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Best Tarot Reading Online – Legit Sites for Expert Tarot Card Readers in 2023

1.   Purple Garden – Best Tarot Reading Service Overall


  • More than 1,000 psychics
  • A wide variety of readings
  • Highly vetted tarot readers
  • Transparent customer reviews
  • Get $10 OFF your first purchase
  • Transcripts for text and voice readings  


  • Different prices for video, phone, and chat readings  

Purple Garden should be your destination if you’re looking for the most accurate Tarot reading experts. 

With hundreds of Tarot card reading experts available 24/7, the readers at Purple Garden can address almost any life problem you may be struggling with.  

Purple Garden Features 

  • Communication channels – Live Chat, Voice Call, Video Call
  • Specialties – Love, Life Questions, Career 

Finding the right psychic for your Tarot reading is quick and efficient on Purple Garden. 

The easy-to-use search filter lets you pick your ideal Tarot Card reading expert based on the form of communication you prefer, the number of reviews, and the price point. 

After that, you can browse the many informative reader profiles that explain who each reader is and the style of reading they employ. 

Another essential feature within each profile is the all-important customer reviews. Even though each Purple Garden Tarot reading expert is highly vetted beforehand, these reviews let you see how the customers actually felt about their readers in action. 

How To Get Started 

First, you need to create an account with an email and password, or you can use your Facebook or Google account. 

Accepted forms of payment are Credit cards, Debit cards, or PayPal, and you must deposit at least $15 before scheduling a Tarot reading. 

Purple Garden’s standard prices range from $0.99 to $17.99 per minute, but new customer deals exist. 

For example, the free $10-dollar matching credit. That means with the first $10 you spend, you’ll get another $10 worth of time free. 

Another great option involves promotional codes that are regularly updated and award as much as 15% off.

Bottom Line – Why Purple Garden? 

With over 1,000 advisors and the most accurate online Tarot card reading services according to their customers, the cards are always in your favor at Purple Garden. 

Add to that a free matching credit, frequent promo deals, and everyday low prices starting at $0.99 per minute, and our Magic 8-ball says, “Go to Purple Garden.”

>>Get $10 OFF at Purple Garden

2. Keen – Best Tarot Reading on Any Subject 



  • Limited money-back guarantee

Since its launch in 1999, Keen has been recognized as a forerunner among online tarot reading sites. Most remarkably, Keen has assisted individuals in over 35 million readings.

As additional evidence of their credibility, they have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, and Yahoo for their professional psychic reading services.

Keen Psychics Features

  • Communication channels: Phone Call, Chat, Video
  • Specialties: Relationships, spirituality, money, and love

Keen puts a lot of resources into finding and hiring only the best-qualified psychics. Almost every one of the psychics we researched has performed thousands of readings

A select few even have tens of thousands.

In the same way that Psychic Source (more below) may pair you with a psychic depending on your mood, issues, and preferred psychic tone, so can Keen.

For those who prefer to do it alone, you may narrow your search for tarot card readers by pricing right from the get-go.

How To Get Started

Your first 3 minutes of an online tarot reading are on the house. 

If you like the tarot card reading, you could extend the session at a significant discount for an additional 10 minutes for just $1.99

This is equivalent to saving between 96% and 98%, although the exact percentage will vary depending on whose tarot reader you consult.

If you don’t like your tarot card reading, you may get your money back via the tarot reading site (only once a month). 

While it’s a little frustrating that you can only receive one satisfaction reimbursement per month, we recognize that some customers may try to game the system.

Bottom Line – Why Keen Psychics?

Keen is a user-friendly and affordable website for getting any psychic reading from a psychic reader.

This online tarot reading site has the finest initial deal we’ve encountered, including a money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the service.

>> Get 10 mins for $1.99 on Keen

3. Kasamba – Best Tarot Card Reading for Love Questions 



  • No psychic matching tool

With around 23 years of expertise in the psychic sector, Kasamba is a seasoned veteran of the field.

Even more impressive is that over 3 million individuals have placed their confidence in the website as a source of direction. You can tell that they put a lot of effort into providing accurate readings because of how popular they are.

Kasamba Features

  • Communication channels: Online Chat, Phone
  • Specialties: love and intimacy, relationships, careers and finances, fortune telling, past lives, and religion.

Kasamba is famous for its diverse tarot reading specialties. You can find answers to questions about love, work, spirituality, and more on the tarot reading site.

However, Kasamba’s love tarot readings have garnered the most notoriety over the years. 

