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Colts fans brave cold temperatures to tailgate before game vs. Chargers

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Cold weather kept most Colts fans away but those that did come out to the gate ten event area brought the energy.

Patty Cavanaugh came with the Colts on Fire Tailgate. “No matter winning or losing he’s [her husband] the ultimate Colts fan and we were here at at 1 p.m. no one else,” she said. “I do sit in the car while he sets up which is not very nice.”

This group has been gathering for home games for 25 years; they said the group has grown but the core members remain.

“We harvest this fun all year long so we’re gathering, we’re having bbq’s, we do this all year no matter what,” said Cat Mackey, a member of the group.

“It’s so much fun because we get to hang out with our friends and as a colts tailgating group we are undefeated,” Cavanaugh said.

The Colts on Fire group said they are true fans and come no matter what.

“We come out here because we love each other and we want to be together and we want to support our team,” said Mackey. “We love the Colts no matter what.”

These temperatures did not stop others from continuing their holiday weekend with some Monday Night Football.

Ryan Young held a tailgate for his family. He said, “We love tailgating and to be doing it the day after Christmas is pretty cool.”

Will Stewart said his aunt and uncle bought him Colts tickets to celebrate his 21st birthday and he was glad to tailgate and have a good time no matter what happens inside the stadium.

“The birthday was good. Had some good holidays back home,” said Stewart. “Hopefully they win but if they don’t we’ll still have fun regardless.”

These diehard fans all said they will support the Colts win or lose.