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Indianapolis Colts kick off Big Mac meal deal with McDonald’s

McDonald's Big Mac is seen in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, on August 02, 2018. McDonald's is offering Indianapolis Colts fans a BOGO Big Mac deal the day after the Colts score a field goal in any game. (Photo by Yu Chun Christopher Wong/S3studio/Getty Images)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — New Indianapolis Colts kicker Matt Gay will face more pressure than expected this season. The team hired him to win games with his foot, and now it turns out he will have the appetites of hungry fans riding on his leg, too.

In a new partnership with McDonald’s, Big Macs will be “buy one, get one free” across most of the state the day after any game if — and only if — the Colts make a field goal.

The BOGO Big Mac offer will only be available in the official McDonald’s app.

It’s the latest version of a familiar kind of in-game promotion aimed at keeping fans interested and invested even if the outcome of the game is not in question. The most widely-known example: Taco Bell has offered a free taco to everyone in the country for milestone achievements in major games, including a stolen base in a World Series game or a big comeback in an NBA Championship.

The Big Mac deal looks like it will be a good bet most weeks; even in an otherwise dismal 4-12-1 season, the 2022 Colts kicked at least one field goal in 16 out of 17 regular games. In three contests, the Colts’ only points were field goals. Gay is 87.8% on field goal attempts in his career and made the Pro Bowl after the 2021 season.

The new promotion has a second option, and it will be available win, lose, or draw.

McDonald’s is also introducing the Colts Bundle Box. It includes two Big Macs, 20 McNuggets, and two medium fries.

The chain says the bundle box will be available from the Colts’ first preseason game on Saturday through the end of the season. It’s billed as a “Blue and White inspired meal for game day,” but it will be on the menu seven days a week.

The Colts Bundle Box at McDonald’s. (Provided Photo/McDonald’s)

The partnership also offers McDonald’s more momentum for its push to get more customers to use the chain’s phone app. The Big Mac BOGO offer is only available through the app – and only on the day after the game. The promotion starts with the first preseason game, Saturday, August 12th.