How To Get Started

Kasamba gives you a free tarot card reading (3 free minutes) to try a psychic the first time you visit. That is to say; you can experiment with different tarot readers until you find one with whom you feel a deep connection.

As a new client, your initial paid tarot card reading will be discounted by 50%. That’s equivalent to a savings of $50 on a psychic consultation.

However, Kasamba doesn’t have a psychic compatibility tool. Nevertheless, they provide helpful search criteria that might help you zero in on exactly what you’re looking for in minutes.

And while we’re on the subject of psychic options, you may read brief biographies of their psychic advisors, including their areas of specialization, client feedback, and availability.

Lastly, the online tarot reading site provides free introductory materials and guidance to tarot readings. It’s a great approach to get the most out of your initial session.

Bottom Line – Why Kasamba?

Known for its high quality and caring tarot card readers, Kasamba is a top choice among tarot card reading websites.

These experienced tarot card readers shall treat you with care and competence if you have issues with your romantic relationships.

As a new user, you’ll also be eligible for a discount of 50% and free tarot readings (3 free minutes).

Not to mention, if you’re not at home, you can download the app for either iOS or Android and explore psychics or even obtain spiritual readings while on the go.

>> Get 50% OFF at Kasamba

4. Psychic Source – Best Tarot Card Reading at Affordable Prices



  • Not all tarot readers are available for video sessions

Psychic Source has existed for 30 years, making it the longest-running psychic network and the most qualified site for tarot card readings.

They also do extensive testing to ensure that their psychics are genuine and can provide accurate readings.

Psychic Source Features

  • Communication channels: Online Chat, Phone, Video
  • Specialties: Life Path and Career, Love and Family, Spiritual Guidance, Energy, Health and Wellness, and Dream Interpretation.

Psychic Source has hundreds of psychics, well over 200 specializing in tarot reading. We previously mentioned that Kasamba does not provide any kind of matching functionality.

Thankfully, Psychic Source does. The “Find a Psychic” tool considers your criteria and provides a list of psychics that are a good match for you.

What’s more, the tarot readers here have also completed formal education. 

In addition to spiritual guidance, many readers also provide practical advice on matters of the heart, such as love, family, and money.

Not all tarot readers on this website are available for video readings, but Psychic Source more than makes up for this with their affordable prices.

How To Get Started

The tarot reading site offers some of the lowest prices for tarot card readings, starting at as low as $1/min. You may save as much as $270 on a 30-minute tarot reading by taking advantage of this special introductory rate.

Given that psychics are human, there’s a chance your tarot reading won’t be as insightful as you’d hoped. It’s comforting to know that Psychic Source’s services come with a money-back guarantee

If the tarot card reading is unsatisfactory, you get your money back.

Bottom Line – Why Psychic Source?

Psychic Source has been around for 30 years, making it the longest-running psychic network and the most qualified website for all types of spiritual readings. 

Over 200 skilled and vetted tarot readers are available for a low starting charge of just $1 per minute.

We also love that the website offers tarot and psychic readings via video. These provide a more interactive element to the platform. 

Video readings are the way to go if you prefer a modern alternative to the classic in-person session.

And if you have any questions or are unhappy with your tarot reading, you may contact customer care anytime.

>> Get CHEAP $1/min readings at Psychic Source

5. AskNow – Most Strictly Screened Tarot Card Readers


  • Excellent psychic materials for beginners
  • Packages for $1 per minute
  • Free tarot reading (5 free minutes with a paid package)
  • Ask 1 FREE question
  • Bilingual readers available
  • Round-the-clock support


  • Limited satisfaction guarantee

Although AskNow doesn’t have as much experience as the aforementioned sites, it’s among the most reliable online tarot reading sites because of its top-notch psychic network.

AskNow Features

  • Communication channels: Phone, Chat, Email
  • Specialties: Religion, spirituality, love, careers, and relationships

Each AskNow reader, just like our other top selections, has been subjected to a stringent screening process that evaluates them based on their level of expertise, accuracy, and compassion. 

That means you’ll get guidance from psychics who’ve invested time and effort to become knowledgeable in the area.

Tarot card readers are the majority of the site’s psychics, with some tarot readers having been in the business for as long as 30 years. 

If your situation is too complex or sensitive to be handled by a “newer” psychic, you may want to consider spending a little extra on a session with an experienced psychic.

AskNow also attracts many bilingual readers (English and Spanish), making the tarot reading site more useful to a broader audience.

How To Get Started

Like Psychic Source, Asknow offers inexpensive packages of up to 30 minutes for $1 per minute, a reduction of 93% off the typical $13.99 per minute charged by AskNow’s finest tarot readers.

