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How Kylen Granson plans ‘to go all out’ on his next touchdown’s social media post

Granson celebrates 1st touchdown in funny post

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Colts tight end Kylen Granson was all smiles after the game on Sunday when he caught his scored his first career NFL touchdown.

The 4-yard touchdown reception came from quarterback Gardner Minshew in the second quarter of Indianapolis’ 31-20 win over the Houston Texans.

This week, Granson celebrated the touchdown by posting a photoshoot with the football on his Instagram account.

The photoshoot looks like a photoshoot one would have with a newborn baby, but instead of a real baby, the football was wrapped in a blanket.

It’s fair to say that post immediately went viral.

“Just seeing it on the morning news, that was pretty cool,” said Granson on Thursday. “I saw it in ESPN Brazil. We made it to Germany today. That was pretty cool. So yeah, international headlines. That’s a personal best for me, and that’s just a photoshoot of a ball. That was awesome.”

Granson has set the social media bar so high after his first-career touchdown. What will his Instagram post look like after his second touchdown?

“I’m thinking about getting the wives and girlfriends together and I’m going to get a double stroller,” said Granson. “We’re going to do like a playdate, outing. Like, I’m going to push him (the football) in the swing. So, you’ll see, you’ll see. Just wait. We’re going to go all out for this next one.”

The touchdown was special for Granson in another way as well because he was able to give the ball to his mom.

“She got me in a hug and started crying,” said Granson. “She’s just like ‘You did it. You made it.’ I’m like, ‘I’ve been here for three years, but I guess this is the defining moment.’ Finally got the touchdown. She was crying. She was holding the ball, and she held the ball the whole time. She never put it down.”

Granson even said that his mom asked him, “You sure you want me to take this?”

Granson responded, ‘Yeah Mom. Take it.”

So far this season, Granson has 7 receptions for 55 yards and that one touchdown.

The Colts (1-1) are back in action Sunday at the Baltimore Ravens (2-0). Kickoff is set for 2 p.m.