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Argentine rookie Agustín Canapino revs up for possibly historic run in 2023 Indy 500

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) — Racers from around the world are making headlines at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but there’s one man who is looking to make a historic run for the Borg-Warner trophy.

Argentine racer Agustín Canapino is a rookie who is paving the way for Latino race car drivers. He says being able to compete in the Indy 500 is a dream come true.

Canapino tells News 8 he’s been behind the wheel for many years competing, and now at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, he’s preparing to face one of the most difficult races of all time.

“This is the most important moment in my life. It’s the first time I have the chance to do something out of my country,” Canapino said.

At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Agustín Canapino doesn’t drive your average race car.

Thanks to a partnership with the Argentine Football Association and his team Juncos Hollinger Racing Canapino’s car is decked out with blue and white stripes showing off the Argentine flag and his country’s recent soccer World Cup win.

This special edition was also made possible with the collaboration of Visit Argentina, the international tourism promotion brand of Inprotur.

Even though he’s one of Argentina’s most successful drivers, Canapino says he’s about to take on one of his biggest challenges yet and hopefully bring home his country’s first Borg-Warner trophy.

“Everything is really intensive for me because I have to learn English in a few months. I have to live here. I have to change my entire life because I was really good in my country. The motorsport there is good and I was in a really good position, but I take the risk, I take the opportunity, and I am here doing my best,” Canapino said.

Canapino says he’s set the bar high and is counting on his fans to cross the finish line.

“Motorsports is really, really important, so this is a good opportunity to show to the world how important the motorsport is in our country,” Canapino said.

He says he’s excited about this year’s Indy 500, which is now only a few days away.

“I’m really, really happy to be here,” Canapino said.