Bonus minutes are added to your first tarot reading on the website, bringing the total to 10 minutes.

There is also a 100% money-back guarantee on the site. However, you’ll only get up to 10 minutes of credit. Therefore, it’s probably best to call it quits if things aren’t looking up by the 10-minute mark.

AskNow, fortunately, provides a wealth of information for free. You can make the most of your sessions with the aid of entertaining video instructions.

Bottom Line – Why AskNow?

AskNow is a reliable psychic chat service with over 17 years of expertise and affordable $1/min rates for newbies.

If you need a tarot reading at an unusual hour, you can receive one on their site anytime, and the psychics who work there have good ratings.

>> Ask a FREE question at AskNow 

6. Oranum – Best Tarot Reading Sessions via Video



  • Confusing payment system

Oranum has established itself as a popular online tarot card reading site, serving millions of users from all over the globe.

Oranum Features

  • Communication Channels: Video, Online Chat, and Audio Call (video off)
  • Specialties: Love, Pets, Careers, Families, Dreams, Numerology Analysis, and Predictions.

Oranum psychics come from all corners of the globe. You’ll discover tarot specialists from the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Because of this variety, you’ll get some fresh perspectives.

In addition, if you discover the perfect tarot reader, they may be saved as a favorite so you can contact them again.

How To Get Started

Oranum is also distinct in that it uses a credit-based payment system, which might be unfamiliar to some users.

Nonetheless, we believe paying for online tarot readings using a credit card is the best way to keep tabs on your total spending. 

Start with 10,000 FREE coins valid for one free psychic reading online or more on the website.

Bottom Line – Why Oranum?

Oranum stands out from the crowd because of its unique approach, and that’s exactly why we like this particular online tarot reading site.

The service differentiates itself by, among other things, providing access to free live video feeds.

Viewing a reader’s live stream is a free and easy way to get a feel for their technique. This makes locating a skilled tarot reader much less time-consuming and inexpensive.

>> Get 10,000 FREE coins on Oranum >>

7. California Psychics – Most Rigorously Screened Tarot Reading Experts 


  • Nearly 30 years of experience.
  • Highly screened and tested Tarot psychics
  • Intro packages begin at $1 per minute.
  • A broad array of reading subjects
  • Tarot reading experts for every budget


  • No video option

Since 1995, California Psychics has been going strong with excellent online Tarot card reading services and a proven stable of dependable, highly tested psychics. 

If you’re looking for a Tarot reading expert to shuffle up a glimpse of your future, consider heading west toward California Psychics.

California Psychics Features 

  • Communication channels – Phone and Chat
  • Specialties – Life Path Questions, Career, and Money, Love

With over 300 Tarot card reading experts available, California Psychics offers you a lot of options to choose from. 

To help sort things out, the simple, intuitive search filter will allow you to narrow down your Tarot reader by availability, rate, and how good their customer testimonials are. 

You can also narrow your search by combining it with the subject you want to discuss.

Nothing human is alien to California Psychics Tarot reading experts, so whatever you have cornered in life, they can provide usable insights.

How To Get Started 

Once you’ve pinpointed a Tarot reading expert that feels right to you, it’s time to set up an account and form of payment. If it turns out the Tarot card reading expert you want is busy, you can choose to get a free callback whenever they’re available. 

All new customers at California Psychics can choose from 3 different introductory deals. These include 20-minute packages costing $1, $2, or $4 per minute with affordable, popular, and premium Tarot reading experts. 

Because there are three levels of Tarot reading experts at California Psychics, you can still keep to your budget even after the honeymoon stage of that first discounted reading is over. 

Bottom Line – Why California Psychics? 

There’s just something about a classic, and with nearly 30 years of experience online, California Psychics is the definition of one. 

Add to that highly vetted Tarot Reading experts, great introductory deals for every budget, and high customer ratings, and California Psychics is our prediction. 

8. Psychic Oz – Best Introductory Offer (3 FREE mins + First Minute Free) 


  • The first minute of every tarot reading free
  • A wide variety of subjects offered
  • Intro deals for under $1 per minute
  • Satisfaction Guarantee for up to 20 minutes
  • Phone, chat, and email Tarot reading experts. 


  • Only 1 question with the email Tarot reading deal

30 years ago, Psychic Oz was one of the original pioneers of online psychic services and online tarot card reading. 

Fast forward a generation, and now their wide selection of readings and cool $1 per minute deals still show a yellow brick road leading to and from Psychic Oz.

