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Belichick: Team that plays the best will win

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Friday was the final day for coaches and players to meet the media, and for Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, it’s probably one of his least-favorite things to do before a game.

Belichick says he loves the process and preparation almost more than the games. As for the Colts, the 15th year bench boss of the Patriots says Andrew Luck is better at decision-making now, and can do everything well. Even though his Patriots have twice as much playoff experience than the Horseshoes, his reply on if that has any impact on Sunday’s game was pure Belichick.

“I think it’ll be the team that plays the best that wins,” said Belichick. “I don’t think it’s about how many all-pros or how many playoff games or anything. I don’t think it has anything to do with it. I’ve been on plenty of teams that didn’t have any experience and won. We can go through the league and find just as many examples of that.”

We will see if that rings true Sunday night.