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Indy Eleven make history with seventh-straight win

Indy Eleven make history with seventh-straight win

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indy Eleven made history in Birmingham Sunday. The 1-0 win over the Legion was the club’s seventh-straight. Midfielder Jack Blake’s goal also extended the scoring streak to 14 matches — the most in club history.

Quite the difference from losing four of the first six to start the season.

“I think when things are going well in football, you just try to ride the wave, and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” Blake said.

First year head coach Sean McAuley said the difference has been in the team’s belief. Not much has changed on the pitch. It’s more about how the team is working together.

“It’s just consistency, really — consistency and belief,” Blake added. “I think we had a bit of adversity at the start of the year, and that made us a bit stronger. We’ve just gelled well as a team. Obviously, we’re trying to implement the style of play the gaffer wants, and it’s been very successful.”

The success starts on the practice pitch, according to defender Aedan Stanley.

“We preach hard work. That’s been the identity and the motto of the team since game 1,” Stanley said. “We didn’t have a great start. But the work rate, the desire to fight and to keep trying was never not there, you know? I think it just needed time, for everyone to have that same vision, to stay on the same path, and now the results are coming.”

McAuley isn’t concerned about the streaks.

“We don’t really look backwards,” McAuley said. “What we’re trying to do is win the next game, and that would put us on a winning streak of one, and then once that’s done, we’ll put that to bed on Tuesday or Wednesday and focus on the game after that. And then if they add up at the end of the season that we’re in a really good spot then great.”

This isn’t just an ordinary win streak. The seven-straight marks the most in franchise history for the Boys in Blue. Indy Eleven is also just one of 11 teams in USL Championship history to have such a long win streak.

“Right now we’re at a high, but we know that the work’s not done,” Stanley said. “We have two home games coming up and that’s what’s in our mind. It’s the next one. Because you’re only as good as the next one.”

“We’re not dwelling too much on the past,” Blake said. “It’s very cliché but we want to take each game as it comes, because we know that things can change quickly. That starts again this Saturday.”

“Every game’s one game on its own, so we won’t start saying we’ve done this and that yet,” McAuley said. “Everything gets given out at the end of the season, so we’re pretty pleased where we’re at now.”

They’ll try to make it eight straight against San Antonio FC at home at the Mike this weekend. The game kicks off at 7 p.m. right here on WISH-TV.