. 

This deal takes its name from the site’s much-applauded Master Advisors, the best and most expensive psychic readers they have. 

If you were to pay the regular price for what this deal offers (40 minutes with a Top Rated Advisor and 5 minutes with a Master Advisor), it would cost over $300. 

In other words, they’re offering you 45 total minutes (worth over $300) for only $40. As far as we know, psychic reading prices haven’t been that low since before the Oracle at Delphi.

Ask a Free Question 

Another fantastic free readings feature you get when you sign up for one of AskNow’s $1 per minute deals is a chance to ask 1 email question. Simply compose your question, and within 24 hours, you’ll get a detailed, personalized response.

>> 5 *FREE minutes OR ask a FREE question >>

Free Videos 

If this is your first psychic reading, then AskNow’s selection of videos can help you learn the ropes. From “Why should I get a psychic reading” to “How to get a great psychic reading,” these videos cover all you need to know to get the best possible reading experience.

4. Keen – Biggest Discount on Your First Reading (Free App)

If you’ve ever looked up and been amazed at how many stars there are in the sky, then you have an idea of how many psychic experts there are working at Keen. 

Okay, not as many as the stars, but Keen has numerous psychics to choose from.

With over 1,700 of the best online psychics anywhere, 20+ years of experience, and a wide array of readings for whatever’s on your mind, Keen has answers available 24/7. 

That means if you need a quick response to a pressing problem, their talented phone psychics are available almost immediately via the site’s dependable mobile app.

So if you’re living on the edge, ensure you’re connected to Keen’s psychic support network. It may just be the difference between moving in harmony with the speed of life or having a difficult situation stop you in your tracks. 

>> Get FREE minutes or 10 mins at $1.99 on Keen <<

3 Minutes FREE 

Keen is so confident about their phone and chat psychics’ psychic abilities that they’re willing to give you 3 minutes free with your first reading. 

That means if you’re not convinced you’re with the best online psychic reader for your needs, just end the session within 3 minutes, and there’ll be no cost.

10 Minutes for $1.99 

If 3 minutes doesn’t seem like much, you’ll be glad to know that Keen also has a 10-minute package that only costs $1.99

Since most online psychic readings tend to be short, the combined 13 minutes of these two offers will likely be all the time you’ll need, and it’ll only set you back $1.99.

Get Matched Filter

Finding the best psychic for your needs doesn’t have to be like finding a public restroom in New York. With Keen’s Get Matched filter, it’s possible to connect with some of the best psychics on the site by simply answering a few quick multiple-choice questions.  

We tried it out and, in no time, had a choice between 3 free psychics that weren’t only specialists in our problem but were also at our preferred price point.

Top-Rated Phone App 

To keep you connected, Keen’s top-rated mobile app (available in iOS or Android) allows you 24/7 access to your favorite Keen psychics. 

That means whenever a problem arises, you can have an immediate psychic overview of the matter. And if it turns out your fave reader isn’t available, it’s easy to schedule an instant callback whenever they are.

>> Get FREE minutes or 10 mins at $1.99 on Keen <<

Instant Tarot Readings

All you have to do is think of a question, pick three cards from the face-down deck on the screen, and then hear what the A.I. bot has to say about how your life will go.

Sound like fun? It doesn’t cost a thing.

5. Oranum – Best Live Free Psychic Reading

Since ancient times, psychic readings have had a reputation for being a transcendental, in-person phenomena. 

Even though online readings have redefined this experience through phone psychic readings and chat psychic readings, a live reading still holds a certain mystique. 

In fact, that very mystique represents the uniqueness of Oranum’s online psychic readings. 

From the free live chat room to the fact that all of their online psychics are available for video readings, Oranum is a site that can only be described as absolutely live. 

This return to live psychic readings makes Oranum the most exciting of the free psychic reading websites we’re covering. We’d even go as far as to say that Oranum probably represents the future of what all free online psychic readings will eventually look like.

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Live Chat Room 

Imagine a situation where you can watch psychics in their workspaces. 

Now imagine that you can also ask one free psychic chat question of as many of them as you want. Plus, when your question’s been used, you can still watch that psychic answer questions from other customers. 

This describes Oranum’s free live chat room, and as far as we’re concerned, it’s the best free online psychic reading situation around. 

