Best Payday Loans, Top Lenders for Fast, Emergency Cash in 2022

We’ve been there too; hard-pressed by an abrupt financial emergency and not knowing what reputable online payday loan lender to approach for a quick loan.

Only, you don’t have to go through that. 

To ensure you access legitimate payday lenders from the word go, we curated this list of the best payday loans that showed the ability to provide you with fast reliable loans on reasonable terms.

Ranked on factors like reputation, security, client reviews, transfer speeds, and more, here are the top online payday loan platforms that could help you take the edge off abrupt financial constraints.

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Best Payday Loans Online

How We Picked the Best Payday Loans Online

Most people just look at reputation when selecting a payday loan lender, and although reputation is a great lead, here are other additional criteria we used to determine the best payday loans online for you;


It’s almost natural to first check a payday loan company’s reputation to know if they are legitimate or not. 

To estimate how good these sites were, we browsed through many financial websites looking for the general opinion about these online lenders, while pointing out those that had tons of positive reviews.

Additionally, we also looked through review platforms and online forums to see what previous clients had to say, only shortlisting online payday online lenders that were highly thought of by previous customers.


Since creditors usually take a good deal of your personal and financial information when you apply for a loan, they also need to demonstrate commitment to keeping that information safe from potential breaches.

All the payday creditors we’ve listed here have great security encryption systems, measures, and policies in place to protect your information from possible identity theft.

Transfer Speeds

Many if not most people opt for online payday loans because of emergencies, and by virtue of the financial urgency, they typically need a company that processes their loans fast.

To grant you a quick loan, we only featured payday lenders that guaranteed fast processing of your loan request and delivered the loan often on the same or the next day.

Interest Rates

Generally, payday loans are high-interest loans. However, some creditors may take advantage of your vulnerability by setting a very high-interest rate that would in turn become too hefty for a borrower like you.

These best payday lenders are also a result of choosing sites that offered some of the lowest interest rates in the payday lending market. 

Even more, these sites charge no processing fees, so your payments will only be directed towards your loan and accrued interest.

1. MoneyMutual – Best Payday Loans Overall



  • Solely a link to lenders

MoneyMutual combines most – if not all – the markers of a top-tier payday loan site; speed, convenience, user-friendliness, and credibility, just to touch on a few.

The site has been around since 2010 and bills itself as an online lending marketplace, bringing together over 60 payday lenders, thus saving you time sending applications to different lenders.

To add on, MoneyMutual doesn’t just blindly send you to creditors, they also have wide informative resources where you could learn more about payday loans, bad credit loans, and more, especially if you’re still green on the subject.

Application Process: 5/5

Getting started on MoneyMutual is quite simple.

To start off, you’ll need to specify your desired amount from the loan amount slider, after which you’ll go through an easy 3-step process to put your application in.

The steps are;

  • Providing your Information: You put down your personal and financial information
  • Lender Review: An instant review process begins, and you’ll be able to get an online lender decision in just a few minutes
  • Get Your Money: A lender will send you an offer on call, email, text message, or text message, and once you accept it you’ll receive the funds within a day

Above all is that the application takes approximately 5 minutes. Moreover, the site is certified as secure by TrustSite, so you’re sure your information is safe from fraudsters.

Transfer Speeds: 5/5

When a lender on MoneyMutual approves your loan request, they will send an offer and the faster you accept it, the faster the funds are delivered to you. 

In general, you’ll be able to get the money in 24 hours or less, which is significantly faster than what many payday lender websites boast.

Loan Terms: 4.5/5

Granting payday loans between $200 – $5,000, MoneyMutual stands as a well-suited option if you’re looking for a short-term loan.

Still, the platform only connects you to lenders, so any loan term agreement between you and the creditor is beyond their control. 

Customer Experience: 4.8/5

Since its launch, MoneyMutual has attracted more than 2 million customers, an impressive feat on its own. And after surveying online user reviews, many clients seem to be satisfied and impressed by the website.

On click up, clients are welcomed by MoneyMutual’s modern yet subtle site interface, needless to say, basically anyone would be able to use the site comfortably. 

