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Tea Burn Reviews (Updated) Side Effects, Ingredients, Customer Complaints

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An increase in body weight is something that one out of four people experiences in their lives. It can be highly frustrating, especially when you have made heaps of effort to keep it under control. Being overweight not only makes you feel uncomfortable but can also be deleterious to your health and can lead to multiple health disorders.

Since we lack patience or subject ourselves to futile procedures, a lot of us abandon the bandwagon. Additionally, we want positive outcomes to show up right away without following any healthy diet. Thus, in an effort to promptly reach our weight loss goals, we frequently switch to sought-after weight loss supplements.

Would you trust us if we say your absolute favorite morning tea will help you lose weight naturally? Yes, you certainly heard it right!

With in-depth research findings, an excellent supplement, namely Tea Burn, has compelled us to bring all our attention to its wonderful health advantages.

The Tea Burn weight loss formula, a 100% safe and natural supplement, is a one-stop solution for all those individuals who struggle to burn fat. It does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or fragrances like many other dietary supplements on the market. What also makes this weight loss detox tea blend so unique in comparisons to popular weight loss pills like Alpilean or powders like Ikaria Lean Belly Juice, is that it goes extremely well with your morning herbal tea.

Tea Burn is formulated with 100% natural ingredients derived from trusted and certified sources. This supplement enhances your energy, health, and metabolism; all at once.

While we mark our attention to the Tea Burn review, we must get a comprehensive insight into what can be achieved with its consistent usage. But, before we jump to the details, let us quickly glance at the brief outline of Tea Burn given in the following tablet to gain a general understanding.

Product Overview
Product NameTea Burn
Product CategoryWeight Loss Supplement
Product FormPowder
DescriptionTea Burn is a patent-pending formula that is precisely designed to help obese or overweight individuals in losing weight.
SpecialtiesNon-GMO and Gluten FreeNo Artificial Colors or StimulantsNo Added PreservativesTested and Examined in Third Party LabsMade in FDA-Approved lab with GMP Certifications
Key IngredientsGreen Tea Extract (concentrated form)Green Coffee Bean Extract (concentrated form)Amino AcidChlorogenic AcidL-TheanineChromiumL-Carnitine
Health BenefitsContributes to healthy weight loss.Boosts and improves metabolism.Helps in burning fat stored in the body.Supports fat burning.Discards extra body fat.Restricts frequent food cravings.Acts as a mild appetite suppressant.
Pricing$69 per pouch (1 pouch – 30 Day Supply).$49 per pouch (3 pouches – 90 Day Supply).$34 per pouch (6 pouches – 180 Day Supply).
Money-Back Guarantee100% money-back guarantee (valid for 60 days).
Where to BuyOfficial website

What Is The Tea Burn Supplement?

Tea Burn is a patented formula designed to boost the incredible health benefits of tea while eliminating any adverse effects. It is a natural weight loss supplement that comes with a potent blend of immune-boosting vitamins that together help you lose weight and maintain a healthy human body.

Some researchers hypothesize that the capacity of Tea Burn weight loss supplement to support burning fat may directly or indirectly contribute to weight loss by promoting lipid metabolism.

Popular for being tasteless, Tea Burn does not affect the flavor of your favorite beverage. Instead, it mutates your morning tea into a more healthy and beneficial version.

What Really Is Obesity and Why Is It Problematic?

Obesity is defined as having an excess amount of fat stored in your body. It is important to note that this does not mean that you need to lose weight immediately. Instead, you should focus on eating healthy foods and exercising regularly so that you can maintain a healthy weight over time.

Obesity is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are currently 1.9 billion overweight adults and 600 million obese adults living around the world. While many people think that being overweight is just about vanity, it has become clear that being overweight increases the risk of developing serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, sleep apnea, gallbladder disease, infertility, depression, anxiety, and even dementia.

In addition to these risks, being overweight puts you at greater risk of developing other conditions, including hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular diseases. Obesity is also associated with increased mortality rates from all major causes of death.

Tea Burn, with the help of its potent formula that includes green coffee beans, amino acids, green tea extract, etc., can help tackle obesity when taken in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet choices.

How Does The Tea Burn Work?

