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‘Indinia,’ our ‘Indinia’ falters in spelling on jersey

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — “Indinia” read the front of David Holloman’s Indiana University football jersey as he stepped onto the field in Saturday’s game against the University of Iowa.

The misspelling on the freshman running back’s jersey quickly circulated around the internet, gaining national attention.

“Someone in the ‘Indinia’ equipment department is getting fired today,” CFB Kings, a Twitter account dedicated to college football, wrote in a tweet.

Many compared the blunder to the 2009 Washington Nationals incident — Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman’s jerseys both read “Natinals” during an April game against the Florida Marlins.

“I root for Indinia and the Natinals,” one Twitter user wrote.

The Hoosiers’ misspelling foreshadowed the disappointing game. No. 17 IU lost to No. 18 Iowa 6-34 in their first game of the season.

“Rough day all around for Indinia … err, Indiana,” USA TODAY Sports wrote in a tweet.


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