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European Colts fan celebrates win in Germany

International Colts fans celebrate win in Germany

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Colts fans in Europe were excited to have their favorite team right in their own backyard as the team traveled to Frankfurt, Germany, for a 6-10 win on Sunday against the New England Patriots.

Lucas LeJeune goes by Dutch Colts Fan on social media. He became a Colts fan when he was a foreign exchange student in central Indiana in 2019.

He’s been to a handful of games stateside but, this time around, he was lucky enough to be on the sideline thanks to the Blue Crew.

LeJeune said of the Blue Crew, “It’s incredible how much they help me. You can see, I can’t even put it in words.”

LeJuene said one of the best parts of the Germany game was the quick trip down from the Netherlands.

“That was the most crazy thing of all maybe,” LeJeune said. “I drove down from my home Friday morning and just to think the fact that I can get in a car and drive to a Colts game. That felt pretty weird.”

He said it was like a Patriots home game with fans outnumbering the Colts crew, but that quickly changed when Patriots fans started leaving in large groups.

“It was like a Patriots home game. There were a lot of home fans for the Patriots, but I think the Colts did very well in the environment they played in,” LeJeune said. “The Patriots fans left very quickly as soon as that interception, and then the Colts fans were left so the stadium got pretty silent.”

He is looking forward to another Colts game when the team comes back from its bye week in Week 11 and hopes to make it back to Indianapolis soon for another Colts game.