Psychic Oz Features 

  • Communication channels – Phone, Chat, Video Call, and email readings
  • Specialties – Career, Life Path Questions, and Relationships 

Finding the perfect Tarot Card reading expert for your needs isn’t easy, but Psychic Oz tries to make it as painless as possible. 

The homepage menu lets you select from Customer Favorites, Staff Picks, and Rising Stars to quickly get to the crème de la crème without wasting time.

 You can also filter according to the subject to see what Tarot Card reading experts on the site are experienced in your particular issue.

How To Get Started 

Like most online tarot card reading sites, you must register an account before getting a reading. 

Once that’s done and you‘ve browsed for your advisor, the next thing to do is explore the deals Psychic Oz offers first-time customers. 

To begin, there are two different introductory offers to choose from. One is for 15 minutes, and the other is 10 minutes, each costing less than $1 per minute. 

Plus, when you sign up for either of these promos, Psychic Oz will also give you 3 more minutes absolutely free

As a bonus, Psychic Oz also lets you have the first minute of every reading free all the time

And if you’re ever dissatisfied, there’s a Satisfaction Guarantee covering up to 20 minutes toward another reading. 

Bottom Line – Why Psychic Oz? 

They have well-vetted tarot reading experts, several communication channels, two excellent $1 per minute deals, and you always get the first minute of a reading free.   

9. Mysticsense – Best LGBTQ+ Tarot Reading Service 


  • 5 minutes free
  • Best LGBTQ tarot reading
  • Lowest standard tarot reading prices
  • Phone, chat, and video readings
  • Over 700 psychic advisors 


  • The satisfaction guarantee is only 5 minutes  

Mysticsense has only been around since 2020, but they’ve grown up fast by all accounts. 

With over 750 psychics, low everyday prices, and top Tarot reading experts, Mysticsense offers a new perspective on what an online Tarot card reading can be. 

For example, they’re one of the only sites to create a dedicated category for the special psychic issues facing LGBTQ people. 

Mysticsense Features 

  • Communication channels – Phone, Chat, and Video readings
  • Specialties – LGBTQ issues, love, and career

If you’re new to the world of online Tarot Card reading, Mysticsense will make connecting with the right reader easy. 

The simple search filter lets you select a Tarot card reading expert based on their status, site rating, subject specialties, and reading style. That way, you’ll always be able to find a Tarot reading pro based on the subject you want to talk about. 

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ community, you’ve come to the right place for a reading. Many of the Tarot reading experts at Mysticsense are open and qualified to address your unique spiritual issues. 

How To Get Started

Every new customer on Mysticsense is eligible to get 5 free minutes with their first reading.

To claim this discount, you must first register an account and deposit a minimum of $10. 

After that, when your reading is done, 5 minutes worth of time will be taken off your total. 

While it may not seem like a lot, with Mysticsense’s standard low prices, a few minutes could double the total time of your online Tarot card reading. 

If you’re ever dissatisfied with your reading, Mysticsense also has a Satisfaction Guarantee that will cover up to 10 minutes with another psychic. 

Bottom Line – Why Mysticsense?

As the song goes, “The times they are a-changing,” and at Mysticsense, that couldn’t be truer. 

They may be a young site, but with the lowest everyday prices online, 5 minutes free, and over 700 hungry young psychics, Mysticsense is maturing impressively.

>>Get 5 FREE minutes on Mysticsense  

10. Life Reader – Most Beginner Friendly Tarot Reading Site 


  • $0.19 per minute to start
  • 4 free chat minutes
  • Large, Articles section
  • Free horoscopes
  • Some of the best-screened psychics 


  • The $0.19 per minute deal has a 10-minute maximum

If you’re a minimalist and feel that less is more, then Life Reader is the place for you to get a Tarot reading. 

Compared to the other sites, they may be small with only 75 advisors aboard, but that doesn’t mean they can’t deliver big results. 

Their Tarot card reading experts are all well screened and have been shuffling out the truth for their customers for over 14 years.  

Life Reader Features

  • Communication Channels – Phone and Chat.
  • Specialties – Mind, Body, Spirit, and Love and Relationships

A small site with affordable regular prices, Life Reader, is one of the best-kept secrets on the internet. 

Their highly screened readers offer a more personalized approach than some of the bigger sites, especially if you need to talk about anything private. 

Take it from us, if you’re hurting emotionally or spiritually, Life Reader’s discretion will likely provide the best type of Tarot reading for you.

Plus, advisor profiles show precisely how many Tarot readings an advisor has done, along with their good and bad reviews. 

