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Colts intend to raise fan experience for 40th season in Indianapolis

New Lucas Oil stadium amenities for Colts fans

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Anyone planning to visit Lucas Oil Stadium may find some new items, and the Colts say it’s all part of the celebration of their 40th season in Indianapolis.

With so many fans getting ready to enjoy the new football season, the Colts are adding amenities and parking that’ll make the experience more exciting.

Stephanie Pemberton, vice president of marketing for the Colts, said Friday, “We are excited to open up Lucas Oil Stadium again to our fans and kind of bring back Colts Nation to just celebrate and get excited for some football.”

From added parking to dozens of new menu items and entertainment, the Colts have unveiled amenities that fans can enjoy this season.

For Pemberton, the fan experience is already a win. “The goal really being that you can manage kind of your game day experience through your mobile device, through that Colts app, have your parking, your ticketing all right there.”

Pemberton says more parking will be available on game days in places including the South Lot and the state government garage. Plus, a new chat assistant, Robo Blue, will answer any questions instantly.

“So if you’re wondering where can I find a certain food item, where should I park, what’s the giveaway for the game, all of those kind of details you can find that through Robo Blue,” Pemberton said. “This is designed to try to be more of a kind of one-stop shop for fans through the Colts app and the ability to kind of manage all the different aspects of game day.”

With menu items at the concession stands, it will be all about doing it your own way.

“Our chefs really decided to take some of those core items and give fans the way to kind of customize them and kick them up a notch if you will and so we’re doing some loaded options, so loaded hot dog, loaded hamburger options where you can actually customize your toppings and do some themed toppings and things like that,” Pemberton said.