Indianapolis Colts

Monday Night Football draws fans nationwide

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Monday Night Football brought fans from all over the country to Indianapolis and, for some, it was their first time at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Ryan George is a California Colts Fan. He said, “Growing up as a kid I didn’t have a football team. Dad wasn’t a football fan. (I) went to elementary school. We were the Colts, found out the Colts were an NFL team, ever since then, second grade, 7-8 years old, I was a Colts fan.”

The Monday night game in Indianapolis was especially meaningful for Ryan George because he had never been to a game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“I feel like if I am going to come out here for a game the steelers are the team to beat,” George said. “We should get through it pretty easily hopefully. Cross your fingers.”

George made the trip from the Fresno, California, area with his friend Nick Huerta, a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan. The two drove overnight from the Sunday afternoon Kansas City game to attend both games in two days.

Nick Huerta said, “I’m a die-hard Chiefs fan. He’s a die-hard Colts, but neither of us had been to our stadiums, so, ‘Hey, let’s do this.’ It’s a Sunday afternoon game and a Monday night game. It just worked out.”

Huerta is a retired Army veteran. He is now a small-business owner in central California and runs two shops called The Pickled Deli. “I’ve been traveling with this. It started out with my pilot. He had it. Took a picture and it just went from there,” Huerta said. “So everywhere we’ve gone we’ve experienced a picture with the Christmas Pickle from the Pickled Deli.”

The Christmas Pickle is a tradition that traces back to Europe but this Christmas Pickle is traveling all over the United States meeting fans and everyone in between.

This game also brought a lot of Steelers fans to Indianapolis who were excited to take in the city.