That’s because you can try out psychics until you find the right match. No search filters, no limited minutes, just all the time you need to decide the best psychic to give you a free psychic reading online.

$9.99 Credit 

Once you register with a credit card and deposit at least $15 in your account, Oranum will give you a $9.99 credit for a free online psychic reading. 

This deal is so good because some Oranum online psychics charge as little as $0.99 per minute for live video readings. That means you can start by getting a 10-minute reading at no additional cost. 

Oranum Blog 

Featuring articles on all sorts of psychic and spiritual topics by some of the site’s best psychics, the Oranum blog is the perfect place to do some healing and relaxing research. 

>> Get 10,000 FREE coins [Oranum] <<

Easy Search Filter

The Oranum homepage has a menu that allows you to set all the criteria to find your best psychic, including category, topics, experience, and price.

24/7 Customer Service Support 

If you have questions about your reading, the conduct of your psychic reader, billing, or anything regarding your account, Oranum’s customer support is available 24/7

You can engage in an online chat any time of the day or night with one of the site’s live operators.

6. Psychic Oz – Free Psychic Reading for Every First Minute

Sharing the honors for the oldest free psychic reading site with Psychic Source and California Psychics, Psychic Oz completes the over 30 online club trifecta.

During that time, they’ve been providing some of the best free psychic reading deals and a wide variety of readings by a solid crew of highly vetted psychics. 

No matter what’s on your mind, the advisors at Psychic Oz have dealt with it. From career to family issues, love, and spiritual well-being, they have experienced and compassionate readers to help you find the new perspectives you need. 

With pure psychics like mediums and clairvoyants, as well as powerful intuitives that use tools like Astrology and Tarot, Psychic Oz can show you the workings of the spirit. 

Sound interesting? Here are some other cool things to look for on Psychic Oz. 

>>Get psychic readings under $1/min

1 Minute Free

Whether it’s your first reading on Psychic Oz or your tenth, every customer always gets the first minute of every reading free

Why? Because technical problems happen, and Psychic Oz doesn’t think you should have to pay if it does. That automatic free minute is your insurance that Psychic Oz is there to ensure you get started right.

Free Psychic Reading Suggestions

Finding the right free psychic reading expert can be daunting if you’re a first-time customer. Sure, you can use the search filter, but do you even know what you’re looking for? 

To solve this, Psychic Oz offers suggestive headings on their home page, like customer favorites, staff picks, and rising stars, to help you along in your search. 

Each of these readers is experienced and well-reviewed, so like the chef special on the menu at a good restaurant, you know you’re getting something that will satisfy you.

Deals Under $1 Per Minute

Every new customer on Psychic Oz gets to choose between a pair of introductory offers that are both under $1 per minute. Talk about a free psychic reading deal. 

The first gives you 15 minutes for $14.99 (a $30 savings), and the second offers 10 minutes for $9.99 (a $20 savings). 

Plus, when you sign up for either of these free psychic reading deals, you’ll also receive another 3 minutes free.

Satisfaction Guarantee

During its online history, Psychic Oz has tried to accommodate its customers as much as possible. 

This is reflected in their Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any negative experiences with Psychic Oz, let them know. The Customer Service department will then arrange another reading with someone different or even refund your money in full if that’s what you prefer.

>>Get psychic readings under $1/min

Reader Transparency 

A psychic reading is an intimate experience, so it’s essential to know who you’re having a reading with.

Psychic Oz features fully transparent reader profiles that present everything you need. From the subjects, abilities, and tools a reader specializes in, to their qualifications and all-important customer reviews, it’s all there for you to look through. 

7. Mysticsense – Best Free Psychic Reading for LGBTQ+

First appearing online in 2020, Mysticsense is a relative newborn on the scene, but they’ve grown up quickly. 

With nearly 750 psychics, low everyday prices, and top readers, Mysticsense is a site that brings a new perspective to getting an online psychic reading free. 

In fact, they’re one of the only sites to create a dedicated category for the special psychic issues facing LGBTQ people.

Among the types of readings Mysticsense provides are Astrology, Crystal Ball Readings, Pendulum dowsing, Rune readings, Tarot consultations, and more. 

