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Colts fans: ‘AR looked amazing’ and other praises despite loss in season opener

Fans react to colts home opener

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Colts may have suffered a loss in the season opener to the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Colts fans were in good spirits and said they were pleasantly surprised with how the team showed up.

The fans were impressed with the team’s start on both offense and defense with Anthony Richardson getting a lot of attention in his first-ever game with the Colts.

“The Colts being that close to the Jags was honestly very impressive and AR looked amazing with that rushing touchdown,” said Ben Clear, of Fishers, Indiana.

“The defense played very well today,” said Justin Bryant of Greensboro, North Carolina. “We actually showed up. We brought a lot of energy on defense. The offense, Anthony Richardson, he’s just starting off.”

“The Colts held their own against the Jags,” said Georgia Cervenka, of Los Angeles, California. “I was pretty impressed honestly. I feel like they did a pretty good job on defense.”

“The one thing is just the offense man. We really got to figure it out and tune AR up,” said Zion Goldman, of Fishers. “I think he is gonna be the man in Indy, but we get it back in week five. Hopefully, we can run the table.”

“The defense brought great energy and I think we got a great season ahead of us,” said Ty Pope, of Greensboro, North Carolina.

“I honestly felt inspired,” said Julia Laasch, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “I felt like their teamwork was incredible and they had great energy, and I was inspired by the fans in the stadium.”

Only one person seemed especially disappointed with the team’s performance, coming up to the camera and yelling about the loss, disagreeing with the idea that it was a strong start for the team.

Despite the loss, some of the Colts’ youngest fans came out of the stadium with smiles on their faces and were just excited to be there.

“It was exciting and fun,” Miles Faires, a kid who accompanied his younger brother to his first-ever Colts game with their dad. “But I’m kinda bummed they lost.”

Seemingly the biggest controversy of the day was the roof on Lucas Oil stadium — it was closed, and fans online and in person said they wish it was open, but some noted it would have been very warm for everyone inside if that was the case.

The team is on the road for their next two games taking on the Texans and then the Ravens the next two Sundays at 1 p.m.