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Unbiased TruthFinder Review: Pros, Cons, & Pricing

With the help of websites such as social media channels and search engines, it’s now simpler than ever to find a person with limited data. TruthFinder is considered one of the superior background check services available. 

This TruthFinder review will look at both the pros and cons of this public records search engine. We rate this as the top background check service due to its reasonable costs, good standing for providing accurate results, and quickest record searches. It has all the functionalities one needs from a dependable background check service.

Use Truth Finder – Best Background Check Service

Is TruthFinder Legit?

Before you decide to purchase TruthFinder, you probably want to read the TruthFinder review to be certain that it will work and provide the information it advertises.

The reviews of TruthFinder are positive, proving that the service is genuine. Since 2015, it has been helping people find data that cannot be found with Google. TruthFinder lets you access public records such as social media profiles, information on your education and job history, details about your car, and criminal background. Plus, you can use the mobile app if you don’t have a computer.


  • Ensuring the safeguarding of personal data 
  • Subscription packages that can be customized
  • A system that is easy to use and navigate
  • Results that are extremely precise


  • Does not offer a free trial or free reports

If you need to conduct a search concerning someone, TruthFinder suggests it’s currently the best option to use. This applies whether it’s a reverse phone lookup, background check, email  lookup, or a basic search.

Considering the importance of the data involved, it’s highly recommended that you only use a verified and dependable background check service, such as TruthFinder. Give TruthFinder a try to find out what you have been missing out on.

Use Truth Finder – Best Background Check Service

TruthFinder Review: What Can You Do With It

TruthFinder can be used for a range of purposes. It’s easy to use, and the key features guarantee complete secrecy. TruthFinder can be beneficial in cases where one needs to identify someone without letting them know that they’re being searched for.

Here are some of the reasons why TruthFinder makes it the optimal background check website to look up someone’s background.

Comprehensive Background Reports

It can be a lengthy and tiresome process to search through millions of public records to discover the fundamental details of an individual. However, with TruthFinder, it’s possible to easily locate a lost friend, take part in a carpool, or make an excellent initial impression at work.

TruthFinder provides the most useful methods to obtain background information on any person. TruthFinder can uncover publicly available facts about someone with just their name, email address, or telephone number.

When carrying out a background check, the following details may be included:

  • Records of any offenses committed
  • Records of birth and death
  • History of work and education
  • Personal accounts on social media platforms
  • Contact details
  • Individuals that could potentially become roommates

Reading TruthFinder reviews may give you the assurance you need when it comes to getting acquainted with someone whose background you don’t know much about. You can also use TruthFinder to do an investigation of yourself to find out which of your personal information is already accessible online. The information from the background checks will be presented in an organized and easy-to-understand manner.

Discover a Person’s Criminal History

One can access criminal history information by visiting the website

  • The moment and day when the crime was committed
  • The kind of charge
  • The court’s name and case number
  • A summary of what took place

If you wish to review someone’s sex offender record, the TruthFinder application lets users pinpoint other sexual offenders living in the same vicinity.

Families who are relocating to a new area with children can be more assured of potential hazards, which could be especially beneficial.

Reestablish Family Connections

Figuring out family relations can be quite challenging. If you want to locate family members you haven’t seen in a while, you can use a service such as TruthFinder and read through the reviews. Its “Find My Family” tool can assist you in locating potential relatives based on genetic ancestry, regardless of their physical distance from you. 

For instance, if you want to get in touch with a contentious aunt, or if a second cousin of yours has gone missing, TruthFinder can help you without making it an awkward or uncomfortable situation.

A patron of TruthFinder’s “Find My Family” program gave this review: It was really useful when my adopted mate needed to get in touch with her distant relatives from her biological family. Even though her encounter with her birth parents was not good, she still had to get their contact information to contact other family members. This service was actually designed with this type of situation in mind.

Use TruthFinder

Reconnect With Old Friends

Social media has made it simpler than ever to reconnect with old friends and family, but some folk don’t have accounts or don’t use them regularly. You can search for them all you want and still not locate them. TruthFinder would be very handy in this case. 

This public records search tool assists in finding people and ascertaining if they’re people you would like to be in touch with. Before you reach out, review the database to see if they have gone through any changes or have lived lives you would not accept.

In addition, if you begin to stalk someone on social media by, for example, tagging them as a Facebook friend or following them on Instagram, that person will become aware that you’re looking for them and will likely take action to prevent it. Investigate the available choices and use TruthFinder to determine which one meets your needs the most.

Strengthened Sense of Security

Securing your home is important to many, and parents of school-age children may take various measures to ensure their safety. This could include using locks on doors, getting to know the parents of their children’s friends, and keeping an eye out on their return from school. Additionally, some may have valuable items they would like to guarantee will be safeguarded when they’re no longer around. Everyone is concerned with the security of the place they call home. 

TruthFinder is a great way to learn more about a new area or new neighbors so that you can make an informed decision about how safe you will feel living there.

Know Your Date

With the dating scene has significantly changed, it’s important to take necessary precautions. Once you have found someone online with whom you share a connection, it’s normal to think about meeting up in person. It’s essential for both of you to feel safe and comfortable when you go out. 

