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 Colts look toward future at NFL Combine

(Provided Photo/Indianapolis Colts)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Colts are in the quarterback sweepstakes this NFL Combine. The Horseshoe’s head coach Shane Steichen is looking for the foundational piece of his new offense — and he’s ready for whomever it may be.

SHANE STEICHEN: Whoever that guy is back there throwing it, you got to adjust to him. You got to build the offense around the quarterback first and foremost. You can’t be stuck in your ways of, ‘Hey, this is the system we run,’ or whatever it is, you got to be able to adapt to that guy.”

Steichen says the best quarterbacks are perfectionists obsessed with the game. Physically, it’s not all about his size.

STEICHEN: The accuracy is one of the biggest things. When it’s 3rd and 8, you got to have it. You got to be able to stand in the pocket and deliver the strike with a guy coming barrelling down your chest. I think that says a lot about a guy’s toughness. I look for that on tape. 

CHRIS BALLARD: We’ve had guys that have been under 6 foot and been successful. I know there’s been sometimes that I’ve griped that a guy’s too tall. Now we’re going to say they’re too short. I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and who do you believe in, who do you think you can build an offense around.

STEICHEN: Guys come in different shapes and sizes. We’ve seen Hall of Famers that are 6 foot. We’ve seen Hall of Famers that are 6-5. Again it’s that ‘it’ factor. Because everyone’s going to have some talent. You got to find and dig deep.

ANGELA MORYAN: Which quarterback to take isn’t the only question plaguing the Colts organization, but where to take him at. The Colts might have the opportunity to trade up with the Chicago Bears for the number one overall pick. However, Colts general manager Chris Ballard isn’t convinved he’ll have to do that to get the guy he wants.

BALLARD, – “Everybody has just automatically stamped that you’ve got to move up to one to get it right. I don’t know if I agree with that. I dont. But that’s going to be the narritive. When we meet as a staff and we say, ‘okay this is what we need to do this is the guy for the next 10-15 years and we think he’s the right guy,’ sure we’ll do it. But who’s to say we won’t get one at four?”

Time will tell. The first round of the NFL Draft is April 27.