Of course, they also have plenty of psychics who don’t use tools like clairvoyants and mediums. 

Mysticesense psychics are also experts in all the subjects you want to discuss, like money, career, love, family, and other real-life issues. 

With your convenience in mind, you can also receive your free psychic reading on Mysticsense via chat, phone, or video.

>>Get 5 FREE minutes on Mysticsense

5 Minutes Free

Every new customer on Mysticsense is eligible for 5 free minutes with their first reading. 

To get this psychic reading online for free, you must first register an account and deposit a minimum of $10. 

After that, when your reading is done, 5 minutes worth of time of time will be taken off your total. 

Lowest Standard Prices

If your budget is tight, you’ll be glad to know that Mysticsense offers the lowest standard prices of any site in this review. 

In fact, most of the readers on the site only charge between $1 and $3.99 per minute

Talk about getting an online psychic reading free; the low end of Mysticsense’s standard prices is equal to the promotional discounts other sites only offer to new customers.  

Satisfaction Guarantee 

If you are dissatisfied with your psychic reading session on Mysticsense, the Satisfaction Guarantee will refund up to 10 minutes to use toward another reading. 

Just make sure that you get in touch with Customer service within 48 hours of when the reading occurred. 

Transparent Reviews 

With over 50,000 registered reviews from paying customers, Mysticsense has nothing to hide when it comes to letting you examine the credentials of their psychics. 

Each reader profile contains a personal statement by the reader about who they are, as well as descriptions of their specialties, main tool, and reading style.

Free Features 

Mysticsense has an extensive articles and media section with pieces on everything psychic and spiritual. 

If you’re esoterically minded, they have over 350 articles on everything from learning Tarot to Spell Ethics and the Magic of Food. 

There are also free horoscopes to keep up with our free psychic reading theme, and all you need to do to get one is register your email.

>>Get 5 FREE minutes on Mysticsense

How We Picked the Best Free Online Psychic Reading Websites

Why are certain free psychic reading sites better than others? Several things set them apart. When we were comparing different free psychic reading services on the web, we considered the following;

How Much Experience Does The Site Have?

Because psychic readings can be very subjective, we checked to ensure the sites we picked have been running for a long time.

That’s because the length of time a psychic reading site has been getting excellent ratings from users is the surest sign that it can be trusted. Kasamba has an impressive 20 years of experience in the industry, and if that’s not enough, Psychic Source has 30.

What Are The Site’s Specialties?

We all have unique concerns. Therefore, with this in mind, we included online psychic readings with various reading types. In other words, do they provide various free online psychic readings, including those focused on love, job, general life, horoscopes, and more?

Does The Site Offer Discounts?

We were also on the lookout for a bargain. To reduce the cost of online psychic readings, we found it crucial to search for promotional offers, such as free or reduced minutes for new clients.

At Kasamba, for example, you may get 3 minutes in addition to 50% off the first paid reading.

What Reading Formats Are Available?

The four most common types of online psychic readings are;

  • Phone readings
  • Chat readings
  • Email readings
  • Video psychic readings 

Of the sites we chose, only a tiny fraction provide video readings; the vast majority stick to the more traditional phone psychics, online chat and email alternatives.

Feel free to choose whatever format is most natural for you. If you want the reading to seem more personal, like you’re sitting across from the psychic in person, go for a site that has a video option like Psychic Source.

Is There a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee?

Since no one is perfect, even psychics might make blunders on occasion. 

That’s why we only chose psychic reading online platforms with a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the reading you get.

Although most psychic services won’t provide a direct refund if you’re dissatisfied with your reading, many give you credit to spend with another reader.

Are There Customer Reviews and Screening Process Details?

Choosing an online psychic reading website with a comprehensive screening procedure and user feedback is the best way to ensure you obtain genuine, talented psychics in an industry plagued by phony psychics.

After all, what could be better than reading testimonials from satisfied clients to determine whether or not a particular psychic specialist is the “real deal?”

>>Get FREE minutes +50% OFF on Kasamba

Which is Better- Online Psychics or Local Psychics?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both online and local psychics. But if a free reading is what you’re after, online is your best bet. Here’s why!

Convenience and Reviews

In the past, finding a psychic included traveling to an unfamiliar location, as there was no way to know whether they were any good beyond the few recommendations you may have heard.

