Big Ten schedules men’s basketball games; conference play starts Dec. 16 at Purdue, Dec. 23 at IU

The Big Ten Conference logo is displayed outside of Bankers Life Fieldhouse after the Big Ten Conference canceled the men's basketball Big Ten Tournament due to concerns over COVID-19 on March 12, 2020, in Indianapolis, IN. (Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

ROSEMONT, Ill. (WISH) — Each Big Ten men’s basketball team will have a 20-game schedule beginning Dec. 13 despite the coronavirus pandemic, the conference said Wednesday.

Purdue will host its first game Dec. 16 against Ohio State. The Boilermakers said Tuesday it will have no fans as it begins its basketball season.

Indiana University will host its first game Dec. 23 against Northwestern. IU said Tuesday it will have no fans at games all season.

Each school may also play up to seven nonconference games.

A news release from the conference did not indicate whether any fans will be allowed to attend games, but said more games than ever will be broadcast on the conference’s television network, including four on Dec. 25. The Christmas Day games include Maryland at Purdue.

The Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament will be played March 10-14 at the United Center in Chicago.

The teams will follow medical protocols that include daily antigen testing, enhanced cardiac screening, and an enhanced data-driven approach when making decisions about practices and competitions.

Here is the entire schedule:

  • Sunday, Dec. 13: Penn State at Michigan.
  • Monday, Dec. 14: Rutgers at Maryland.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 15: Minnesota at Illinois    
  • Wednesday, Dec. 16: Ohio State at Purdue.
  • Sunday, Dec.  20: Michigan State at Northwestern; and Illinois at Rutgers.
  • Monday, Dec. 21: Nebraska at Wisconsin.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 22: Purdue at Iowa.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 23: Northwestern at Indiana; Rutgers at Ohio State; and Illinois at Penn State.
  • Friday, Dec. 25: Wisconsin at Michigan State; Iowa at Minnesota; Michigan at Nebraska; and Maryland at Purdue.
  • Saturday, Dec. 26: Indiana at Illinois; and Ohio State at Northwestern.
  • Monday, Dec. 28: Michigan State at Minnesota; and Maryland at Wisconsin.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 29: Northwestern at Iowa; and Purdue at Rutgers.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 30: Penn State at Indiana
  • Nebraska at Ohio State
  • Thursday, Dec. 31: Michigan at Maryland: and Minnesota at Wisconsin.
  • Saturday, Jan. 2: Purdue at Illinois; Michigan State at Nebraska; and Iowa at Rutgers.
  • Sunday, Jan. 3: Northwestern at Michigan; Ohio State at Minnesota; and Wisconsin at Penn State.
  • Monday, Jan. 4: Maryland at Indiana.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 5: Rutgers at Michigan State; and Nebraska at Purdue.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 6: Minnesota at Michigan; and Penn State at Ohio State.
  • Thursday, Jan. 7: Iowa at Maryland; Illinois at Northwestern; and Indiana at Wisconsin.
  • Friday, Jan. 8: Purdue at Michigan State.
  • Saturday, Jan. 9: Michigan at Penn State; and Ohio State at Rutgers.
  • Sunday, Jan. 10: Maryland at Illinois; and Indiana at Nebraska.
  • Sunday, Jan. 10 or Monday, Jan. 11: Minnesota at Iowa.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 12: Wisconsin at Michigan; and Rutgers at Penn State.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 13: Illinois at Nebraska; and Northwestern at Ohio State.
  • Thursday, Jan. 14: Purdue at Indiana; and Michigan State at Iowa.
  • Friday, Jan. 15: Wisconsin at Rutgers.
  • Saturday, Jan. 16: Ohio State at Illinois; Nebraska at Maryland, and Michigan at Minnesota.
  • Sunday, Jan. 17: Indiana at Michigan State; and Penn State at Purdue.
  • Sunday, Jan. 17 or Monday, Jan. 18: Iowa at Northwestern.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 19: Maryland at Michigan.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 20: Penn State at Illinois; and Minnesota at Nebraska.
  • Thursday, Jan. 21: Indiana at Iowa.
  • Friday, Jan. 22: Michigan at Purdue.
  • Saturday, Jan. 23: Illinois at Michigan State; Maryland at Minnesota; Northwestern at Penn State; and Ohio State at Wisconsin.
  • Sunday, Jan. 24: Rutgers at Indiana; and Nebraska at Iowa.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 27: Purdue at Ohio State; and Northwestern at Wisconsin.
  • Thursday, Jan. 28: Michigan State at Rutgers.
  • Friday, Jan. 29: Iowa at Illinois
  • Saturday, Jan. 30: Wisconsin at Maryland; Indiana at Michigan; Penn State at Nebraska; and Minnesota at Purdue.
  • Sunday, Jan. 31: Rutgers at Northwestern; and Michigan State at Ohio State.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 2: Illinois at Indiana; Purdue at Maryland; and Penn State at Wisconsin          
  • Wednesday, Feb. 3: Nebraska at Michigan State; and Michigan at Northwestern.
  • Thursday, Feb. 4: Ohio State at Iowa; and Minnesota at Rutgers.
  • Friday, Feb. 5 or Saturday, Feb. 6: Maryland at Penn State.
  • Saturday, Feb. 6: Wisconsin at Illinois; Michigan State at Michigan; and Northwestern at Purdue.
  • Sunday, Feb. 7: Iowa at Indiana.
  • Sunday, Feb. 7 or Monday, Feb. 8: Nebraska at Minnesota.
  • Monday, Feb. 8 or Tuesday, Feb. 9: Ohio State at Maryland.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 9: Penn State at Michigan State.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 10: Rutgers at Iowa; and Indiana at Northwestern.
  • Thursday, Feb. 11: Illinois at Michigan; Purdue at Minnesota; and Wisconsin at Nebraska.
  • Saturday, Feb. 13: Iowa at Michigan State; Indiana at Ohio State; and Northwestern at Rutgers.
  • Sunday, Feb. 14: Minnesota at Maryland; Nebraska at Penn State; and Michigan at Wisconsin.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 16: Northwestern at Illinois; and Michigan State at Purdue.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 17: Minnesota at Indiana; and Maryland at Nebraska.
  • Thursday, Feb. 18: Rutgers at Michigan; Ohio State at Penn State; and Iowa at Wisconsin.
  • Saturday, Feb. 20: Michigan State at Indiana; Illinois at Minnesota; and Purdue at Nebraska.
  • Sunday, Feb. 21: Penn State at Iowa; Wisconsin at Northwestern; Michigan at Ohio State; and Maryland at Rutgers.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 24: Nebraska at Illinois; and Indiana at Rutgers.
  • Thursday, Feb. 25: Ohio State at Michigan State.
  • Friday, Feb. 26 or Saturday, Feb. 27: Purdue at Penn State.
  • Saturday, Feb. 27: Michigan at Indiana; and Northwestern at Minnesota.
  • Saturday, Feb. 27: Illinois at Wisconsin.
  • Sunday, Feb. 28: Michigan State at Maryland; Iowa at Ohio State; and Rutgers at Nebraska.
  • Tuesday, March 2: Wisconsin at Purdue.
  • Wednesday, March 3: Maryland at Northwestern; and Minnesota at Penn State.
  • Thursday, March 4: Iowa at Michigan.
  • Saturday, March 6: Illinois at Ohio State; and Indiana at Purdue.
  • Saturday, March 6 or Sunday, March 7: Rutgers at Minnesota; and Nebraska at Northwestern.
  • Sunday, March 7: Penn State at Maryland; Wisconsin at Iowa; and Michigan at Michigan State.


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