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Erectin Reviews – Effective Male Enhancer Ingredients or Risky Side Effects?

How’s your sex life these days? If you’re like many guys, it may be declining with age. And if so, there’s no shame in it because it happens to even the most virile men. That’s why we’re here to discuss an all-natural polyherbal male enhancement supplement called Erectin.

We’ll answer the tough questions in this Erectin review. That way, you’ll know whether or not this product can help you to improve your sex life.

Sex should be something you look forward to every day. After all, it’s a great way to be intimate with a partner, relieve stress, and have some good old-fashioned fun.

For the most part, sex is all we think about as young men. However, for many guys, sexual health issues can arise with age. These problems tend to be massively depressing, leading some men to avoid sexual encounters altogether.

A high-quality male enhancement pill can help. In this Erectin review, we’ll give you an in-depth examination of the all-natural dietary supplement and let you know whether or not we believe this pill can upgrade your sexual health.

Erectin Review—What Is It?

Erectin is a 100% natural male enhancement supplement designed to boost male sexual health. According to the manufacturer, the active ingredients in Erectin work to amplify erection quality along with other components of sexual function.

Reported benefits of Erectin include:

  • Stronger, More Robust Erections
  • Longer Lasting Erections
  • Boosted Stamina In Bed
  • Enhanced Sex Drive
  • More Powerful Orgasms
  • Better Sex Overall

If you want to upgrade your sexual prowess by having harder erections, better stamina in the bedroom, and higher quality sex, then Erectin could be right for you.

Erectin has no reported negative side effects, which makes sense because it consists of optimally dosed natural compounds. And this formula is built by a trusted manufacturer responsible for producing several elite male enhancement supplements (more on that later).

Erectin Review—How Does It Work?

Erectin uses a blend of 10 natural compounds combined with a US-patented bioavailability enhancer to maximize the nitric oxide levels in your bloodstream. Higher nitric oxide levels are associated with better blood flow and overall circulatory health. That’s because nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more efficiently.

According to a clinical study published in The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, nitric oxide is critical to proper erectile health. Conversely low nitric oxide levels are associated with decreased erectile quality.

This is believed to be true because increased nitric oxide levels relax the blood vessels in your penis, allowing the two chambers in the penile shaft, called the corpus cavernosum, to fill with more blood when stimulated. More blood flow will likely mean larger, sturdier, and longer lasting erections for you.

And that’s not all. Several other ingredients in Erectin can aid in multiple aspects of sexual health, such as:

  • increasingly pleasurable orgasms
  • enhanced libido, and
  • boosted sexual stamina.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how Erectin works as we carry on with this Erectin review.

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Three-Part Absorption System

A unique feature of the Erectin formula is its three-part absorption system. This breakthrough absorption technology could place Erectin head and shoulders above the competition.

You see, many people don’t understand a dirty little secret—the human body is wildly inefficient at absorbing certain nutrients. Many vital compounds get burned up or expelled in the digestive process rendering them useless.

For that reason, the makers of Erectin have created a three-part absorption system to ensure the potent all-natural ingredients are delivered efficiently into your bloodstream.

Let’s examine the three-step process as we continue this Erectin review.

Enteric Coating

Each Erectin capsule is protected with a proprietary enteric coating system. This added layer of protection works like a bulletproof jacket for the active ingredients in the Erectin formula.

As soon as anything you swallow reaches your stomach, your powerful stomach acids will go to work at breaking that compound down. Erectin’s enteric coating system actively protects its nutritious all-natural compounds so that they can bypass damaging stomach acids.

The results are more vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, making it into your bloodstream and circulating to critical tissues and organs.

Liquid Gel Caps

Erectin capsules are what are known as liquid gel caps. These gel caps (inside the enteric coating system) are simple for your digestive system to absorb. They dissolve quickly and ensure that all of the nutritional value in Erectin can get where it needs to go.

Think about it like this, step 1 (the enteric coating) allows Erectin to mitigate the effects of corrosive stomach acid. Once this is complete, step 2 (liquid gel caps) enable the capsule to be easily broken down in the digestive tract.

In theory, this will significantly increase your absorption rates of the critical ingredients in Erectin.


Steps 1 and 2 are significant, but BioPerine is a massive cherry on top. Because BioPerine is a US-patented bioavailability enhancer. Bioavailability enhancers are compounds formulated to maximize how the human body can absorb other nutrients.

Generally, patented bioavailability enhancers are only found in expensive pharmaceuticals and high-end health supplements.

