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Behind the scenes of IndyCar docuseries ‘100 Days to Indy’

"100 Days to Indy" production office (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The NTT IndyCar Series is full of storylines and characters.

This year, the docuseries “100 Days to Indy” series has showcased those stories across the country, all in an effort to gain new fans.

“For some time, we’ve been thinking about the value of having coverage that’s aimed at younger people that is not our live race coverage, to try to get new, young people to be aware of IndyCar, to fall in love with our drivers and the whole scene,” said Mark Miles, president and chief executive officer of Penske Entertainment Corp.

That’s exactly what the series is hoping to accomplish with its behind-the-scenes docuseries “100 Days to Indy,” which can be seen on WISH-TV, The CW network and streamed on The CW website.

Penske Entertainment and VICE Media Group produced the show..

“It’s probably a team, at its largest, I would say 30-40 people constantly,” said Patrick Dimon, director and co-executive producer of “100 Days to Indy.” “We get the footage, and we bring it here (Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s ‘100 Days to Indy’ production suite). We pipe it right back to New York, and it’s being edited every day right as we shoot. It’s a very cool process, all hands on deck.”

The drivers have been great dealing with cameras both on and off the track because they also enjoy the show.

“It’s a fly-on-the-wall-type series,” said Team Penske’s Scott McLaughlin. “The documentary’s been great for the sport.”

The drivers are getting to know some of their fellow competitors as well while watching the show.

“They followed me down to Jupiter, Florida, where I’m from,” said Andretti Autosport’s Kyle Kirkwood. “And saw me hanging out with some of my friends doing things I like on the water. So, it’s cool from that aspect because it’s really showing who we are as people.”

The six-episode season is getting ready to come to an end this week. But, Miles is a big fan of the brand and hinted that we may see more of the docuseries in the future, or at least some version of it.

“I don’t think we’ll be running ongoing Season 1 episodes after the first six this season,” Miles said. “But I can’t imagine that we don’t continue in one form or another for Season 2 and 3.”

The hourlong finale of “100 Days to Indy,” featuring behind-the-scenes action during the May 28 Indianapolis 500, will air at 9 p.m. Thursday on WISH-TV.