There are also free daily and weekly love horoscopes if you want to keep up with what the stars are doing. 

How To Get Started

A Tarot reading at Life Reader will require you to first register an account with some basic information and a valid credit card.

After that, browsing their few advisors is not much of a chore, but if you’re in a rush, you can narrow it down by category to save time. 

All new Life Reader customers will also get their first phone psychic reading at $0.19 per minute for 10 minutes or 4 free chat minutes if you prefer to roll that way.

Bottom Line – Why Life Reader?

Life Reader is not only a small, intimate site with top Tarot reading experts, but their intro deals are also remarkable. 

Your initial savings will be substantial whether you prefer phone or chat readings. Even afterward, their everyday prices start as low as $1 per minute.

>>Get 4 FREE minutes on Life Reader

How To Choose the Best Online Tarot Reading Sites

There’s more to finding reliable, quality online tarot and psychic readings than choosing the first tarot reading website that looks legit. To make sure you find the best tarot readers and psychics, we evaluated each of the websites above against the following criteria: 

Are Tarot Card Readers Screened? 

Screening psychics before allowing them to render their psychic reading services is standard practice at the most reputable online tarot card sites. 

Platforms such as Kasamba and AskNow that provide tarot readings can find you the most talented readers because they extensively test and screen psychic readers.

During our research, we searched for online tarot card reading websites that offered tarot readings and ensured that their psychic readers passed stringent tests before being accepted.

Can You Find an Experienced Tarot Card Reader Easily?

We all want things to go as smoothly as possible when it comes to utilizing websites. It’s no different when using sites for tarot card readings online. In addition to examining the user interfaces of the sites, we made sure that the websites we selected made it simple to choose psychics.

All of the websites that made our final cut, especially Keen Psychics, contain useful criteria, such as cost, tool, technique, and approach, among others, that may assist you in narrowing down potential advisers.

We also provided links to several online tarot card reading services that provided both generic and specific psychic matching.

In the end, we evaluated the customer service offered by these websites and selected the most responsive ones.

Are Online Tarot Readings Discounted for New Customers?

Even though each of the tarot platforms we chose provides reasonably priced psychic readings online, we wanted to give you even more value for your money.

With this in mind, we selected websites that provided beginning discounts in the form of either free minutes or reduced fees, or both.

Every single online tarot reading site above offers discounted rates or makes it possible to get a free online tarot reading. For instance, you can get a 10-minute tarot reading for just $1.99 at 

Can You Get a Refund?

Not only do satisfaction guarantees provide you with value, but they also demonstrate a site’s trust in its online tarot reading services.

Every website that made it into our top 5 list provides customers with enough guarantees.

If you were unhappy with your most recent tarot card reading results, the website may adjust your cost or give you free credit for your next reading.

Are There Extra Resources?

We also looked for websites that offered free information on tarot cards and psychic readings.

You will discover free movies, articles, and tutorials on various subjects on the websites listed above, which may help you on your journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

These extra resources will be incredibly beneficial when you are on a tight budget and need to consult a tarot deck for insights into your life.

>> Get $10 OFF your first tarot reading at Purple Garden

What Is Tarot Card Reading?

A tarot card reading is a type of “cartomancy.” Cartomancy refers to using cards to gain insight into the future, present, or past during a live reading. This practice has existed for hundreds of years, and many believe tarot reading originated in Egypt and India.

Similar to how some psychic readers use crystals or runes, a deck of cards can also help focus the reader’s gifts. Simply by formulating your question in their mind and utilizing the correct spread for your situation, a tarot reader can offer insight and guidance by interpreting your cards. 

In this case, the cards used are “tarot cards.” A traditional tarot deck comprises 78 cards (22 major arcana – 56 minor arcana). The minor arcana cards help the reader interpret everyday events, while the major arcana helps interpret significant life events. 

Each suit also represents a different aspect of life:

  • Swords: Words, thoughts, actions
  • Cups: Intuition, Emotion, love
  • Wands: Passion, creativity, sexuality
  • Pentacles: Wealth, career, finance

The Benefits of Getting an Online Tarot Reading

A tarot card reading online offers several benefits, including ease of scheduling, price, time, privacy savings, and convenience. More detail on each point is provided below.

Online Readings are Convenient

Thanks to the availability of online tarot card readings, you may get in touch with a tarot card reader no matter where you are. In addition, tarot psychic reading sites aggregate many readers in one location.

Online Tarot Readers are “Safer”

By “safer,” we mean that online tarot reading services allow you to learn a lot more about a tarot card reader before you ask a specific question. 

