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Angry birds, mystery slogans, and odd fonts: NBA debuts In-Season Tournament courts

NBA In-Season Floors

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — When the NBA tips off its first-ever In-Season Tournament this week, something new will be underfoot: Every floor in the league is getting a new, baseline-to-baseline look.

The designs all feature a solid main color covering all of the traditional wood grain. All of the floors also have three versions of the new “NBA Cup Trophy”: one at center court and one in each of the keys. Some of the floors also have team slogans or symbols.

Notable Designs

Indiana Pacers: One of the simplest of the 30 designs, the new court at Gainbridge Fieldhouse features an aqua main color, a wide yellow stripe, and “INDY” in an all-caps, hand-lettered look. The look echoes the widely ‘leaked’ look of the 2023-24 “City Edition” jerseys.

Indiana Pacers In-Season Tournament court at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. (Provided Photo/NBA)

Cleveland Cavaliers: The Pacers’ first tournament foe will host opponents on a gold court with “The Land”
at center court of and the phrase “LET ‘EM KNOW.” along the sideline.

Cleveland Cavaliers In-Season Tournament floor at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. (Provided Photo/NBA)

Philadelphia 76ers: The second team to face the Pacers during the tournament will play on a red and blue court with a numeral ’76’ at midcourt. The baselines tout Philadelphia’s longtime nickname, the “City of Brotherly Love.”

Philadelphia 76ers In-Season Tournament floor (Provided Photo/NBA)

Atlanta Hawks: The Hawks are also in a tournament group with the Pacers. The team manages to hold onto its traditional Hawk head logo at the center of a blue-colored court, but the sideline holds something of a mystery. The phrase “lift as we fly” appears without explanation. It’s not a part of the team’s current marketing campaign or a traditional slogan from the Hawks’ past. As with the Pacers, the reason may become clearer when the “City Edition” uniforms are fully released.

Atlanta Hawks In-Season Tournament Floor. (Provided Photo/NBA)

New Orleans Pelicans: This court may well prompt the most conversation, with a purple, green, and black color scheme and center-court artwork that manages to make a pelican look terrifying. The bird is staring spread-winged, with its bones showing through.

New Orleans Pelicans In-Season Tournament floor (Provided Photo/NBA)

Los Angeles Lakers: This one sticks out for what it is not. The NBA says the Lakers are one of the few teams that have never played on an ‘alternate’ floor design, but the alternate version will hardly shock traditionalists. Unlike nearly every other team, the Lakers keep both their usual purple-and-gold color scheme and normal logo.

Los Angeles Lakers In-Season Tournament floor (Provided Photo/NBA)

The NBA In-Season Tournament will begin Friday and culminate with the Championship game on Saturday, Dec. 9.

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