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Bringing the NFL Draft to Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Every April, thousands descend upon one of the NFL’s biggest shows — the three-day monster televised party, also known as the NFL Draft. Although this year’s virtual draft won’t have the glitz and glam like usual, we can still daydream about the red carpet and the stage, or maybe even the NFL Draft here in Indy.

It turns out the idea isn’t that crazy. Indianapolis wants it, and they’ve already thrown their hat in the ring.

“They have already accepted official expressions of interest, which we have submitted. Now we’re kind of waiting for the formal bid process to kick off,” said Ryan Vaughn, president of Indiana Sports Corporation.

Indianapolis is battle tested in hosting major events. The city has tackled the Super Bowl, College Football National Championships, Big Ten Tournaments, Final Fours, NBA All-Star Games and over thirty years of the NFL Combine.

Colts Head Coach Frank Reich agrees the city would be a good fit.

“Indianapolis knows how to do it,” he said. “We know how to put together a national event. We know how to do it with class. We’ve got the right leaders in place to do it and we’re undefeated, so bring it on.”

The city’s pitch is strong when it comes to getting the NFL to Indy.

“I mean Indy is a proven commodity. We’ve been winners with the Combine,” said Reich.

Vaughn added, “A great franchise, but we’ve also hosted probably the best Super Bowl, in our opinion.”

“It’s very familiar for the people that are at all tied to the NFL. But there’s a familiarity, a history here in Indianapolis,” said ESPN NFL Insider, Field Yates.

“I would say that I’ve spent more time in Indianapolis than any other NFL city,” said ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

“Everything is compact, great airport, we’re right in the middle of the country,” Vaughn added, “I really can’t think of a reason not to host the NFL draft in Indianapolis.”

The only issue would be double-booking. The Circle City has a full calendar in the coming years, so when it comes to scheduling when could the draft make it’s way here?

Vaughn said, “Well, I can tell you for sure it’s not in the next two years. We’re really looking at 2023 to 2026, depending on what the NFL releases, depending on how far they want to go. But that’s the time frame for us is opening up.”

Indy is ready, it’s just waiting for it’s name to be called as the NFL Draft’s next site.