TruthFinder can provide a great deal of information about the potential date prior to meeting them. With the help of this platform, you can investigate the criminal history of the person you wish to get romantically involved with. 

If your date has used a false name or changed residences often, they may not be who they claim to be. TruthFinder can save you time as it already has the answers to the queries you may have. By having such information on hand, you’ll be better prepared for the date, and you will have more subjects to chat about with your companion.

Improve Your Online Reputation

TruthFinder’s person-tracking capabilities work both ways; it can give you access to others, as well as make your information available to everyone. It’s important to make sure that whatever can be found about you online is accurate and looks good.

Although any information published on the internet will always be there, you can control what about yourself is visible to the public. In the last decade, we have all changed in some form or another, and TruthFinder can help you pinpoint and take down any obsolete or source of embarrassing content.

If you’re searching for employment and want to improve your public image, then TruthFinder is your best bet. You can check the precision of the information and search for any references to events or periods in the past. This is similar to obtaining a conventional credit report, as well as making a few very modest corrections.

Use TruthFinder

TruthFinder Features

Dark Web Scan

Individuals are disconcerted by the thought of any of their personal data being exposed on the dark web. Because of the large amount of information that’s already present, they want to make certain that their particulars are not among them.

Fortunately, they can make sure of that by using TruthFinder’s Dark web scan. This tool is designed to aid people in ascertaining whether they have had their identity stolen or they were a victim of fraud or theft or if any of the content they have provided has been put in a vulnerable situation.

As the world continues to be more interconnected pertaining to the web and almost everything else goes digital, there’s a real risk of identity theft. It’s now a major hazard to the records people keep about themselves and their lives.

You can locate your data by using this efficient search method. Here are the following options:

  • Number of a passport
  • The number to call
  • Individual health records
  • Cards, both credit, and debit
  • Cards for membership or retail use
  • Numbers associated with bank accounts
  • Details about how to get in touch
  • A valid license for driving
  • Number associated with social security
  • Telephone number

TruthFinder Customer Support
Customers can rest assured that TruthFinder has helpful customer service. Although their help staff is only available during the weekdays, from seven am to seven pm Pacific Time. This is not the most convenient arrangement, but it does still mean their customers get a full twelve hours of help every weekday, which is more than a lot of other companies offer.

Unfortunately, there’s no assistance provided at the weekends or late at night, however, there’s a FAQ page that contains a lot of useful information and answers. If you’re wondering “is TruthFinder legit?”, then it’s likely that you’ll be able to find the answers to your questions there, meaning you don’t have to contact customer service at all.
Safety and Security With TruthFinder
When it comes to asking if TruthFinder is legit, it’s important to consider the level of safety and security it provides. Fortunately, TruthFinder is quite successful in this area.

They encrypt all of the information that is sent over the network, thus assuring clients that their details are kept safe. Moreover, since the website has access to a massive amount of information, TruthFinder continuously monitors the site to check for any illegal activities, like hacking. This not only safeguards the confidentiality of customers’ data but also prevents any malicious hackers from tampering with it.

In short, TruthFinder takes steps to ensure the protection of your data as well as the trustworthiness and accuracy of the data it provides.

Check Out TruthFinder

Reverse Phone Lookup

When using the “reverse phone lookup” feature to discover the identity of the individual whose number they have received an incoming call from. Many consumers are confused by unknown calls and use the service to find out the name behind the phone number.

To accurately locate the owner, TruthFinder searches public records for the given number, and no other information is required. In the search results, users may find the name of the owner, as well as any aliases associated with them.

People who want to know if TruthFinder is legit and can be used to identify the person calling them and the potential purpose of the call can use the available information to their advantage. In addition, they can view a picture of the person in question, and they will get a listing of names that have previously been associated with that telephone number.

TruthFinder Reviews From Real Users

We filtered through numerous surveys online to see what people thought of the service based on their direct experience. This will empower you to have a reasonable response to the inquiry of whether TruthFinder is a legitimate organization and if it truly functions as it says.

With over 300 users rating it 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Consumer Affairs website, the answer appears to be yes. According to the Better Business Bureau, TruthFinder offers outstanding customer service and dependable information, which is supported by positive comments on the company’s website.

Due to its heavy use of advertising, there has been debate over the legitimacy of TruthFinder background check service. However, its credibility and widespread use have earned it a premier spot on our list of recommended services.

TruthFinder Cost

Many people ask if TruthFinder can be used for free. The simple answer is no. TruthFinder is a premium background check service. It provides highly accurate results and charges a fee for them. Is TruthFinder legit? Yes, absolutely.

Here is the amount TruthFinder costs: 

TruthFinder’s People Search plan is $28.05 every month. Its Reverse Phone Lookup and Reverse Email Lookup plans are $4.99 and $29.73 a month, separately. On the off chance that you require downloadable record documents, you should pay $3.99 as a one-time expense. Dark Web observing is an extra charge of $2.99 every month.

How to Understand TruthFinder Pricing 

When it comes to assessing whether TruthFinder is legit, it’s quite difficult to determine the cost. The only way to know the cost of the service is to start a background investigation, and then wait several minutes while the report is generated.