In fact, the platform’s friendly user interface is one of the most popular reasons why people seem to love this site, and of course, the fast fund turnovers.

Receive Money in 24hrs Or Less

2. SoFi – Best Personal Loan Service


  • Gives installment loans
  • Offers bigger personal loans
  • Low-interest rates
  • Has unemployment protection


  • Keen interest in credit score

If you need a large loan fast and desire more flexible repayment terms – then SoFi might be the right payday loan provider for you.

Well, although not really a payday loan service, this online personal finance company offers low personal loans.

Personal loans are similar to payday loans, only with lower interest rates, and a longer repayment period.

Application Process: 4.8/5

Like with MoneyMutual, the personal loan application process on SoFi also follows three processes, namely;

  • Pre-Qualify: Find out what interest rate you qualify for with SoFi’s loan calculator
  • Complete your application: Fill out the required details with the help of a consultant
  • Receive your funds: Get your funds wired once you get the green light and sign the loan contract

Transfer Speeds: 4.8/5

SoFi appears to understand the urgency of loans. With this, depending on how much you’re applying for, you’ll usually get a decision within minutes.

Best of all, once you’re approved, the website promises same-day funding, and considering this is a big loan – the transfer speed is very fast, maybe the fastest.

Loan Terms: 4.7/5

You can take between the minimum of $5000 to $100,000 on SoFi. 

Being a personal loan service, the site has low fixed interest rates that range from 5.74% to 21.78% APR, and these interest rates are also way lower compared to the $15 to $20 that most payday creditors charge for every $100.

Still, you should know that SoFi deeply looks at your credit score and credit history, which determines whether you’ll receive the loan and whether you get a higher or lower rate.

Again, the loan is to be paid in 2-7 years in monthly installments. Moreover, we find SoFi considerate as they can also grant you unemployment protection to adjust your terms if you lose your job before clearing the loan. 

Customer Experience: 4.7/5

As one of the best aspects of the loan provider, you get a good taste of convenience from the application process where a consultant will guide you every step of the way.

Additionally, it’s nice that the service adds a mobile app to complement their website, and this is particularly helpful in keeping up with your loan repayments.

It doesn’t end there.

SoFi also has an efficient US-based customer care team on standby ready to work out any queries you might have.

Click For Same-Day Funding

3. CashUSA – Most Transparent Payday Loan Company


  • Longer repayment period
  • Can see potential lenders
  • Direct with their interest rates
  • Loan approval decision in minutes


  • Might consider your credit score

Perhaps the biggest network of payday loan lenders, CashUSA strives to give you a pleasant and secure payday loan experience with their one-stop loan shop and service honesty.

Touching on honesty, we like that the service is direct with their rates and available lenders. 

The interest rates range between 5.99% – 35.99% APR, and when putting in an application you’re shown available lenders which means you could choose the most tailored option for yourself.

Moreover, the site does more than just connect you to lenders – with their extensive education center, you can get quality financial advice to help you make well-informed loan choices.

Application Process: 4.7/5

Because CashUSA appears to be big on speed, the application here only takes a couple of minutes. 

On top of that, a loan decision is also given to you within minutes; granted or denied – the fast-paced process will surely save you some valuable time.

The application process follows;

  • Filling a secure online form: Like the standard, you will fill in some basic personal and financial details
  • Reviewing offers: After a lender deems you worthy they’ll send you an offer to accept or reject
  • Provide additional information: In the case that you accept an offer, you’ll need to add more information to finalize the loan 
  • Receive funds: On approval of your information, a creditor will wire the money to your bank account

Transfer Speeds: 4.6/5

Once everything is cleared during the application process, your lender will wire the money directly to you the next day.

And, the fact that they send the money directly to your bank account means you can access it immediately.

Loan Terms: 4.7/5

First, to secure a payday loan online, CashUSA will need you to meet a few requirements, which are;

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a US citizen or a permanent US resident
  • Be employed for at least 90 days with a steady monthly income of at least $1000 after taxes
  • Have a checking account in your name

On specifics, the payday loans sit between $500 – $10,000, and the service is flexible enough to not limit you on what the loan can be used for.