Tea Burn review lacks its thrust when its working mechanism is not cited. It works by improving metabolic issues to an extent where the body starts to shed weight naturally. It is marked as the world’s 100% safe, copyrighted supplement that helps accelerate metabolism and lose weight.

Tea Burn only contains natural ingredients that combine to assist it in accomplishing its ultimate objective, i.e., to promote weight loss. Additionally, unlike other weight loss supplements, the tasteless grease paint of Tea Burn is packed with tried-and-true ingredients that strictly help in significant weight loss.

Apart from fat burning, this ultimate Tea Burn formula amends the teeth staining called tannins found in tea and helps produce significantly whiter and brighter teeth.

Does Tea Burn Work In Reality? – Science Behind Tea Burn Formula

Recent scientific research and studies stand behind the effectiveness of the Tea Burn formula in fat burning, boosting metabolism, and losing weight. It is rich in diverse effective ingredients that support weight loss and are backed by scientific analysis.

A 2014 study brings to light the performance of green tea for weight loss in obese or overweight adults. The potential of green tea has been assessed in a Cochrane Systematic Review for weight loss which further reduces the risks associated with Cardiovascular health.

In one study, subjects who took 1 gram of green coffee bean extract experienced an average weight loss of about 2 pounds over four weeks. Other research suggests that this amount of green coffee bean extract may reduce appetite and prevent weight gain.

One review article concluded that there is evidence that supports using green coffee bean extract to treat or prevent type 2 diabetes, but further clinical trials are needed before a firm conclusion can be drawn.

Yet another study in 2022 implies increasing the intake of amino acids that help patients with obesity achieve weight loss and control of blood sugar levels.

Studies show that drinking two cups of green tea daily can lead to significant weight loss. One study showed that participants who drank three cups of green tea each day lost more than twice as much weight as those who did not drink any green tea.

Another study conducted at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center revealed that drinking green tea could lead to significant weight loss among overweight individuals. After analyzing data from 16 different studies, researchers discovered that consuming up to five 8oz glasses of green tea each day resulted in a modest 0.35 lbs weight loss after three months.

Another research study suggests that due to the proven thermogenic effects of caffeine intake and the effects of green coffee extract and other pharmacologically active components present in coffee, the consumption of green coffee bean extract are settled to contribute to the reduction of long-term weight gain.

What Are The Benefits Of Tea Burn Supplement?

The Tea Burn weight loss supplement serves incredible health benefits that support you in losing weight naturally. In this Tea Burn review, let us dig deep into the core benefits served by Tea Burn.

Tea Burn Supplement Can Help You Lose Weight Faster By Removing Extra Body Fat

Tea Burn, being a natural fat burner, has a great impact on weight loss that can eventually help you lose weight and cut out extra body fat. The potent formulation of Tea Burn makes it easier for you to lose weight without keeping yourself restricted to a strict diet.

As it helps in breaking off stubborn fat layers from the human body, you can achieve healthy weight loss at a rapid pace.

Tea Burn Promotes Metabolism and Fat Burning Process

Tea Burn weight loss supplement helps increase metabolism by stimulating the body to break stubborn fat layers more quickly and burn more calories. The amalgamation of Tea Burn ingredients causes the user’s body to undergo thermogenesis, which speeds up the fat-burning process. Much like Java Burn does for coffee, the Tea Burn weight loss supplement is meant to enhance morning tea drinks safely and naturally.

Tea Burn targets the delayed metabolism brought on by low body temperature and transforms it into accelerated energy levels. Moreover, this incredible weight loss supplement transforms your body into a fat-burning heater to assist you in overcoming an otherwise problematic weight loss program.

Helps Curb Food Cravings and Suppresses Appetite

There are multiple dietary supplements in the market that claim to hold down unnecessary food cravings to help people lose weight but are unable to do so. Since Tea Burn acts as a natural appetite suppressant, it energizes the body and enhances digestion, thereby making you feel fuller and curbing your appetite.

In this way, the food cravings are reduced with the collective action of Tea Burn ingredients and thus, results in significant weight loss.

Tea Burn Supplement Helps Stop Future Weight Gain

While consuming Tea Burn on a regular basis may help lose weight, it may also restrict future weight gain by burning fat cells in the body. Drinking Tea Burn daily can help in avoiding further gain in weight.