Tarot reading sites ensure that ALL their psychic readers complete a detailed profile page, highlighting expertise, experience, credentials, no. of readings given, customer endorsements, and public reviews

You simply won’t be able to learn as much about a tarot card reader at a festival or event as you would at an online tarot reading site.

Online Tarot Reading Services are Cheaper

To begin, using an online tarot reading service will not need you to spend any money on transportation costs. Additionally, most websites that provide online tarot readings also have psychic readers available at a price appropriate for practically any budget.

Online Readings are Anonymous, Secure, and Confidential

The client must engage the reader in person in a conventional tarot reading. However, when you have a tarot reading online, you may choose the contact mode that suits you most.

Chat and telephone channels are great for privacy, and you can pay with a credit card or PayPal. 

Online Tarot Readings Are Easier to Schedule

If your schedule is tight, you may choose an online tarot reader and arrange for a psychic reading to take place the next time you have some spare time.

Online Psychic Reading Services Are Better

When we say “better,” we mean in terms of the variety and options available for readings and guidance. In our opinion, an online tarot reading site can offer far more in comparison to one of two local psychic readers.

Take Keen Psychics and Kasamba, for instance. Just from the homepage alone, you can see a wide variety of readings available. 

Looking beyond tarot readings, there are life readings, numerology, dream analysis, fortune tellers, and even palm readings and psychics specializing in relationship advice and career advice to answering specific questions about your future.

 >> Get $10 OFF your first tarot reading at Purple Garden

Beginners Guide to Tarot Reading − Types of Spreads

A tarot reader will use tarot spreads from the Minor Arcana cards or Major Arcana as the basis for their analysis of the problem you’re seeking guidance for.

You may choose from various tarot card spreads, the specifics of which are determined by the degree of direction you need. 

The most in-depth tarot readings sometimes need more intricate spreads. On the other hand, a single card spread may be all that’s required to provide immediate guidance.

Here are some of the most popular tarot card spreads and how they work;

One-Card Tarot Reading Spread

The easiest spread for novices is the one-card spread. This spread focuses on providing you with simple yes/no answers.

A standard tarot deck containing 78 cards should be shuffled and used for this spread. Focus and try to connect with your tarot cards as you shuffle them.

Let your instinct lead you, and choose one card once all of them are locked in. 

Most modern tarot decks, including the widely used Rider-Waite, include guidebooks with interpretations of the cards to help you better understand their meanings.

 3-Card Tarot Reading Spread

The three-card spread employs a similar approach to the one-card spread.

Only this time, you’ll select three tarot cards from the tarot deck instead of just one. The meaning of the first card chosen is expanded upon by the second and third cards drawn.

  • The first card will give you a straightforward answer.
  • The second card provides more context for the first.
  • Last but not least, card three will elaborate on card two.

Success Tarot Reading Spread

Take a moment to consider an obstacle you wish to overcome. As one of the most adaptable tarot spreads, the success spread may be utilized for almost any kind of tarot reading.

Here’s what the five cards representing success in a tarot deck may tell you:

  • Card 1: Depicts the tools you need to achieve your goal
  • Card 2: Analyzes the situation carefully
  • Card 3: Represents information that is not readily apparent to you.
  • Card 4: Includes the information you need to decide what to do
  • Card 5: Guides on how you make the most of your available talents to prevail.

>> Get $10 OFF your first tarot reading at Purple Garden

Love Tarot Reading Spread

The purpose of the love spread is to answer topics related to love, relationships, and romance. 

This may be the most personalized layout for you to use if you’re attempting to make a life-altering choice about your relationship.

The following six tarot cards are required for this spread:

  • Card 1: How you feel about the issue at hand
  • Card 2: How your lover feels about you
  • Card 3: The emotions and sentiments that you and your lover share
  • Card 4: Reveals the strength of your connection
  • Card 5: Discusses the problematic areas in your relationship 
  • Card 6: Indicates the potential for the relationship to flourish

Career Tarot Reading Spread

Concern about one’s professional future is something that every one of us has felt at some point. 

This seven-card tarot deck spread is specifically designed to assist with career-related decision-making.

  • Card 1: Inquires about your ideal job and profession.
  • Card 2: Suggests activities that may help advance your career.
  • Card 3: Indicates circumstances beyond your ability to influence 
  • Card 4: Represents the depth of your existing skill sets
  • Card 5: Offers suggestions for improving your abilities. 
  • Card 6: It considers how your prior choices have influenced your careers
  • Card 7: Advises on improving your mindset for professional success.