BioPerine is 100% plant-based and Non-GMO. It has GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status. And according to the product dossier, BioPerine can enhance the absorption rates of some nutrients by 100% or more.

The three-part absorption system developed by the research team at Erectin is impressive. This unique feature shines a hugely positive light on the overall opinion of our Erectin review. It means that you’ll likely be able to retain more nutritional value from this supplement than any other supplement on the market.

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Erectin Ingredients

As you saw, the three-step absorption system in Erectin means you’ll absorb more nutrition from the ingredients in this pill. But what exactly are you absorbing? What are the ingredients that power this supplement?

Let’s break it down.

Saw Palmetto—200mg

Traditionally Saw Palmetto has been used for medicinal purposes, especially in treating inflamed prostates and urinary tract issues.

Research indicates it could reduce inflammation in the prostate and other vital male organs. Additionally, it may aid in maintaining healthy testosterone levels in men.

A 2013 study published in Urology (a medical research journal) determined that Saw Palmetto could be a safe and viable treatment for improving erectile health.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract—200mg

Ginkgo Biloba (sometimes called Ginkgo or Maidenhair Tree) is a tree species indigenous to China, where it has a long history of medicinal use. It’s loaded with potent antioxidants and full of anti-inflammatory properties.

A clinical study first published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found that Ginkgo Biloba supplementation resulted in increased sexual health in men.

Participants using this extract showed:

  • Increased Sexual Desire
  • Better Erection Quality
  • Stronger Orgasms
  • Boosted Sexual Satisfaction

Researchers also noted that Ginkgo Biloba enhanced serotonin levels and led to better overall moods.

Chinese Hawthorn Berry—200mg

Hawthorn Berry, native to China, has long been celebrated in eastern medicinal practices.

In 2018, a clinical review in Current Medicinal Chemistry noted that current science indicates that Hawthorn Berry is a safe and effective means of supporting circulatory health and promoting the body’s own ability to fight inflammation.

Tribulus Terrestris Seed Extract—150mg

This vine is found growing wildly in the Mediterranean region of the world. Local people have revered its fruit and seeds for medicinal purposes over the centuries.

A 2019 study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology determined that Tribulus Terrestris supplementation could increase sperm production in men. This was thought to be true because the plant increased prostate health (the prostate being critical to semen volume).

Catuaba Extract—100mg

This bark extract is derived from a family of trees native to the jungles of Brazil. Jungle tribes have used it to treat sexual dysfunction for many years.

A 2018 study published by BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine showed that Catuaba Extract increased athletic performance and reduced fatigue in animals. Researchers believe this was due to its high concentration of flavonoids.

Muira Puama Extract—100mg

Muira Puama is a flowering bush indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. Like other ingredients discussed in this Erectin review, it has a long history of medicinal use. Its roots have been used to increase male libido, so much so that it’s earned the nickname “potency wood”.

In 2021 a study appearing in the International Journal of Impotence Research determined that Muira Puama extract could play a crucial role in increasing nitric oxide production, resulting in boosted penile health in men.

Damiana Leaf Extract—50mg

Damiana is a shrub that grows naturally throughout Central America and the Caribbean. Indigenous people used it for medicine and as a potent aphrodisiac.

A 2014 clinical review found that Damiana Leaf Extract has several legitimate medicinal properties and can be an effective aphrodisiac due to its biochemistry.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract—50mg

Sometimes called Asian Ginseng or Panax Ginseng, this plant grows wildly in east Asia.

It’s often used to:

  • Enhance Energy Levels
  • Diminish Stress
  • Support Sexual Function
  • Promote Circulatory Health

A 2021 analysis of clinical studies on Korean Red Ginseng determined that aggregate evidence suggests the plant is a viable natural remedy for supporting erectile health.

Cuscuta Chinensis Seed Extract—50mg

This vine has been commonly used in Chinese medicine, dating back hundreds of years. It’s chock-full of flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory properties in humans.

In 2021 a clinical study found that Cuscuta Chinensis supplementation could result in increased sperm production, leading to boosted semen volume.

Epimedium Extract—30mg

This flowering plant is sometimes called “Horny Goat Weed” because goats eat it and quickly get in the mood.

A clinical study published in Sexual Medicine reported that compounds in Epimedium promote enhanced penile function in lab animals.

There’s no doubt that Erectin has a high-quality formula. All 10 natural compounds have some clinical backing to show that they can improve male sexual health. That puts Erectin in rare air as far as male enhancement pills go. This Erectin review is increasingly leading toward a favorable outcome for this product.