It Helps Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Tea Burn claims to support the regulation of healthy blood sugar levels in the human body. An ester compound, Chlorogenic Acid in Tea Burn, helps in the gradual breakdown of carbohydrates.

It helps in increasing metabolism while also lowering cholesterol levels. Moreover, the Tea Burn ingredients altogether help to keep the insulin and blood sugar levels in a healthy range.

It Wards Off High Blood Pressure

Tea Burn works to normalize and restrain high blood pressure, which is a significant cause of weight gain in many individuals. It may help in leading to a modest yet significant drop in the blood, resulting in normal blood pressure.

The Tea Burn Powder Aids Blood Circulation and Heart Health

Tea Burn plays a vital role in heart health and blood circulation. The natural Tea Burn ingredients allow it to convert stored fat cells into energy and thus, resulting in smooth blood circulation and healthy heart health.

The Tea Burn Powder Helps Improve Overall Health

Other than assisting in weight loss, Tea Burn claims to help in improving overall health by keeping blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and healthy body weight in check. With its robust natural ingredients, Tea Burn works towards supporting the metabolic rate promptly.

With Consuming Tea Burn daily, your high energy levels can be maintained, and you can engage in as many physical activities as possible without becoming fatigued.

What Are The Natural Tea Burn Ingredients That Make The Supplement Work?

Here is an overview of all the core ingredients used in the Tea Burn supplement and how they work in a powerful amalgamation to promote weight loss:

Green Tea Extract

The green tea extract contains polyphenols called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that have been shown to boost metabolism by increasing thermogenesis. This means that EGCG helps increase energy expenditure, resulting in more calories burned per day.

EGCG is the primary compound found in green tea that gives green tea its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are substances that protect cells against damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that cause cell damage when they interact with normal cells. They are produced naturally during cellular respiration and can be generated through environmental factors like cigarette smoke and radiation exposure.

When taken orally, EGCG enters the bloodstream, where it binds to proteins in the liver. Once bound, EGCG prevents the formation of triglycerides, which are fats that circulate in the blood. When triglyceride levels rise, they contribute to the development of obesity.

It is also rich in caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system and boosts metabolism. Caffeine speeds up the rate at which food moves through the digestive tract, causing the stomach to empty faster. As a result, fewer calories will pass through the body.


Chromium is a mineral that plays an essential role in carbohydrate metabolism. Chromium deficiency leads to insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance. Insulin is a hormone that regulates sugar levels in the blood. If insulin cannot properly regulate sugar levels, then blood sugar levels remain elevated. Elevated blood sugar levels lead to increased hunger and decreased satiety.

Chromium is needed to convert carbohydrates into glycogen, a storage form of sugar. Glycogen stores are used to provide fuel for muscles and brain cells. Low levels of chromium can impair the ability of insulin to transport glucose into muscle and adipose tissue. You will often see this functional powerhouse element in other popular weight loss supplements like Exipure, Revive and PhenQ too.

Chromium supplementation has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and decrease fasting plasma glucose concentrations. A study published in Diabetes Care showed that supplementing with 200 mcg of chromium daily for 12 weeks significantly improved glycemic control and lipid profiles in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.


It is a nutrient that occurs naturally in foods like meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, and vegetables. L-carnitine acts as a carrier molecule that transports fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane. Fatty acids enter mitochondria and undergo beta-oxidation, or fat burning, inside the cell. The process of beta-oxidation produces acetyl CoA, which is converted to ATP, the energy currency of the cell.

Fatty acids are transported out of the mitochondria and stored in the cytosol. In this way, l-carnitine keeps the mitochondria supplied with fatty acids so that they can produce energy. It may help prevent weight gain because it promotes the use of fat instead of carbohydrates for energy.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that people who consumed 1 gram of l-carnitine each day had lower body weights than those who did not consume it. Another study published in Obesity Research suggested that taking 500 mg of l-carnitine twice a day for three months reduced body weight and improved metabolic parameters in obese women.


L-theanine is another amino acid that is present in green tea. L-theanine relaxes muscles and reduces stress, making it perfect for those who suffer from insomnia. Green tea’s ability to promote relaxation makes it useful for treating anxiety and stress-related disorders.

