Indianapolis Colts

Reggie Wayne energizing Colts receivers in coaching role

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Colts fan favorite Reggie Wayne is back in blue.

The former All-Pro receiver joined the Colts as the wide receivers coach this year, and he’s already making an impact.

“Reggie is not like any coach I’ve ever had, but it’s awesome,” said last season’s leading receiver Michael Pittman Jr. “I mean, he’s one of my favorite coaches that I’ve ever had and we’ve only had him for like two months.”

Six-time Pro Bowler, Super bowl champion, Colts record holder, and now coach: The Colts legend returns to the Horseshoe this time without a helmet.

“I’m enjoying where I am now. We got a great group, great room. Guys are hungry,” Wayne said.

“Reggie’s been unbelievable,” head coach Frank Reich said. “I can’t tell you how fast of an adjustment he’s made to coaching life. He’s made an impact in that room already. You can see it.”

For the Colts young receiving corps, Wayne’s first hand experience had been an invaluable teaching tool.

“He played it, and he played very well. So he kind of understands the game outside of what a normal coach understands about playing,” Pittman said.

Wayne is only seven years removed from catching passes and making plays himself. He’s not making the receivers watch his old film, but Reich certainly has. Wayne’s tenth all-time for receiving yards and score 82 touchdowns, why wouldn’t you study that!?

“I’m not big on me, per say, showing them my stuff, so Frank does it for me, you know, but if it helps, you know, I’m all for it,” Wayne said.

Pittman said, “I didn’t actually watch him until I got here and then obviously you like study him and Marv.”

“I’m considered old to them now,” Wayne said. “They play ‘Madden’ all day. I’m not on ‘Madden’ anymore, so it’s just a different world, a different feel, but, to some degree, I think that’s good, you know, that way I can teach them who I am as I teach them how to get better.”

Just as he did as No. 87, now Coach Wayne, already excelling at this new role.