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More than 2,000 letters flood in to encourage NCAA athletes

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The NCAA is doing everything it can to make the March Madness Tournament the most memorable event of 2021, but the association needs help to do it.

Thousands of letters were sent to teams welcoming them with open arms to Indy. Brett Kramer with the Indiana Sports Corp said at least 2,000 letters have been collected so far. She called it a statewide effort.

‘Hopefully at the end of the day, it will put a smile on their face and a way for them to know that Indianapolis is rooting for them in their journey through March Madness,” said Kramer.

Michelle Hine and her 6th grade class at McClelland Elementary got in on the action. She used this opportunity as a writing assignment, and her class wrote more than 100 letters of support and encouragement.

“They really pulled out some inspirational quotes about working hard, you really put in so much work and hours for this. This is when it all pays off,” said Hine.

She hopes the athletes are as excited about getting the letters as they were writing them.

“I already know the impact was feeling positive about their city and having something in this nutty year to really look forward to,” said Hine.

Kramer said her class hopes the letters create a connection between Hoosiers and the athletes.

“The student-athletes and teams will not have that connection with the community as they typically would in a normal year and tournament circumstance. We are trying to create very different ways for the community to have an impact on the student-athletes,” said Kramer.

Kramer and Hine agree this initiative is all about showing a little Hoosier hospitality.

“We are here for you. We see you and we really want you to enjoy your experience in our city,” said Kramer.

“Indianapolis will put on a face of welcome and make this tournament the best tournament it can possibly be,” said Hine.

The letters are meant to be a note of encouragement, not to support a particular team, which is why they can be written now even before we know which 68 teams will make it.

Here’s how to write a letter for the teams.