The popularity of online psychics has increased in recent years since it is easy to know whether or not they deliver reliable online psychic readings through customer reviews. Sites like Keen and Kasamba have thousands of verified reviews. 

Availability and Comfort

What’s more, you may contact online psychic readers whenever you choose and never have to leave your home.

Because you can conduct an online session from the safety of your home and avoid submitting possibly incorrect information because you’re feeling uneasy or afraid, some individuals claim it is more effective than doing an in-person session.

Discounts and Offers

Furthermore, genuine online psychic readings are readily available for a reasonable price, and some even offer first-time consumers discounts such as 50% OFF and free minutes. Most local psychics won’t give you free minutes.

>>Get FREE minutes +50% OFF on Kasamba

Is Email, Chat, Video, or Phone Better for a Free Reading?

There are different ways to communicate with a psychic during a psychic reading. The best choice comes down to what you’re hoping to gain and what deals are available. Here’s where you can find deals for each communication method. 

  • Video Readings at Oranum: In a video reading, you and the psychic may have the most intimate connection possible, making it seem like you’re talking to each other in person. For this reason, a reliable Internet connection is essential.
  • Phone Readings at Kasamba, Keen, Psychic Source: Phone chat psychic readings are the next best thing if you can’t go online. You will have a live conversation with your psychic reader, but you won’t be able to see them. Also, you won’t have to reveal your identity by showing your face.
  • Chat Reading at Kasamba, Keen: In the same way as video and phone psychic readings do, chat readings still provide the convenience of “immediate” answers, but you maintain your total anonymity. The psychic reader won’t see your face or hear your voice.
  • Email Readings at AskNow: While email readings take more time than phone readings, they are ideal if you want to ask specific queries. Email readings could be the best option if you’re attempting to describe a topic in great depth.

What Tools Do Free Psychics Use?

Free psychics use the following tools.

  • Crystal orbs: Commonly known as crystal balls, they provide a window into another reality.
  • Tarot readings: In the latter half of the 14th century, a magical deck of tarot cards with several occult interpretations was created.
  • Numerology: Psychics use numbers or certain number patterns to make psychic predictions about your life.
  • Astrology: This refers to your birth chart. A record of the relative locations of the stars and planets at the time of your birth might reveal important information about your personality and path in life.
  • Pendulum: A specific crystal or stone hung on a cord that’s commonly used during scrying.
  • Runes: Commonly utilized in readings of the future, these symbols are derived from runic alphabets.

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How To Best Prepare for Your Psychic Reading

You should relax and focus before starting the session to get the most out of your online psychic reading. The good news is that your psychic will do their best to put your mind at rest as quickly as possible, regardless of how anxious you may feel.

Remember that a psychic reader can only perform their work well if the client is receptive and open to the experience. These guidelines will help you get the most out of your psychic reading online;

Acknowledge Your Feelings

The first step is to acknowledge your emotions. If you feel nervous, remember that it’s absolutely normal. Most people are worried and very nervous during their first psychic session because they’re not sure what the psychic will reveal.

Keep an Open Mind

Go in with an open mind and dismiss any preconceived notions you have about psychics. Having a pessimistic outlook before beginning increases the likelihood that things won’t go as planned.

Prepare Your Questions in Advance

When engaging in a psychic reading online, it’s best to relax and think of some questions ahead of time. Online psychic readings are charged by the minute. Therefore, you should think of questions to ask in advance to make the most of the time. 

And instead of merely asking a yes-or-no question to ease your immediate pain, think of the best open-ended question that will give you the most details.

Create the Proper Environment

When doing an online psychic reading, it is essential to do it in an uncluttered, peaceful setting that allows you to focus. 

If you’re able to relax before your reading, the psychic will be better able to tune in to your situation and give you the advice you’re looking for.

Record the Reading

You should write down your psychic’s predictions so you can think about them later. However, taking notes might be helpful for some, but it can also cause you to miss out on the more nuanced points being presented in real time. 

Therefore, we advice you to record your spiritual readings so that you have a completely accurate record to reflect upon.

Listen, Listen, Listen

As my late father used to say, “if you’re talking, you can’t be listening.”

