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‘Obsessed’ Steichen brings renewed energy to Colts training camp

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — Shane Steichen’s first training camp as an NFL head coach is closing out its first week at Grand Park Sports Campus.

It’s safe to say, Steichen is settling in just fine.

The Indianapolis Colts new head coach is already putting his fingerprints all over this team, especially on offense.

“Shane is unbelievable,” offensive lineman Bernhard Raimann said. “Every time a play gets installed, he always has three or four extra points on the blocking scheme, the routes, the quarterback timing. You can tell that he’s obsessed with the game, which just makes it that much better for the players to listen to him, to follow a head coach like him.”

For Steichen, success starts in the connections.

“Having fun competitions, team meeting rooms, just doing what we do in there and just always creating that growth,” Steichen said. “I just want guys to have energy. I don’t care if they’re talking trash out there. I want that at practice. I think that brings excitement. I think it brings a lot of tempo, a lot of energy.”

The biggest difference of training camp this year under Steichen has been the energy surrounding this team. Linebacker EJ Speed said after practice Friday, “That was actually kind of fun.”

Friday’s camp was moved indoors after storm morning weather.

The practices have been shorter, but it’s all part of Steichen’s plan.

“We’re way more fast paced here,” rookie wide receiver Josh Downs said. “Even though it’s an hour, it really doesn’t feel like an hour. It feels like you’ve been out here three hours when you’ve been our here running around full speed.”

“It’s a game of like having fun. You can go to work every day and be miserable. Things aren’t going great, this and that, and that’s an awful place to be around, but Shane makes this into competitive fun,” center Ryan Kelly said. “The greatness and excellence he’s going to hold every guy to, calling out everything that’s small, right? That’s how you hold guys accountable. That’s how you get better as a team.”

“These guys are hungry,” Steichen said. “They’re going to bring it every single day, and I’m looking forward to working with these guys and going through the grind of the season.”

The Colts will start practicing in pads Monday.