Drive, Chip & Putt unofficial kick off to Masters Week 2018

Monday is day one of the practice rounds for The Masters. But Sunday was the unofficial start to the Masters.

Little guys and girls from ages 7 to 15 played in the Drive, Chip & Putt competition. 

The pros were out warming up as well. 

It’s like the tailgate to the Masters and at Augusta National, they tailgate like no one else. 

Day 1 and the first time out here for many.

“First time ever,” says Julie Williams. 

“What was your thought when you walked in the gates?” I asked.

Julie says she just gasped.

“It’s surreal,” says Terri Lockhart.

“Are you a golfer yourself?” I asked.

“No, I’m not…married to one though.”

Terri picked up a bag from the brand new gift shop to remember her trip and rock her colors. 

“This particular bag actually reflects my sorority colors, Alpha Kappa Alpha, so shout out to the sorahs!”

David and Julie Williams bought a hat for their 3-year-old grandson.

“So he’s going to grow up to be a golf lover.”

“I hope he’s over there participating in 10 years,” said David.

He’s pointing to one of the spots for todays Drive, Chip & Putt competition for junior golfers like Taighan Chea. He was the overall winner for his age group and it came down to the last event. 

“I was so nervous when he hit his first putt. then i was like…yes!” said Taighan. 

Brooke Bierman’s whole family came from St. Louis to watch her compete. 

“It was nerve-racking of course,” said Brooke. “but it was still awesome getting to walk around like you’re a player.”

She won the putt portion for her age group…but seemed more excited about getting pro golfer Adam Scott’s autograph. 

“I’ll hang it up in my room forever probably,” said Brooke.

Many of the big name pros were out here warming up today.

“We saw Bubba. We saw John Rahn. We saw Billy Horschel. We saw Angel Cabrera,” David and Julie Williams tell me. 

And they’ll be out here Monday for the first day of practice rounds.