Once you have asked your question, let the psychic reader do the rest of the talking. If you knew the answer, you wouldn’t need to consult someone else for spiritual readings and insight.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Free Psychic Reading Online

In this section, we answer some commonly asked questions about free psychic reading online services to help you make an informed decision. 

What is Psychic Reading?

In its most basic definition, a psychic reading is an appointment with a highly skilled psychic who can pick up on your energy and utilize it to offer insight into your past, present, and future.

Most individuals find spiritual readings illuminating and claim they give them the extra “push” they need to go back on track and resume their lives in happiness.

Can You Get Genuine Advice From Free Psychics?

Yes, you can get genuine advice from free psychics.

However, many people providing free psychic readings on websites like Facebook are either untrained or not really psychic. In such scenarios, you would be getting what you paid for.

To get an accurate reading, seek the best psychic reading services from reputable psychic reading platforms like Kasamba or Keen.

Why Do Psychic Sites Offer Free Readings?

Psychic sites offer free readings because it’s mutually beneficial for customers and psychic readers.

A free online psychic reading is a great way to try a psychic service before committing to a paid membership.

Your psychic needs you to feel entirely at ease with them before proceeding. This is because a trusting, harmonious connection between the reader and the subject is essential for accurate psychic interpretation. It is also a trait shared by the most gifted psychic readers worldwide.

What Can I Ask During a Free Psychic Reading

You can ask any question during your free psychic reading online. 

The best way to decide which issues and subjects to investigate first is to write them all down. Which of these things do you really care about right now?

Prioritize the most critical questions since genuine free online psychic readings usually don’t last more than 10 minutes.

Here are some suggestions of thought-provoking questions to ask online psychics:

  • Will I meet my true love?
  • Will I become wealthy?
  • Will I soon start a new job?
  • Is my marriage worth preserving?
  • How is the spirit world treating my departed family member?

Are Free Psychics Just as Good as Paid Psychics? 

Yes, free psychics are just as good as paid psychics.

In most cases, the best online psychics are the ones who provide their psychic services at no charge to give readers a feel of their services.

The point isn’t to give you a watered-down version of a paid reading. The psychics aim to answer your questions as accurately as they would in a paid session to help you decide if you’d like to continue with the session.

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How To Avoid Fake Psychics?

Here are some tips on how to spot fake psychics:

  1. They invoke fear. For instance, if you inquire about a recent breakup, they can respond that it occurred because someone cursed you.
  2. They’ll play on your worries about your financial situation by telling you that you’ll win the lottery and then demanding more money from you in exchange for the winning numbers.
  3. They’ll request personal details like your phone number so that they can contact you offline.

End the conversation and notify the site about the reader if any of these things occur.

When Is the Best Time to Get a Psychic Reading?

The best time to get a psychic reading is when it instinctively “feels right.”

A psychic session involves an investigation of your mind, heart, and soul. Therefore, you should be in a state of mind where you are willing to consider new ideas and be open to feedback that may be uncomfortable but ultimately beneficial to your development.

It’s also fascinating that many astrologers encounter clients who want readings when specific planetary tensions are present in their chart. This may indicate that the “feeling” you need to be read is really your own psychic “spidey sense” coming on.

How To Use Apps for Free Psychic Readings Online? 

Free psychic reading apps are pretty easy to use. Typically, all you need to do is download the app on your mobile device and follow the on-screen prompts.

It’s best to choose the psychic reader you want to speak with before settling on the specifics of your conversation. Following that, you can converse with them and ask them whatever questions you like throughout the psychic reading.

But keep in mind that you’ll have to end the reading after the allowed time is up. If not, you will be charged for any additional minutes you use the psychic services on the app.

Do I Need to Use a Credit Card to Get a Free Psychic Reading? 

Yes, most psychic platforms require you to provide your credit card information to get a free psychic reading.

However, this depends on the site’s terms and conditions, which must be carefully examined.

Are Free Psychic Readings Real? The Bottom Line

If you made it to this point, thank you.

Now that you know it’s possible to obtain accurate free psychic readings online, we believe you no longer think it’s a fantasy or a prank carried out by unethical psychic readers.

The next step is to go to these psychic sites providing free psychic reading sessions to learn more about the service that appeals to you.

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