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Pacers rookies give their impressions on the Pacers style of play

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — With the Pacers Summer League action quickly approaching, practices are underway. All three of the Pacers second round draft picks were in Indianapolis to prepare for their first games in a Pacers uniform.

They talked about their impressions on the Pacers style of play and how they can fit into it.

“I think the Pacers run a super exciting playstyle,” Johnny Furphy said. “The team dynamic is something I can envision myself fitting in really well, just how fast they play and just kind of how different players impact the games. I can envision myself doing that.”

Tristen Newton noted the unselfish playstyle the Pacers have, saying they have star guys and key guys, but they still move the ball to get the open shot. He also said some teams have guys that just pound the ball for 20 seconds, but that’s not the style of play the Pacers have.

For Enrique Freeman, the emphasis on playing out in transition stood out.

“I love it,” Freeman said. “They go out and run. I’m a good runner, I run the floor pretty hard.”

“I love the way they play, and they hone in on defense and rebounding, and that’s what I’m here to add, too.”

Both of the Pacers first round picks last year, Jarace Walker and Ben Sheppard, are playing in the Summer League again this year. Since he has some NBA experience under his belt this time around, Walker is taking on more of a leadership role and giving advice to the rookies on the team.

“Mistakes are going to happen,” Walker said. “We’re rookies. We’re young. We’re learning. This is all new. So, when you make a mistake, don’t put your head down. Just move to the next play as quick as possible, because that’s what’s going to translate.”

The Pacers Summer League schedule starts on Friday, July 12 against the Brooklyn Nets at 8 p.m.