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The ‘biggest thing’ Anthony Richardson needs to do to find success in road games

Colts hit road to play Texans Sunday

HOUSTON, Tx. (WISH) — In some ways, the Indianapolis Colts’ game against the Houston Texans on Sunday will be a glimpse into the future.

It will be a matchup of two of the top-five picks in this year’s NFL Draft: Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud (2nd overall pick) and Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson (4th overall pick).

Of course, that’s one of the biggest talking points heading into the game.

“I think with anything – a lot of the times it’s quarterback versus quarterback, but to me, it’s team versus team,” said Colts head coach Shane Steichen. “You know what I mean? Go out and perform. It’s not quarterback versus quarterback, it’s the Houston Texans versus the Colts. That’s what we’ve got to focus on and treat it that way.”

Richardson added that he’s not viewing this game as a head-to-head matchup between himself and Stroud.

He said the last time he tried to compete with somebody else specifically was when he went up against Will Levis, former University of Kentucky quarterback. Richardson admitted on Wednesday that he “didn’t play great” when his Gators played the Wildcats in that game since a part of him viewed that as a head-to-head matchup between himself and Levis.

“I love C.J. (Stroud),” Richardson said. “I’ve known him since high school. We went to a few camps together, been through college together – talk a lot. So whenever I see him, I always tell him he’s a GOAT, he’s a baller. I’m looking forward to playing against him and playing against their team, but yeah, he’s definitely a dog. He’s a baller.”

Sunday’s game will be the first road contest of the regular season for the Colts. They lost their regular season opener 31-21 to the Jacksonville Jaguars inside Lucas Oil Stadium.

As a result, the battle against the Texans will be the first NFL regular season road game for Richardson.

“I think the biggest thing is going on the road is handling the noise,” said Steichen. “Handling the noise, going on the road – it’ll be Anthony’s (Richardson) first road test with the noise. Just making sure the communication is on point, especially when you’re playing on the road.”

Sunday’s game kicks off at 1 p.m. inside NRG Stadium.

Be sure to watch WISH-TV’s Countdown to Kickoff beginning at 11 a.m. for live reports from Houston.