Gone fishin’ with Colts offensive lineman Braden Smith

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Colts starting right tackle has been getting a lot of praise this offseason. Bleacher REport named Braden Smith the team’s “best kept secret.” And Smith recently revealed a secret of his own.

“Every fisherman I know says ‘oh it’s the last cast,’ then 30 minutes later…you know just trying to get yourself removed is the difficult part,” said Colts right tackle Braden Smith.

While most of the world has tried to find different hobbies and ways to occupy their newfound free time, the Horseshoe’s best run-blocker is just sticking to what he’s always known, spending his summer at Grand Park.

“Got to get my time in while I can. Won’t be at the facilities for camp, so have to make up for lost time,” Smith added, “like last night the teammate I was catfishing with was Mark Glowinski. Ryan (Kelly) fishes. You could say the whole right side of the O-Line are big fishermen.”

And being the best fisherman on the Horseshoe isn’t a title he takes lightly — he’s always in the film room.

“You can’t just throw anything, you’ve got to know what the bass are eating, where the best places to fish are at specifically,” Smith added, “I mean it’s like going into a game, you know, you can’t just go run random plays. So, just having a game plan I guess.”

Smith’s game plan on the field did not fail him last season. In fact, he finished with a higher run-blocking grade than Quenton Nelson.  

Smith said, “As O-Lineman, you take pride in the run game. So, just going out there and mauling people, that’s what offensive lineman love to do.”

As Smith continues to emerge as one of the best young tackles in the league, some have called Smith the best-kept secret on the entire Colts roster. But he prefers to fly under the radar, so that he can keep fishing in peace!

Olivia Ray asks, “Does anyone ever recognize you fishing out here?”

Smith laughs, “I don’t feel like I have a very recognizable face, so probably not. I kinda keep to myself anyways. I’m not really trying to get out into the crowd ya know. That’s the point of fishing anyways, to get away from everything.”