>> Get $10 OFF your first tarot reading at Purple Garden

Spiritual Tarot Reading Spread

The spiritual spread investigates several topics pertaining to spiritual and religious well-being. This spread consists of seven cards, which symbolize the following:

  • Card 1: The most crucial matters regarding your spirituality
  • Card 2: Illustrates how much you need to address your issues.
  • Card 3: Identifies the root of your difficulties.
  • Card 4: Sheds light on topics you were previously in the dark about 
  • Card 5: Offers advice and solutions on how to best deal with the current predicament
  • Card 6: Addresses how your mental tranquility might be restored.
  • Card 7: Provides suggestions on improving your spiritual health and well-being.

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading Spread

The Celtic Cross Spread provides information and insight into your current situation. 

In this spread, 10 cards are laid out in the shape of a Celtic cross, and each card has a special meaning.

  • Card 1: Illustrates your current circumstances and how you respond to them.
  • Card 2: Represents the challenges that, once addressed, will allow the underlying issue to be clarified
  • Card 3: Identifies earlier events that have had a role in shaping the current issue at hand.
  • Card 4: Provides insight into events that may occur soon as you work toward resolving the issue.
  • Card 5: Represents the primary objective that you are working toward achieving 
  • Card 6: Explains the unconscious and underlying thoughts and emotions affecting the issue.
  • Card 7: Typically provides advice on how to deal with the problem.
  • Card 8: Identifies the external circumstances that are not within your direct control but that have an effect on the current issue.
  • Card 9: Reveals your hopes and worries over a particular scenario.
  • Card 10: Conveys what the outcome of the endeavor may be.

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What Kind of Topics Can You Discuss During a Tarot Card Reading?

A professional online Tarot card reading is designed to give you guidance and insights into whatever problems may be vexing you in life. 

Some of the subjects that an online Tarot card reading will routinely deal with are: 

  • Love and relationship problems
  • Career issues
  • Educational choices
  • Money and finance issues
  • Family relationships
  • Spiritual Issues

Things to Avoid When Getting a Tarot Reading Online

You should avoid the following during your online Tarot card reading. 

  • Waiting until the reading starts to think of what you want to know. Prepare 1 or 2 solid questions that address exactly what you’re concerned with beforehand.
  • Talking too much. You’re paying for the reader’s insights, so listen.
  • Allowing the reader to engage you in too much introductory small talk. Some readers like to run up the clock for more money. After a quick hello, get right to your questions. If the reader starts to go off on a tangent about the nature of the universe or some such thing, bring them back to exactly what you asked. You’re paying by the minute, so don’t let things sprawl.

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What To Look For in a Good Tarot Reading Site

Here are the three most important things to look for in a good Tarot reading site. 

Experience and Reputation 

Like with any other service, a known brand that’s been around for a while will often be your best bet regarding reliability and quality. 

How long has the site you’re checking out offered Tarot card readings? 

Sites that have been around for 20 years or more have lasted for a reason. If they weren’t delivering quality and savings to their customers, they would likely no longer be in business. 

Psychic Screening and Customer Reviews

All the top sites advertise that they screen their readers ahead of time to make sure these people are actually psychic. Check to make sure any site you’re considering tests its readers beforehand. 

Customer reviews are also crucial. See what other folks say about getting a reading with an advisor you’re considering. Not every psychic is suitable for every person. Check that the customer feedback reflects what you seek in a psychic Advisor.


Because online Tarot card reading charges by the minute, you must shop for the best prices. That includes new customer deals like free minutes and discount pricing like $1 per minute or less packages for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Also, look to see what the site’s standard prices are. The average charge for an online Tarot card reading should be in the vicinity of $4.99 per minute.

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The Difference Between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards 

Oracle readings and tarot card readings all employ cards for spiritual intervention, which is one of the most significant similarities between the two. However, there are distinct differences that you should be aware of.

Tarot Card Readings: Tarot card readings typically use 78 cards, each with a symbol or picture associated with a particular meaning. In their most basic form, tarot cards may be used to provide daily guidance and acquire insight on a specific subject.

Oracle Card Readings: On the other hand, Oracle cards are often composed of many images, and a single tarot deck may have as many as 44 cards. Oracle cards may also be interpreted in a manner that is unique to the individual consulting them since there are no predetermined meanings.

Oracle cards are often utilized to provide daily guidance rather than penetrating insights. On the other hand, if you want more clarification, you may use them in conjunction with tarot cards.

What Is the Difference Between Psychic Readings and Tarot Readings? 

