Bankers Life Fieldhouse’s top voice gets NBA All-Star Game call-up

CHICAGO (WISH) — The most exciting moments at Bankers Life Fieldhouse are delivered by one voice. 

The pressure of perfection arrives on a nightly basis. The reward? One of the coolest jobs in sports.

The pillars of a public-address announcing consist of three simple yet vital commands: Please stand. Please cheer. Please stop throwing things on the court!

Tim Sinclair, a Detroit native and current Champaign, Illinois, resident, has aced every tricky name the last two seasons at the Fieldhouse. A seasoned pro, he kicked any NBA nerves very early in his tenure in Indianapolis.

Let’s get the hard question out of the way early: What’s the toughest name to say?

“Giannis Antetokounmp,” Sinclair replied without hesitation. “Also, Sviatooslav Mykhailiuk with the Pistons is a good one, but you don’t have to say that one as much as Giannis.”

Sinclair’s biggest gig is this weekend: the bright lines, the biggest names, the center of the basketball universe. He is on the mic for LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and the 2020 NBA All-Star Game at the United Center.

“It is the biggest honor you can have because it is not something your team achieves and you sort of tag along with them,” Sinclair said. “The NBA has to choose you. They had 30 people to choose from and chose me for whatever reason. It is a huge honor.”

Sinclair cut his teeth for the better part of a decade with University of Illinois women’s and men’s basketball, Fighting Illini football and soccer with the Chicago Fire. Then, he received his big break in Indy.

This weekend in the Windy City might just be another big break.

Five different gigs. Three different sports. One career. Dream jobs aren’t always easy.