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A classic love story with a Colts connection

(WISH) — It’s a classic love story, but with a Colts connection. Two people fall in love, on a football field (Lucas Oil Stadium), and they pick a preacher only fit for a member of the Horseshoe.

Parks Frazier was hired by the Indianapolis Colts in 2018 to serve as an assistant to the head coach. 

“I was actually going to training camp two years ago and I think it was the opening and I think it was the opening interview,” said Frazier. “I was standing in the back, and Caroline was too.”

Caroline Cann is the former reporter for, which is how she met current Colts offensive assistant and her other half, Parks.  

The two got engaged during this past NFL season and planned their wedding for this crazy offseason.

“So, we did have to pivot and make some changes but I think the thing him and I both focused on from the very beginning was this is about us getting married,” Caroline said. “So, as long as him and myself and Frank could be there, then we are going to have the day.”

Frank, as in Colts Head Coach Frank Reich. He’s an important piece of this love story, because he’s the one that actually tied the knot for the Fraziers.

“As an ordained minister, one of the greatest privileges is performing a wedding. It’s just so fun to see two people coming together. It was especially, especially meaningful for when you know them both. And then on top of that, when you know them like they’re family,” said Reich.

He added, “For the two of them to ask me to perform the wedding, I was blown away. It was a great privilege and it was a lot of fun. It was a special day. It was a special day. There are a great couple and really, I was privileged to be part of that ceremony.”

Caroline said, ”I have had a couple of fans reach out to me and say that’s so cool that coach Reich married you. I’m thinking that is cool but who married us was Frank Reich.”

Reich has only performed a couple of wedding ceremonies before, but he has given plenty of pre-game and halftime speeches.

“When you’re performing a ceremony of people that you know and love, what makes it special is to add the personal connection. So, as I was preparing that, I was like, what am I going to say to these two?,” he said. “And it was only appropriate that I said, ‘you want to know what the great foundation for a marriage is?’ And it just happened to be the three T’s that we talked about as a football team.”

Reich first shared this quote two years ago when he was hired as the leader of the Colts.  His first message to his new team was “to build a culture with three ‘T’s’: trust, toughness and teamwork.”

So, naturally that was the foundation for Reich’s sermon at the Frazier wedding.

Parks explained, ”Oddly enough only in Frank Reich fashion, his message was specifically revolved around trust, toughness and team.”

“To be standing there in a wedding dress and his tux and we are getting married and he’s telling us trust, toughness and team,” Caroline said. “We did, we all shared a laugh because you know this is going to be easy for us to remember that this is how you build a strong foundation in a marriage.”       

Parks added that Frank Reich and his wife Linda are two of his biggest role models in life, saying, “Who they are and how they have gone about both his playing career and now his coaching career and how they have navigated that. No matter who you talk to in this business, they have the utmost respect for them.”

Caroline echoed that. She said, “I think as we go throughout his career in coaching and us beginning this new life together that’s who I want to model this after. I want to make sure we are treating people correctly, approaching this job and the building and the culture of the Colts or you know any team. The way they have.”

Team Frazier, forever.