Again, the platform gives you ample time to repay what you owe by spreading the repayment period over 90 days to 72 months.

Customer Experience: 4.6/5

CashUSA’s intuitive website allows for smooth site navigation. Better yet, the site is secure, touting industry-standard encryption to protect your information.

Clients also seem to be impressed with the service, most commonly because it lets them choose the best lenders for their specific financial situation.

Quick Loan Approvals

4. BadCreditLoans – Best Payday Loans Lenders for Bad Credit Score


  • No credit score obligation
  • Receive funds in 24 hours
  • Simple application
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Bad credit borrowers might get lower amounts

Getting credit with no credit record or a low credit score can be painful, but BadCreditLoans gives you a fighting chance by leading you to payday loans that would consider you no matter your credit score.

Despite not being a direct payday lender, BadCreditLoans partners with tons of lenders and also doubles up as a financial educator to help you nurture healthy financial habits. 

Better still, even if you don’t get a lender, the site can send your contact to other third-party networks that might assist you to land a creditor.

Application Process: 4.6/5

You can complete a loan application here in just a few minutes in three basic steps;

  • Complete online form: You state the relevant details about your loan inquiry
  • Compare options: Once you get loan offers you can then proceed to compare interest rates and loan terms to pick the best one for yourself, while also adding your personal information to their specific form
  • Review other non-loan offers: Sometimes, lenders might not offer you a loan but suggest other services around credit repair, credit monitoring, and debt relief

We must mention that although BadCreditLoans lends money to bad credit borrowers or credit history, there’s a chance that the loan amount you could receive might be relatively lower. 

Transfer Speeds: 4.5/5

If you succeed with your loan application, your payday loan provider will send a direct deposit to your checking account in one business day. And, you will need to have your own bank account to receive the money.

Loan Terms: 4.5/5

BadCreditLoans is a little like CashUSA as far as loan terms are concerned. The major similarity is that they both offer payday loans worth $500 to $10,000 and that the payday loan interest rates stand between 5.99% – 35.99% APR. 

Even so, the BadCreditLoans warns that not all lenders use these interest rates, so you’re advised to carefully check the specific loan terms of individual creditors.

To cap off, the loans here are paid over a minimum period of 90 days, and a maximum of 6 years, so you can go with the right option for yourself.

Customer Experience: 4.3/5

BadCreditLoans’ website has all the necessary instructions to give you a seamless user experience, with 24/7 customer service if you need help on anything around the service.

Furthermore, from the user reviews we viewed, customers appear to be happy with the reliable lenders on the website, as well as the site’s effort to also educate them on credit, budgeting, and other areas around financial literacy.

No Credit Score Obligation

5. ZippyLoan – Huge Payday Loan Lender Community


  • Accepts all credit types
  • Both short term and installment loans
  • Next day direct fund deposit
  • Improve credit score on repayment


  • Higher interest rates
  • Not accessible in a few states

A payday loan or a personal loan? ZippyLoan and their expansive hub of lenders have it all. 

So, whether you want a small loan to fix that urgent bill or a larger loan for business, you can apply for one at ZippyLoan.

In addition, the online company provides loans for all credit types – which means that your chances of getting approved are relatively pretty high.

Application Process: 4.5/5

Putting through an application takes as little as five minutes, and you’re also sure to get a loan response in real-time in a matter of minutes too.

The loan application is generally broken down into;

  • Request online: You give the relevant general details, e.g. loan amount, your name, contact information, employer details, social security number, and more
  • Sign for loan and Collect funds: When loan approval and offer comes through, you review the specific lender’s term, sign, and receive the funds

We need to mention that ZippyLoan is not available in a few states, namely; Washington D.C., New York, Oregon, and West Virginia, thus you might want to seek other payday loan alternatives like MoneyMutual –  if you reside in those states.