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The Erectin Clinical Trial

Not only do the ingredients in Erectin have the backing of clinical research, but also Erectin itself has been put to the rigorous testing demands of a clinical trial.

The study consisted of 78 men aged 25-50, all reporting some sexual health decline. Over a period of 12 weeks, half of the participants received daily Erectin supplementation, and the other unfortunate souls got a placebo.

Afterwards, researchers compared the results between the two groups. And the results were shockingly brilliant for Erectin.

Men using Erectin showed:

Sturdier Erections

  • Longer-Lasting Erections
  • More Powerful Orgasms
  • Enhanced Post-Sex Satisfaction
  • Increased Libido

The fact that Erectin has shown positive results in a clinical trial is a humongous checkmark in favor of efficacy. And ultimately may be the deciding factor in the final opinion of this Erectin review.

Customer Reviews

Now clinical trials are great. In fact, a clinical trial is likely the best proof of concept a health supplement could have. But it’s also nice to hear directly from users. With that in mind, let’s see what some Erectin customers had to say.

Tony M. in Wichita, Kansas, said:

“I swear by this stuff. After I turned 45, my sex life went down the tubes. My wife was upset. She thought I was fooling around behind her back. My brother told me about Erectin. It 100% changed my life for the better. The wife and I are hitting the sheets all the time now, and we’re both so much happier.”

Bart W. in Boise, Idaho, said:

“Erectin works. It’s easy to use, and it gets the job done. I’d recommend this supplement to any guy. If you don’t want to take pharmaceutical drugs and prefer a natural option this is the pill for you.”

Phil P. in Trenton, New Jersey, said:

“I’m 61. Sex has been a huge part of my life forever. About 5 years ago, I just couldn’t get it up anymore and was depressed. I tried several pills and treatments, but nothing worked. Erectin was a last-ditch effort, and I’m so happy I found it. Since I started taking Erectin about 3 years ago, I’m back to my old self, having great sex again. Age is just a number. If you want great sex back in your life, try Erectin.”

Nearly everyone we spoke to had nothing but good things to say about Erectin. A few guys who inconsistently used the pill complained about its ineffectiveness. That’s what happens, though, if you don’t stick with it consistently.

Boston-based surgeon Dr. Dave David recommends Erectin. Dr David is a renowned surgeon who sees loads of guys dealing with age-related sexual health issues. And he is not shy about recommending Erectin to his patients.

The recommendation of a respected medical professional says a lot about Erectin. And is another significant positive for this Erectin review.

How To Take It

Erectin is designed to be a daily supplement. To get the best results, you should ingest it daily, preferably before a meal early in the day.

The manufacturer recommends beginning with 2 pills daily. Some guys can work their way up to 4 tablets daily, but starting with a higher dose is not recommended. Start with 2, see what happens and go from there.

When Will It Begin To Work?

Many Erectin users report noticeable results in just 2 weeks of daily use. However, these results may vary based on a multitude of factors.

It’s worth noting that Erectin offers cumulative results. So, the longer you take it, the greater the benefits.

And please remain consistent with usage.

Are There Any Negative Side-Effects?

Erectin has no reported negative side effects.

The ingredients are 100% natural and optimally dosed based on clinical research.

Does It Require A Prescription?

Erectin doesn’t require a prescription. There is no need to see a doctor.

Erectin Review—Money-Back Guarantee

Erectin comes with a highly-competitive money-back guarantee.

Right now, you can get Erectin with a 67-day money-back guarantee.

If you don’t get the results you’re looking for, simply return any used or partially used packaging and get a refund of the purchase price, no questions asked (shipping and handling not included).

You essentially get 2 months risk-free to try Erectin. That should be plenty of time to learn whether or not Erectin can help you.

Erectin Review—Where To Buy

Erectin is manufactured and distributed by Leading Edge Health. They’re a trusted source for several high-end health supplements.

All Leading Edge Health Products:

  • Have A Money-Back Guarantee
  • Are Manufactured in cGMP-Certified Facilities
  • Contain All-Natural Ingredients

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Erectin Review—Is It Right For You?

It’s time we wrap up this Erectin review.

So, is Erectin right for you?

Suppose you’re a guy who’s dealing with declining sexual health. You’re experiencing weakened erections, diminished sex drive, tiny, unsatisfying orgasms or lack of sexual pleasure. This all-natural male enhancement pill could improve your quality of life if that’s the case.

Life is far too short not to enjoy sex. You deserve to have mind-blowing sex. You deserve happiness.

Based on our in-depth research putting this Erectin review together, we think this impressive formula could help you to do that. Head over to the manufacturer’s webpage to learn more.


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