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Why is it Important to Get Your Roof Inspected Before Winter?

Michelle Kucalski digs out her car after an intense lake-effect snowstorm impacted the area on Nov, 18, 2022, in Hamburg, New York. (John Normile/Getty Images)

Despite how nice the weather may be, spring and summer can do a number on your roof. Winter will be worse. So before the winter season comes, it’s necessary to have your roof inspected to address any damage from the months prior. Easier to do so when it’s not windy or snowy yet! You might not have noticed, but your roof may be strongly affected by weather, time, pests, or mold and vegetation growth. A professional roof inspection can take care of these problems before they worsen and your roof sees further damage.

A roof inspection is most effective when done before temperatures begin to drop. Roofing inspections, repairs, and installations are best performed when temperatures exceed 45-50 degrees. When it gets colder out, your shingles can become harder to work with for your roofer.  Shingles must be efficiently sealed before the winter season and have an airtight, moisture-resistant barrier. The process of sealing can reduce the chances that your shingles get blown away.

The smaller the issue is now, the easier it is to fix and the less likely it is you’ll need a replacement. If your roofer does uncover hidden problems during the inspection, this can prevent major damages during the winter, such as shingles blowing off or heavy snowfall caving in your roof. Being proactive is key.

Then there’s the matter of unexpected costs. In the case of needing emergency repairs or a complete replacement, you’ll wind up paying much more than you’re probably prepared to. Getting a yearly roof inspection will prevent the need for replacement – and in turn, will save you money. Additionally, you can benefit financially from a well-insulated house and save on your heating bills. Your insulation savings can offset the price of repairs when all is said and done. If you need your roof inspected before the winter months, give your trusted roofing team at Indy Roof Company a call!

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