Transfer Speeds: 4.3/5

As long as you’ve been cleared for a loan, and you’ve put in your signature, then the funds will be sent to you the next day, which means you will be able to handle the unexpected expenses fast enough.

Only, just make sure to sign for the loan before 5 pm to have the funds sent within 24 hours.

Loan Terms: 4.2/5

The thing is ZippyLoan doesn’t really get into the specifics of the loan terms since they’re simply a bridge to lenders.

Nevertheless, the payday loans start from $100 to $15,000, and they generally state that the installment loans can be serviced up to a period of 60 months

We must also say that ZippyLoan lenders also seem to have higher interest rates than most sites above them on this list, so you might want to be keen on what you sign up for.

Customer Experience: 4.3/5

As much as the website doesn’t have a mobile app, the site is optimized for both iOS and Android, hence whatever device you’re using, you won’t have any trouble as far as navigation is concerned.

Another major positive about ZippyLoan, and maybe the biggest, is that most of their lenders report timely payments to credit agencies, in turn, building your credit score when you commit to your loan repayment terms.

High Approval Rates

6. 247DollarLoan – Top Smaller Payday Loan Company


  • 2-3 minute application
  • No credit history needed
  • 24/7 client service
  • Installment loan available


  • Outdated website
  • Installment payment can be expensive

247DollarLoan caters exclusively to people in need of speedy, lower loan amounts and cash advance loans of $1000 and below.

And yes, they judge your eligibility for a short-term loan by the information you give and not your credit history, which is good news if your credit record isn’t the best.

Application Process: 4.2/5

Of all the websites we looked at, applying for a payday loan on 247DollarLoan might prove the fastest. On average you’ll be able to finish the application within 2 or 3 minutes and wait for a decision just as quickly.

The process is summarized as;

  • Submit details: State your name, address, income, banking details, and more into their online form
  • Quick Process: Lenders look at your application and possibly put forward an offer
  • Receive funds: Take an offer and have funds sent into your valid checking or savings account and receive the funds

Transfer Speeds: 4.1/5

Usually, like with many payday loan providers, once you agree to a lender’s offer, you will receive the funds the next day. Only, sometimes, a lender might ask for additional information which might slow down the disbursement.

Loan Terms: 3.9/5

Firstly, to seek a loan on 247DollarLoan, you’ll need to;

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Be a US citizen or a permanent US resident
  • Have a valid checking or savings account
  • Earn a regular income of at least $800 a month

The interest rates on the service are between 235% to 1304% APR, but 247DollarLoan doesn’t get into the specifics of what its lenders charge in rates.

Also, the short-term loan is typically cleared on your next payday, but if you’re not in the position to, you can opt for an installment loan.

Customer Experience: 3.8/5

In agreement with their name, the site is available 24/7, with just as present customer support to handle any issues you might encounter.

For the internet savvy, the website might be a little plain, but where the platform falls short in website interface appeal, they make up for in functionality. Every function of the site is instinctively placed and summarized on one page to give you a more pleasant experience.

Quick Application Process

How To Get Started With Payday Loans

Getting started with online payday loans might seem simple, and it mostly is, but there are other important things you should know when choosing the best payday advance loans for yourself. 

Here’s how you get started;

Pick a Payday Loan Service

To start off, you want to decide on an established payday loan service, and all our reviewed options have the reputation.

Also, online payday lender companies offer different loan amounts, so you want to select one that will possibly give you the amount you need, while also considering one that will give you a loan with the type of credit you have. 

Apply for a Loan

When a payday lender shows their ability to help you out, you can go ahead and put in a loan application which usually entails giving your name, contact details, income information, and so on.

But first, you’ll have to meet certain criteria to get a payday loan online, and usually, they will require that you;

  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Are a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a steady income of $800-$1000 a month
  • Have your own checking account

Review Their Terms

After receiving an offer, one huge mistake most payday loan borrowers make is taking it without reviewing the fine prints, payment policies, and general loan terms that payday lenders give. 

After carefully reading through the fine print, pick a lender that gives bearable terms to avoid any trouble when it’s time to repay.