Unfortunately, the only way to access the report that you asked for is to be presented with a price page. This is the standard practice, as demonstrated by businesses such as Instant Checkmate which use this approach to reveal their prices.

In order to use TruthFinder, you will need to sign up for a recurring monthly membership. In contrast, a background check will only cost you a single payment. With this subscription, you will have access to an infinite number of reports. This will set you back $28.05, but you have the option of paying for it in two installments of $46.56, bringing the total cost down to $23.28 a month.

TruthFinder has created a system that allows customers to take advantage of exclusive deals like getting five reports for a dollar or a single report without having to be a member (This offer is displayed after a trial search is completed and the browser window is closed). Unfortunately, their services do not offer any annual packages with a discounted rate or the option of only buying one report at a time.

Choose TruthFinder for Top-Notch Service

Alternatives to TruthFinder

If you have a friend, a business associate, or a casual acquaintance that you’re interested in learning more about, you may accomplish this goal by consulting a variety of sites. The following is a list of TruthFinder alternatives that have been researched and compiled for your convenience in order to aid you in discovering the information that you want.


Intelius, which started its operations in 2003, has a vast level of expertise in conducting background investigations. This platform has a lot of similarities with TruthFinder since it enables users to look into the personal history of an individual, including their criminal history, genealogy, and demographic information. 

Through the use of the website’s search engines, you’re able to get any and all of the details that you want, ranging from in-depth criminal records to contact details and everything in between. Instant Checkmate as well as Intelius share a number of characteristics, including the ones listed below:

  • Both businesses provide clients with contact details for customer service, including phone numbers and email addresses. It’s likely that either company will respond to an email inquiry within a day, though Intelius is renowned for its high-quality customer service.
  • It’s feasible to investigate a person’s criminal past, public documents, living address, and relatives on either one of the services. As they both use the same data sources, you should anticipate the same output from both services.

If you would like to discover more about the history of yourself or a person who is important to you, then use the search functions offered by Intelius.

Intelius: Simply the Best


PeopleFinders is a great tool for discovering information that’s available to the public, as it indexes over a billion documents. The search is quick and easy to use without having to pay a penny. You can obtain any person’s contact details, such as their phone number and address, by going through public records. 

PeopleFinders may ask you a few questions in order to refine your search, but it’s okay to select the “I do not know” option, though more information is needed to do more specific searches.

  • For anyone looking for specific details, PeopleFinder is the optimal choice.
  • They offer versions of their app that are compatible with both Apple and Google devices.

Try PeopleFinders

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a background-checking platform that allows users to investigate data regarding individuals. There are some discrepancies between the services provided by TruthFinder and those of Instant Checkmate.

TruthFinder collects data from a variety of sources, including official government databases, social media platforms, and other public records, while Instant Checkmate acquires information from both public records and social networks.

  • People typically find that TruthFinder supplies more precise and current details than Instant Checkmate.
  • The cost of TruthFinder is higher than that of Instant Checkmate.
  • TruthFinder service provides users with extra details, like criminal and arrest records, while Instant Checkmate furnishes basic background checks and public record information.

In the end, both possess their advantages and disadvantages, the most suitable one for you will depend on your individual requirements and financial limitations.

Check Out Instant Checkmate

Things To Consider Before Using a Background Check Service

Utilizing a professional background check service has numerous advantages. Verifying someone’s criminal record or that of a prospective employer was once troublesome and costly, but with the help of a service like TruthFinder, it’s now easy and accessible. The benefit of having this information at your fingertips is clear.

TruthFinder is a tool that may be used to learn more about a new acquaintance, as well as to study one’s own past as well as the backgrounds of one’s ancestors. It’s possible to do a search for a person on the internet and get information such as their address, mobile number, as well as the names of their relatives, so it appears to be a legitimate tool.

The truth behind why so many people seek out services like background check services is one of the driving forces behind why most services will offer the option of sharing your data with the supplier. It might be difficult to check for the presence of an opt-out status.

On the other hand, this could work out for the best since some firms give their workers the option of updating their internet presence whenever it’s most convenient for them.

TruthFinder: Simply the Best

Final Thoughts on TruthFinder

This tool may be extremely helpful if you’re interested in learning more about individuals who have piqued your attention in some way. Whether it be an old friend or the person who landed the position you were competing for, the information that this website can supply may be able to assist you to obtain some answers and put an end to your curiosity.

You can now use the people-finding search engine of TruthFinder on any device, including personal computers, desktops, tablets, and handsets, completely free of charge. This eliminates the requirement to use a public records system and is a legitimate way to search for people. 

The website offers a mobile application that provides access to data from social networking sites, making it a unique resource. Searches are kept private and anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out what you’re looking for.

Downloading TruthFinder as soon as possible is strongly recommended since you have never seen anything quite like this before.

Chose TruthFinder for Top-Notch Services

DISCLAIMER: You may not use TruthFinder or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. TruthFinder does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., (“FCRA”), which are incorporated herein by reference.) The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use it as a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history. TruthFinder does not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. For more information, please review TruthFinder Terms of Use.

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