Gonzaga faces Baylor in NCAA men’s basketball title game Monday night

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The crowning of a champion of the NCAA Men’s Tournament will happen on Monday. A pair of number 1 seeds, Baylor and Gonzaga will face off at 9:20 pm at Lucas Oil Stadium.

To get people ready for the marquee match-up, the final four released a video on twitter highlighting the championship trophy and the message “Baylor or Gonzaga will take this bad boy home and be immortalized forever.”

The road to the championship game was a nail-biter for Gonzaga on Saturday night. Freshman Jalen Suggs banked in a 3-point shot at the buzzer, beating UCLA 93 to 90.

Baylor had a much easier time in its Final Four semifinal. The bears scored a lopsided victory over Houston with a final score of 78 to 59.

Both head coaches said they believe Monday night’s game is one of the best matchups to end the season.

For the last few months, fans have been flocking to Indianapolis for the tournament. Coaches and athletes who have been in Indiana for weeks are praising the job done to make the tournament a reality during the pandemic.

None of this is possible without work from volunteers, staff and help of Indiana Sports Corp. The organization said they are thrilled with the tournament turnout and are excited for the final game. 

“It has been a wonderful ride throughout March Madness. And we are just so happy to crown a national champion tonight,” said the Indiana Sports Corp PR Director, Brett Kramer. “The community has really come together to make this a huge success. We have had basketball games playing. We have had smiles on student athlete’s faces. The coaches are happy, the fans are happy. We are just so proud of the community for coming together and making this all possible.”

Despite obstacles, including the pandemic, the Indiana Sports Corp dubs the tournament a success. The thank you messages from players and fans have made the hard work worth every minute for staff in Indianapolis.

“A great sense of gratitude. They put in long hours, early mornings, late nights, weekends. They really poured in their heart and souls, sacrificed time with friends and family to make this a special moment. So I know they feel it when they hear those Thank You’s,” said Indiana Sports Corp President, Ryan Vaughn.

Tip off is Monday at 9:20 pm at Lucas Oil Stadium. Whoever wins, it has undoubtedly been a historic tournament and just an amazing few weeks for Indiana.


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