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How the Pacers’ new City Edition uniforms were designed

City edition uniforms unveiled earlier this month

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Earlier this month, the Indiana Pacers unveiled their 2023-24 City Edition uniforms.

Since the announcement, the Pacers have already worn the jerseys twice.

The team’s brand designer Renick Bowman, who played a major role in the design of the jerseys, joined News 8 Sports’ Andrew Chernoff on SportsLocker Sunday to talk about how the design came together.

“This was two and a half years in the making,” Bowman said. “We sat down as a team. We had a lot of designers. We worked with Nike. We worked with the NBA. They gave us the opportunity to bring everything in-house for the first time ever.”

One of the parts of the jersey that Bowman discussed was the “Indy” wordmark.

Pacers’ City Edition Uniforms (Provided Photo/Indiana Pacers)

“This (the ‘Indy’ font) is hand scripted,” Bowman said. “So, I crafted this. We laid out about 20-25-30 different ways to write ‘Indy.’ We wanted to wear ‘Indy’ for the very first time across our chest and just represent the city for a City Edition Uniform.”

Of course, there has been reaction across the NBA world in regard to the jerseys. As always, the hope is that the players like the look. Well, according to Bowman, they did.

“They were very excited,” Bowman said. “(A) black uniform was something they wanted for a very long time.”

In addition to the jerseys, the team unveiled its first-ever City Edition alternate court in team history.

Pacers’ City Edition court (Provided Photo/Indiana Pacers)

Bowman said there were a lot of late nights in designing the court, but that once he saw it in person, he got “goosebumps.”

“To see it go from my screen to larger-than-life, literally, it was unreal,” said Bowman.

Bowman not only a brand designer for the Pacers, but also for the Indiana Fever.

“I was always interested in basketball jerseys, just uniform design in general,” Bowman said. “I remember always asking for someone’s jersey for Christmas, someone’s jersey for my birthday. Whether it was me painting the lines on my driveway or creating custom jerseys for my backyard basketball team, this is now something that I can cross off my bucket list. I’m very, very happy with it.”

The Pacers will wear the City Edition uniforms again this Friday when they host the Detroit Pistons. Tip-off is set for 8 p.m. EDT inside Gainbridge Fieldhouse. The matchup Friday though will be played on the team’s “In-Season Tournament” court since it is an In-Season Tournament game.