8-year-old racing fan building career as IndyCar reporter

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The next generation of racing is already hard at work, but it’s not just on the track.

Eight-year-old Asher Farris’ life revolves around racing. When he’s not competing in carting, he’s asking the toughest questions in the IndyCar paddock.

“I also have a career in interviewing the IndyCar drivers, ‘Asher’s Racing Channel,’” Farris said. “We got all the social media: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, anything you could ever imagine.”

Farris has made a name for himself as the IndyCar kid reporter after his dad helped him launch his channel in 2019. Since then, he hasn’t missed an opportunity to talk to the drivers he hopes to emulate one day.

“My good dream is to get up in the IndyCars. Maybe even, maybe even NASCARs if I can,” Farris said.

But if racing doesn’t work out, he said he still wants to be around the action.

“If I can’t drive, I’d probably want to be up in the media center at IMS,” Farris said.

Whether it’s turning laps at 60 miles per hour or holding the microphone, Farris has caught everyone’s attention, and they’re impressed.

“He actually asks good questions,” IndyCar driver Graham Rahal said. “He is pretty intelligent about what he asks, but it’s good for us to see, honestly, because we need youth. I tell people this all the time, we need youth coming into sport in any capacity. I don’t care if it’s as a journalist, if it’s driving. It’s great to see.”

No matter what he ends up doing, everyone can see the future is bright for Farris.

“Yeah, I don’t want to say it, but he’s going to take over your job, maybe my job as well,” IndyCar driver Alex Palou said. “What can I say? He’s just a guy that enjoys a lot, that he has a lot of passion for the sport and he’s a really great kid.”


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