A psychic reading is when a person with extrasensory abilities answers your questions with insights that exceed normal human perception. 

During a psychic reading, the reader can use a tool to frame their insights, such as the 78 cards in a Tarot deck, or they can work just using their natural ability.

FAQs on Tarot Cards and Tarot Readings

Are you still curious about tarot reading online services? In this section, we answer some commonly asked questions about the tarot to help you make an informed decision.

How Do Tarot Cards Work?

Tarot cards use a system of symbols and pictures that have been around for centuries to predict the future and the past or gain insight into the present. 

Each tarot card is presented with its counsel after being put in the proper tarot spread.

Tarot card interpretation may be done on your own or with the help of a tarot professional.

How Do Online Tarot Card Readings Work?

Online tarot readings allow you to communicate with a tarot reader in a virtual setting.

Most sites provide instantaneous phone or chat access to a tarot reader.

Some websites even provide live video tarot readings for private consultations, taking it to a whole new level.

You may typically peruse the tarot psychics’ biographies on the site and choose the one you feel most connected to.

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Can Online Tarot Card Readers Make Mistakes?

Yes, because they are still people, online tarot card readers are susceptible to error. 

This might happen when you’re torn between two options or desire something that you don’t want to confess to yourself.

Be as detailed as possible when asking questions to ensure that your tarot card readings are accurate. 

Being honest makes it easier for the tarot card reading expert to depict your circumstance accurately.

To avoid giving conflicting signals, have an open mind and be honest.

If there are other lingering energies surrounding you, ask the tarot reader to assist you in cleansing the tarot cards.

How Do You Know if a Tarot Card Reader Is Legitimate?

A tarot card reader’s legitimacy may be determined by how many favorable customer testimonials they have.

In light of this, the following are some warning signs to watch out for while interacting with tarot card readers;

  • Avoid readers who cannot respond to inquiries regarding their psychic reading services.
  • Beware of psychics who consistently predict doom.
  • Avoid consultants who use time-wasting strategies.
  • Watch out for psychics who tend to make excessive promises.

What Questions Should You Ask During a Tarot Card Reading Online?

The issues most important to you are the perfect ones to discuss during an online tarot card reading.

In a tarot reading session conducted online, there are no dumb or stupid questions. Any unsettling queries you may have need an answer. Feel free to ask for assistance if you need it.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, we advise limiting your inquiries to the most crucial ones since time may increase rapidly.

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How Often Can You Read Tarot Cards?

Tarot card readings should be done whenever you feel like you need divine direction

But you should stretch out your readings to get more insightful tarot readings. This is because circumstances can shift, and a more definitive interpretation may emerge in a subsequent reading.

Why Do Tarot Cards Mean Different Things To Different Readers?

Tarot cards mean different things to different readers because the images on them are supposed to be suggestive rather than exact information to be interpreted by rote. 

That’s because each Tarot card contains a composite of multiple symbolic references designed to stimulate each reader’s ESP differently.

How Much Do Tarot Readings Cost?

Typically, online Tarot card readings can cost anywhere from $1 per minute or less to as much as $20 per minute or more.

Most reputable sites also offer discounted and free minutes to new customers that help to bring down the overall cost of the reading to $1 per minute or less.

How Can You Tell if Your Tarot Reader Is Real or Fake?

One way to tell if your Tarot reader is real or fake is if they are reading on a well-known Tarot site like Purple Garden.

That’s because all the top sites test their readers ahead of time to make sure that they have real psychic abilities. 

Another way to tell if your reader is real or fake is to check out their online customer reviews. Back in the day, an authentic, old-school, face-to-face psychic built their practice by word of mouth from one satisfied customer to another. 

It works the same way online nowadays with each site’s customer reviews and star ratings.

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Best Tarot Readers and Tarot Reading Sites – Conclusion

Since the 18th century, people have consulted their tarot cards for psychic readings, and research has shown that these readings may be trusted.

Furthermore, now that internet tarot readings are available, you may have a psychic reading without ever leaving your home or place of business.

Purple Garden is our top pick for tarot readings due to its vast experience and accuracy.

However, If you need help with love and relationships, visit Kasamba.

On the other hand, if you have career-related difficulties, Psychic Source can be a better choice if you’re on a tight budget. 

Overall, we are confident that whatever choice you make, you will get a fantastic online tarot card reading. 

Before your first session, we suggest you read a few articles to ensure you get the most out of it.

After all, it’s simple to be sidetracked by ideas or concerns in a few weeks. Research beforehand lets you discover what will make you happy again.