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De’Ron Davis reflects on IU career, discusses future

Photo of De'Ron Davis.(Provided Photo)

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) – Indiana seniors De’Ron Davis and Devonte Green are the only 4-year seniors in the history of Indiana basketball that never got to experience an NCAA tournament in their IU careers. Their final try was out of their control but it will live with them forever.

“I definitely feel like I missed out.  We won that game and we thought, ‘OK we’re in.’  But we still don’t know. The whole situation is just messed up,” said forward De’Ron Davis.

“It’s a lot easier knowing this one was out of our hands.  But it just sucks.  I can’t tell my son, man the NCAA Tournament was crazy,” Davis added, “Like I said before, our dream will have to live through the team next year and through our kids.”

The abrupt ending to his senior season wasn’t the first wrench that was thrown in Davis’ plan. In the midst of his stand-out sophomore season, his college career was altered permanently. Davis ruptured his Achilles tendon, followed by an ankle injury his junior year and in his final season, he was stuck finding his footing while sharing the load inside with Trayce Jackson Davis and Joey Brunk

Davis reflected on his final season saying, “I didn’t play as much as I thought I was going to this year. It kind of messed up how I thought my season coming back would be. I played the role I needed to play.”

He added, “It was an uphill battle.  It had its good moments, it had its bad.  I just felt like after my Achilles injury, everything was rocky.  Overall, I’m happy I chose IU.  It’s been a long journey, but it taught me a lot.”

Chapter four may have been cut short for De’Ron Davis, but regardless, it was his final chapter in Assembly Hall.  A bittersweet ending because Davis knows there are better days ahead for his Hoosiers.

“I want to start my life. I don’t want to play around,” Davis said.

He explained his plans are to start his professional basketball career overseas and hopes to eventually make his way back to the NBA.  Davis added, “I know that’s hard, but everybody has a different path.”

Davis’ career in candy stripes did not always go as planned, but it ended like many before him.

“Wow, I mean it’s bittersweet,” Davis added, “It would’ve been a lot better if I was able to make some noise in the tournament, but I grew up here. I became a man here.  I’ll always be a Hoosier.”


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