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Alabama, Georgia fans agree on one thing — it’s a bit chilly in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Monday morning found a slew of Georgia football fans cheering on Georgia Street and talking enthusiastically about their Dawgs.

For Indianapolis residents, it may be difficult to discern Georgia Red from Alabama Crimson, but the folks from SEC Football country know the difference. Shades of red aside, the Georgia and Alabama faithful agree on one thing. It is a bit too cold this week in Circle City.

“I think it’s cold,” said Georgia fan Jennifer Hay succinctly as she stood in a parking deck after consuming a few beers. “I was wearing shorts yesterday (in Atlanta) but we are bundled up with coats and scarves now.”

“It’s a bit cold,” said Tuscaloosa resident and Alabama fan Peggy Evans. “But, it could be worse. There could be snow.”

Fans have been filling Indianapolis bars and restaurants and spending money. Retailers and restauranteurs expect a windfall because of the SEC fans who’ve arrived here.

Many of the visitors George Mallet of Life.Style.Live! spoke with spoke highly of Circle City’s hospitality.

Many of those fans are also in Indianapolis for the first time. Had Cincinnati or Michigan fans been here with their team, hoteliers we spoke with wondered aloud if they would have been spending money at the same pace.