Take an Offer

After you look at a lender’s loan terms and determine they’re reasonable enough, you can take the offer and put your signature on it. Sometimes, payday loans online might also ask you for additional information.

Receive the Funds

Often, loan funds are directly sent into your checking account within 24 hours, or in 48 if you’re asked for additional information.

Pay Back the Loan

Online payday loans are repaid on your next payday, but some payday loan providers can let you pay back in installments, especially for bigger loans.

Best Payday Loans: FAQs

How Do Payday Loans Work?

Payday loans work by offering you fast unsecured loans and are usually serviced with your next paycheck, mostly within 2-4 weeks. 

Are Payday Loans Safe?

Yes, payday loans are largely safe. However, you should choose a legitimate payday platform first like MoneyMutual, as they often have safety measures to protect your information.

While at it, you should only take a payday loan when you have a steady income that will eventually help you service the loan to avoid getting trapped in a debt loop.

What Is the Best Payday Loan Site?

The best payday loan site is MoneyMutual. The site boasts an extensive network of lenders willing to give you short-term loans within a day. Better still, the site has served millions of customers and has thousands of glowing reviews, which implies that you can trust their loan services.

Who Gives the Highest Payday Loan?

SoFi gives the highest payday loans. The service gives borrowers loans of $5000 to $100,000 at relatively lower interest rates of 5.74% to 21.78% APR. 

Because of the large amounts, the loans are paid in monthly installments in 2 years on the lower side and in 7 years on the higher side.

What Is the Difference Between a Payday and a Personal Loan?

The main difference between a payday and a personal loan is that a payday loan is short-term and usually comes with high-interest. while a personal loan is a long-term loan paid in installments over months.

All in all, most people use these terms interchangeably to mean any loan that is taken for unexpected expenses.

Will Payday Loans Affect My Credit Score?

Payday loans might or might not impact your credit score.

In most cases, payday credit companies won’t relay your information to the major credit bureaus. Even so, there’s a chance that some might, especially with online payday loans, so you should honor your loan contract.

For one, we know that a platform like ZippyLoan reports on-time payments to the major credit agencies, further boosting your credit score.

Do I Need a Bank Account to Apply for a Payday Advance?

You might need a bank account to apply for a payday loan online because most online payday creditors will ask you to have at least a checking or savings account that they can deposit your loan to.

But, in the case of brick-and-mortar lenders, you might not need a bank account as many of them give loans in cash.

What Are the Types of Loans Out There?

There are many types of loans, and here are the most common ones today;

  • Payday Loans – For emergencies and unexpected expenses
  • Personal Loans – Fund a variety of personal needs
  • Mortgage/Home loans – Financing homeownership
  • Student Loans – Covering education costs
  • Business Loans – For business operations
  • Auto Loans – Financing cars 
  • Pawn Shop Loans – Take a small amount of cash against a personal item

What Are the Easiest Loans To Get?

The easiest loans to get are loans that are unsecured and would not require any form of credit check. 

Online payday loans are some of the most accessible loans. Pawn Shop loans are too, and even though it is a secured personal loan – they are widely easy to get.

Is CashUSA Legit?

Yeah, CashUSA is legit. 

The site is one of the biggest marketplaces for borrowers looking for fast and secure payday loans online. Besides, it’s also one of the most trusted loan services currently, attracting a plethora of great customer reviews. 

What Are the Best Online Payday Loans?

Whether you want a small amount to pay a utility bill, fix a car, send upkeep to a loved one, and such, or a larger amount to handle tuition, go for a vacation, or even maintain your business – these best payday loan sites will give you a hassle-free and speedy way to acquire that loan.

All the sites here are worth their salt, but MoneyMutual stands out for its 10+ year experience, user-friendliness, instant application review, and highly secure website.

Nonetheless, SoFi and CashUSA follow closely and are top choices if you want bigger loans. 

DISCLAIMER:  An online payday loan is a good choice if you have a steady income and just need something to handle an abrupt expense, however, if you’re in financial trouble, short-term loans might not be the best way to go.

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