Indianapolis Colts

Colts superfans gearing up for Monday Night Football on WISH-TV

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A prime-time Monday Night Colts game is bringing out all the Colts super fans to get everyone excited for the game on WISH-TV.

Elias Otero Jr., known as ‘Luchablue’ to fans, said, “We try to just get it hype. Bring the juice. Especially Monday Night Football. We’ve got an awesome light show they’re going to be putting on in the stadium. We’ve got some cool gear. We’re ready.”

Otero Jr. was voted Colts Fan of the Year in 2021 with his son Elias Otero III under their stage name Luchablue. He said it was his son’s idea to start dressing up. They have been season ticket holders since 2017 and travel hours to come to every home game.

“When I told my dad let’s do this right I didn’t know he was going to say yes until I was dreaming of us being super fans and us bringing the kids and making them happy,” Otero III said.

The Oteros bring what they call ‘the Luchabag’ to every game and pass out gifts to kids and other fans.

“Part of our fandom is we walk around and pass out colts football cards to all the kids, to the parents, all the people that take pictures,” Otero Jr. said.

The Oteros are not the only fans whose love for the Colts knows no limits. Lucas LeJeune lives in the Netherlands and watches every game live, even though there is a 6 hour time difference.

“I’m always excited for colts games of course. Especially primetime games because then pretty much all of the united states is watching and all eyes are on you which is pretty special. It also makes me a little jealous because I can not be there of course. I would love to be there in the stadium,” LeJeune said.

LeJeune did make it to two Colts games this year and plans to start watching Monday Night Football when it kicks off at 8:15 p.m. in Indianapolis and 2:15 a.m. in the Netherlands.