L-theanine works by activating alpha brain waves, which are responsible for producing feelings of calmness and relaxation. Theanine also activates gamma brain waves, which help improve memory and concentration. These effects make l-theanine ideal for promoting restful sleep.

Research shows that consuming green tea daily may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 30 percent. Scientists believe that the compounds in green tea work together to lower insulin resistance and prevent the buildup of fatty tissue in the liver.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract is another ingredient that has gained popularity for its ability to help people lose weight.

Chlorogenic acids are natural compounds found in green coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, lower cholesterol, and protect against certain types of cancer. In addition, some studies suggest that these compounds may also help fight off infections such as colds and flu.

Research shows that chlorogenic acid may also play a role in regulating blood sugar levels. A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that supplementing with 400 mg of chlorogenic acid every day for 12 weeks significantly reduced fasting glucose levels in obese adults.

Other studies have found similar results. For example, a study published in Diabetes Care found that taking 800 mg of chlorogenic acid per day for eight weeks improved glucose tolerance in patients with prediabetes.

Majorly, the active ingredients in green coffee bean extract work by increasing energy expenditure. This means that you’ll use up more calories throughout the day, even if you’re sitting on the couch watching TV.

The increase in energy expenditure helps boost metabolism, which leads to weight loss.

What Do Tea Burn Reviews Say About The Tea Burn Supplement?

Tea Burn has helped thousands of people who aim to lose weight without making much effort and, obviously, without skipping their morning tea. We have found numerous Tea Burn reviews from different customers who were taking Tea Burn daily.

L.K Thomas says in the Tea Burn review,

“I could see the difference within a week of using Tea Burn. I personally used it to inhibit my food cravings, and it did wonders. Also, one thing that I liked the most about it is that it is unflavored and does not ruin the taste of my tea. Totally recommended to all those individuals who are working on weight loss.”

Mary Garcia, in one of the Tea Burn customer reviews, states,

“I was gaining weight rapidly, and the extra weight I was carrying was making my joints pain. I was aware that 242 pounds would result in 300 pounds and so forth. I was sick of feeling disgusted with my appearance and being unable to fit into any clothes, and then when I came to know about this supplement, Tea Burn. A lot has changed with its regular consumption, and I feel much more confident now. Thank you, Tea Burn!”

Another Tea Burn customer review by Noah William went like this,

“I recently caught hold of Tea Burn after observing all the hype that it has been receiving lately, and trust me, the hype is legit. It has been added to my morning routine, and I’m certainly not going back. Also, the benefits get doubled when paired with a healthy diet. MUST TRY!!”

Where Can You Purchase Tea Burn Pouches?

The Tea Burn pouches can be purchased only from its official website. Due to the uprising demand for Tea Burn, it has been reported that certain third-party websites are attempting to produce a duplicate of the original product.

To avoid being duped by such unlicensed and untrusted merchants, it is strictly not advised to buy Tea Burn powder from any other websites or sources. Do not enter personal information on untrusted websites because it cannot be completely secure.

Furthermore, when you purchase Tea Burn from elsewhere, there are certainly no discounts that you can enjoy.

Buying Tea Burn from its official website is quite simple and mostly similar to any of your other online purchases. All the orders placed through the official website will be delivered within 5 to 7 business days in the USA and within 10 to 15 days internationally.

Tea Burn Pricing – How Much Does Tea Burn Cost?

The pricing structure to buy Tea Burn powder is appreciated by almost all of its customers due to its genuineness and affordability. Each pouch of the Tea Burn supplement is costed at $69 at the official website. In order to obtain the best results and the most out of the supplement, it is best to use it for at least 90 to 180 days.

Therefore, we firmly advise you to take advantage of our most popular 90 Day heavy discount package or our best deal, the 180-Day supply package. Since we have a limited supply and are quickly running out of it, we can only promise this exceptional pricing for today or as long as it lasts.

The makers of Tea Burn are presently offering pleasing discounts and deals for all Tea Burn packages. Following are the exciting Tea Burn packages offered:

  • $69 ($69 per pouch) – 1 pouch – 30 Day Supply + Shipping
  • $147 ($49 per pouch) – 3 pouches – 90 Day Supply + Shipping
  • $204 ($34 per pouch) – 6 pouches – 180 Day Supply + Shipping.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee On The Tea Burn Powder?

