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Indy Eleven plans May groundbreaking for Eleven Park

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indy Eleven soccer organization and Keystone Group announced Friday of its May groundbreaking plans for Eleven Park.

Greg Stremlaw, the president and chief executive officer of Indy Eleven, said about the project, “Really sharing the beautiful game with the entire Hoosier state and that’s what we’re doing.”

The downtown Indianapolis development will be along the east shore of the White River between West Washington Street and Kentucky Avenue. The project will create a 20,000-seat multipurpose stadium; over 600 apartments; 205,000 square feet of office space; over 197,000 square feet for retail space and restaurants; a hotel; public plazas with green space; and public parking garages.

Stremlaw noted the site’s proximity to where the Indianapolis Colts NFL team and the Indianapolis Minor League Baseball team play “We love the location. It’s only a couple of blocks from Lucas Oil Stadium, a couple of blocks from Victory Field, a couple of blocks from the Convention Center, so we’re really keeping everything there and starting to refurbish and bring to life that quadrant of the city.”

He added, “While the stadium will be the priority, you will see parking garages and apartment towers going up in a simultaneous fashion, so that is our goal. It won’t all be done at the same identical time. However, the lift is happening together.”

Eleven Park will be a transformational neighborhood development set to change the southwest quadrant of downtown Indianapolis, a news release says. The former company on the property, Diamond Chain, recently stopped production at the facility and will leave the property by the end of April.

The exact date of the groundbreaking was not in the news release. Indy Eleven fans can expect to enjoy the new stadium by summer 2025.

“The legislative tools are in place that we feel confident to enable this project to happen. Certainly, the city will be involved. We know as part of the legislation that the Capital Improvement Board will own the stadium. Very similar to other sports stadiums here,” Stremlaw said.

Patrick Talty is president of Indiana Sports Corp, a nonprofit sports commission created in 1979. Talty said about the Indy Eleven development, “They have support base that is very strong and think that’s going to continue to grow now that they have a home.”

“While it may have taken a long time to get here, I really think that we’re going to get something special come 2025, 2026, when it opens,” Talty said. “We’re really going to have a unique space for Indy residents to enjoy.”


“The City continues to engage with the Indy Eleven and Keystone on their plans for Indy Eleven Park. Located near significant city infrastructure investments, the site is critical for the future of downtown and activation of the White River.”

Indianapolis mayor spokesperson