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Colts fans react to new head coach Shane Steichen

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Getting a new head coach is exciting for a lot of Colts fans.

Some fans say while they are thankful for the work Interim Coach Jeff Saturday put into the team.

Fans also want to see more wins and are hopeful that the new head coach, Shane Steichen, will help make it happen.

Jake Query, morning cohost at 107.5 The Fan, said, “Shane Steichen was a guy that was on the radar fairly early … They went with an offensive coach. They went with a young coach.”

Query took a closer look at the change. “I think it’s the right step. I think it’s the right first step, but I think there are still auxiliary steps that have to take place, two, three, and four, and also roster building that has to take place in order for Indianapolis to get where they want to go.”

“Maybe this brings some long-term stability. You have to hope! And if not you go right back into the revolving door in four or five years, but buckle in because it’ll be fun to watch,” Query said. “Steichen obviously coming from a situation where Philadelphia had a dynamic offense. He’s worked with multiple quarterbacks of varying styles, so I think that gives Indianapolis some flexibility of what they want to try to do schematically in terms of their offense.”

Colts fans know what they want for the new football season. Jessica Cicchini, an Indianapolis resident, said, “I guess just win more games.”

Fans will be depending on the former Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator to move the team into a different direction. Courtney Kooy, an Indianapolis resident, said, “With a new coach coming in, maybe a new strategy. Hopefully, a more stable quarterback situation. That’s my hope for this year.”

Kooy also said she’s thankful for the former interim head coach. “I love Jeff Saturday. I think anybody from Indianapolis loves Jeff Saturday. They tried it out and I think he did the best he could. That’s not his job. I mean he did great, but we know that we really need a permanent head coach.”