In case you believe Tea Burn did not reach up to the mark or fell short of your expectations, you can simply make a return order. Every purchase of Tea Burn powder you make will come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

With all the Tea Burn reviews derived so far, it does not seem that you will face a need to return this super tea as it is considered peerless in fat burning.

Nevertheless, you can demand a complete refund within 60 days of purchasing the Tea Burn supplements. Your full payment will be reimbursed without any unnecessary questions being asked.

Is Tea Burn Safe?

A robust blend of natural ingredients, Tea Burn, has been proven to be 100% safe for weight loss. It is an effective, natural, and effortless remedy that functions to assist the cutback of excess fat in the body.

As per the Tea Burn reviews, absolutely no negative effects are reported by the customers using Tea Burn supplements daily. All the Tea Burn pouches are fabricated in the USA at leading-edge facilities that have acquired GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certifications and FDA approvals.

However, it is advised to consult your doctor or healthcare professional if you deal with a health disorder.

How To Consume Tea Burn Powder?

Tea Burn is completely tasteless and effortlessly dissolves in any hot or cold beverage. You can mix Tea Burn in any of your favorite beverages that will drive you to lose weight effectively.

However, the all-natural ingredients in Tea Burn are intended to act together with tea to hasten metabolism and foster the most favorable conditions for fat burning.

Can You Add Tea Burn Formula To Your Morning Tea?

Adding Tea Burn powder to your morning tea just makes it healthier and more beneficial for you to lose weight without any unwanted toil. Tea Burn can accelerate as well as improve the effectiveness of metabolism and turn your morning tea into a super tea formula.

From developing an optimal environment for fat burning to supporting overall health and well-being, your morning tea can do it all for you when combined with Tea Burn.


Are Tea Burn Reviews legit?

Tea Burn customer reviews are legit beyond a shadow of a doubt. A number of individuals have shared their wonderful experiences with Tea Burn and have only good to say about the supplement.

How long does Tea Burn take to work?

Tea Burn typically takes around 10-12 days to help you lose weight. You can see a visible difference in your weight and positive results within 30 days of using it. Also, as per the Tea Burn reviews, it will be best to use Tea Burn for 90-120 days for superior results.

Can Tea Burn be added to Coffee?

Tea Burn lacks a distinct flavor of its own. It can therefore be added to Coffee or any of the other beverages, as there won’t be any taste differences.

Can Tea Burn supplements be used by both men and women?

Yes, both men and women can consume Tea Burn as it is an ideal supplement that acts on improving health with supporting weight loss, regardless of gender.

Are there any side effects of Tea Burn?

Tea Burn is precisely packed with completely natural and refined ingredients that are considered 100% safe, pure, and effective. Thus, there are certainly no side effects associated with Tea Burn, and you can use them without any fear of harmful chemicals. However, make sure to get in touch with your healthcare expert if you are facing any health issues and want to know how it affects you.

What is the cost of a Tea Burn supplement?

Every pouch of Tea Burn is $69 on the official website. However, the cost will eventually go down with the large orders, i.e., 3 pouches for $147 (90 Day Supply + Shipping) and 6 pouches for $204 (180 Day Supply + Shipping).

Does Tea Burn have any authentications?

Yes, the manufacturing of Tea Burn is done under state-of-the-art GMP facilities and under FDA validations.

Final Verdict

Tea Burn is a completely natural, safe, and efficient method to get your belly, arms, and face in your desired shape. It intends to assist you in reaching your weight loss objectives while keeping your health at its best. It goes effortlessly with your morning tea drink and offers quite a unique approach to weight loss in comparison to a meal replacement shake or powder/pill combination.Keeping in consideration Tea Burn’s customer reviews, nominal prices, its noticeable benefits on fat burning, weight loss, and other served health benefits, it can be concluded that Tea Burn’s weight loss supplement is undoubtedly worth purchasing and a brilliant supplement that simply helps in losing weight. You can get your hands on this wonderful product from the official Tea Burn website.

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