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Colts fans: ‘They keep scrapping’ and other praises after loss to Rams

They keep scrapping and other positive Colts fan comments

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Colts fans kept a positive attitude after the team lost its second home game of the season. Fans said the team is resilient and they liked what they saw.

“They’re a really young team and it’s so fun to watch them because they keep scrapping and clawing and they won’t give up, said Denise Osuma, of Lindenhurst, Illinois.

Rick Stevens, known to Colts fans as the “Colts Caveman” said it is uphill from here as other players return from injuries to join Anthony Richardson.

“I like what I see. I do. I really like what I see with the Colts. I like what I see with AR,” said Stevens.

Ryder Gates, a fan from the Chicago suburbs, was excited to be here for his first game of the season.

“Richardson is looking really good this year though,” Gates said. “After coming off a concussion protocol game. We’re looking really good. We’re looking really good.”

Some fans came from as far as Nebraska and Florida to see the Colts and Richardson play.

“It’s challenging to convert those two-point conversions as everyone knows and they stepped up and they just didn’t get it done in the end,” Kyley Holmstrom, a fan from Omaha, Nebraska.

“It’s always good to see a Florida Gator playing in the NFL on Sundays so we enjoyed it, but couldn’t get the W,” said Scott Sandoval, a Anthony Richardson fan from St. Augustine, Florida.

“You know we just couldn’t punch it in,” said Ted Gates, another fan from the Chicago suburbs. “You’re right. I mean, we gotta do it better.”

“It was really disappointing, the finish,” said Tim Gates, a local fan from Noblesville. “However, I really thought they showed a lot of resilience in coming back. I mean they were down 23 to nothing.”

“I thought he played really well in the second half,” said Anthony Osuma, another fan from Lindenhurst, Illinois. “Good rushing. He showed a lot of poise in the comeback which is encouraging.”

A group of four kids, both Colts and Chargers fans, from Princeton, Kentucky, were thrilled to be at an exciting game.

“Well, at first they were at zero, then they came up to 15, then they tied, and then the Rams won,” said Avery Hart, a Colts fan. “I think they all did good.”

“I think the Colts made a great comeback,” said Shelby Hart, the other Colts fan of the bunch.

“We just wanted to stay until the very end and both the teams did very good,” said Evie Joe Freeman, a Chargers fan.

“It was really fun, but whenever they came back, I kinda thought they were gonna win,” said Zeagon Harris, another Chargers fan.

The Colts take on the Titans next Sunday at home at 1 p.m.